Soriano Open to Listening to Trade Proposal, But Does Not Want to Leave the Cubs

Alfonso Soriano was front in center on Sunday afternoon shortly after the news hit the wire that Curtis Granderson would miss at least 10 weeks with a broken forearm. The immediate speculation was that the Yankees would begin looking for replacements for Granderson, and could call the Cubs about Alfonso Soriano.

Soriano addressed the reports shortly after he left Sunday’s Spring Training game against the Giants, a team he rejected a trade to last season. Soriano said that he is open to listening if a trade proposal is brought to him, but as he has said, he does not want to leave the Cubs until he sees how the team begins the season. Soriano added that there is only one team on his mind, the Cubs.

According to multiple reports, Soriano would take his family, the team and himself into consideration if he is approached with a trade proposal.

Soriano stressed that he wants to win with the Cubs, and would not be willing to waive his no-trade rights until he sees how the team begins the season. Soriano wants to give the Cubs “one more chance”.

As for the possibility of waiving his no-trade rights to go back to the Yankees, Soriano said, “I don’t know if they want to call or not. But if they call for me, I have to think about it because I don’t want to take a quick reaction and say yes or no. I’m 37 years old, so I have to think about it first and see what’s good for me and for the team and my family, too.”

The Cubs have said they will not give Soriano away. Multiple reports have suggested that the Cubs are willing to eat most of the $36 million owed to Soriano over the last two years of his contract, but they would are looking for good, young talent in return.

Jon Heyman, who was at HoHoKam on Sunday, thinks the Yankees should make a play for Soriano.

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  • J Daniel

    Don’t think he is going anywhere.

    • Ripsnorter1

      If the Yanks are smart, they start calculating their chances for this year–and they don’t look all that strong. Jeter is recovering from an injury and is 40 years old; Arod is hurt and 37 years old. And now Granderson is out for 10 weeks. They stink in RF and C if they were injury free. And the starting staff is weak. They have a lot of holes.

      Forget the O’s. It’s Tampa Bay again, and Toronto that will push the Yanks out of contention. It would not be wise for the Yanks to trade for Soriano.

      • jtrain23

        I agree. Soriano would be another aging star on the sinking ship that appears to be the Yankees. I’m not sure they were a contender with Granderson, but they definitely are not without him. Also, unless there is a nice return, i’m not sure the Cubs should immediately deal Soriano. I feel that he has a definite role and value to this team. HIs production in the middle of the lineup is crucial. Also, his new found work ethic and leadership abilities are sure to help a very young, inexperienced Cubs roster.

        • calicub

          I don’t think they are new found, they are just newly exposed because Soriano finally reached his potential last year, and the Media no longer has anything to bash him for. From everything I’ve heard he’s always been a clubhouse leader, albeit a silent one (when DLee was clearly the vocal one). In addition to being the main influence on Starlin castro since was called up in 2010, there was the Big Z incident in 2011 which is another fresh example of his behind the scenes leadership.

        • Ripsnorter1

          Yes, I agree with you. And throw in the fact that Rizzo would have no protection without Soriano’s bat behind him, and we are looking at a Cubs’ disaster. We could ruin Rizzo .

          • calicub

            Talk about a brutally weak lineup:


            Thats scary and I think that lineup would have trouble scoring 500 runs! As much as I’d love to move Soriano for quality arms/bats, your probably right that keeping him would be better for Rizzo and Castro’s development.

          • Ripsnorter1

            Yes, but look at your post. Let’s pretend Stewart is injured and out of the lineup, and Valbuena is your 3B–he wouldn’t hit 5 HRs! And let’s put the .199 hitting Lillebridge in there as well. And you’ve got a real nice receipt for 500 MINUS runs! LOL

            It should be so much fun to watch! LOL

          • calicub

            Its too early in the morning to be gagging!

          • DWalker

            I have advocated trading Soriano while the tradign is decent, but I don’t see this happening either. The front office is a lot less desperate to trade him than they were a year ago, and you are right, without his bat, they have a major problem protecting Castro and Rizzo. We saw how that worked last year when a hot guy didn’t have a threat behind him. Even were a spring training hot hitting Jackson did break camp with the team, I still doen’t see them wanting to expose him anymore than Rizzo and Castro this early in his career.
            I do think the Yankees have something in the prospects Theo and Jed would take, but I don’t know that the Yankees will want to give. Like its been said, aging team with a dubious shot at the title, they have to be thinking of reloading in the next couple of years and they aren’t going to have many guys who aren’t way over the hill to flip for prospects. Admittadly, aside from age, Soriano does actually fit fairly well for what they need, a power hitting righty; who could come at a very tempting price for the salery conscious yankees if they were willing to send the cubs good enough players for the cubs to eat most of the contract.

          • Theboardrider

            “the salary conscious Yankees.” I never thought I’d see that phrase!

          • DWalker

            yeah, its a brave new world we live in when the Yankees of all teams are worried about salary.

        • 07GreyDigger

          If Soriano had a year left on his deal maybe, but with the Yankees trying to get under the luxury tax next year, I don’t think they’d trade for Soriano with another left on the deal.

          • calicub

            plus i don’t think the Yankee’s have the prospects that would persuade the FO to absorb the full $26MM they said they could

          • Ray Ray

            Since Banuelos underwent TJ surgery.,,,,maybe they would be willing to part with him. I would take a chance on him for Soriano.

  • calicub

    Neil, I’ve noticed some Disqus powered comment sites have a Community Tab between the “Discussion” and “My Disqus” Tabs, any reason it doesn’t show up at the CCO? or is it just me?

    • Neil

      I will have to look into it, I thought I loaded the latest update.