Keith Law’s Top 10 Cubs Prospects for 2013

The week-long look at the Cubs’ system continues with Keith Law’s list of the top 10 prospects in the Cubs’ organization. Keith Law is very high on the Cubs’ system and recently placed five players from the system in his ranking of the top 110 prospects in the game.

Javier Baez (31), Albert Almora (33), Jorge Soler (42) and Arodys Vizcanio (64) made Law’s list of the top 100 while Jeimer Candelario (106) just missed the cut.

Keith Law thinks the Cubs’ system is another good trade deadline and one more draft class away from the work being done throughout the organization being felt at the Major League level. Law pointed out that what he likes most about the Cubs’ system is “a good two years away.” Overall, Law’s ranking of the top players in the Cubs’ system is very interesting. For what is supposed to be an organization lacking pitching, half of the players in Law’s top 10 are pitchers that have been acquired over the last year.

Keith Law’s Top 10 Cubs Prospects for 2013

  1. Javier Baez, SS
  2. Albert Almora, CF
  3. Jorge Soler, RF
  4. Arodys Vizcaino, RHP
  5. Jeimer Candelario, 3B
  6. Duane Underwood, RHP
  7. Juan Carlos Paniagua, RHP
  8. Pierce Johnson, RHP
  9. Paul Blackburn, RHP
  10. Arismendy Alcantara, SS

Keith Law left Dan Vogelbach out of his top 10 and felt he should explain why he did not make the list. Law has liked what he has seen from Vogelbach offensively. Law graded his raw-power as an 80 and said he has a “pretty good idea at the plate.” Law went onto explain that unless the Cubs move to the American League that he does not see where Vogelbach fits long term because “he’s a brutal athlete with no position.”

Law does not see any players in the system making an impact on the big league club in 2013, although Arodys Vizcaino could see a little time with the Cubs. Junior Lake could also make his big league debut in 2013 according to Law.

Three sleepers in the system to keep an eye on in 2013 according to Keith Law are Juan Carlos Paniagua, Duane Underwood and Arismendy Alcantara.

Keith Law’s Prospect Rankings for the National League Central – Subscription Required

Cubs Prospect Rankings for 2013

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  • paulcatanese

    Voglegbach being left off the list is the direct opposite of Vizcaino being on the list. One is a bonifide contender as a hitter in any league and one is still an unknown quantity after an operation, go figure.

    • Ripsnorter1

      Go figure this:
      Keith Law got fired from scouting for a reason.


      • paulcatanese

        You have a point, I agree.

      • calicub

        I think it may have something to do with the extra 0 ESPN puts on the end of his check every year

      • mutantbeast

        Law is a good analyst, but he is definitely biased, he always seems to downgrade talent that isnt strong defensively. Think why he rated Lindor(great glove, avg bat) over Baez(strong O potential , an unknown on defense)

  • cubsin

    Vogelbach needs to hit well for a year or two in full-season leagues before he needs to be on top ten lists, because he has no other outstanding skills.

    • Richard Hood

      Neither did Frank Thomas or Prince Fielder but they seemed to find a place to play. Hitters can hit themselves on to a team. It is that simple. Look at some of the DH’s used in the AL last year not good. If Volgelbach hits we will find a use for him.

      • jtrain23

        You can’t teach raw, brute power. If this guy can smash the ball like they say he can and hit for a little average he will find a position. He couldn’t be any more brutal than Soriano was in left field prior to last season.

        • John_CC

          You really don’t believe that do you?

          If a big, tall, highly athletic player that came up as a middle infielder like Soriano struggled in LF you think that a short, overweight inexperienced guy like Voglebach would be no worse than Soriano? Give me a break.

          That is crazy.

          • jtrain23

            Well I obviously go around saying things I don’t believe. I guess I didn’t realize that I was posting on the same board as a major league talent scout. That being said, what does it hurt to give the guy a chance? If he fails, we are no worse than we are now. If he really hits, and can’t play the field, then trade him to an AL team.

      • John_CC

        Every keeps bringing up Prince, has anyone ever heard anyone – from a crackpot blogger to an analyst say that they think Fielder could play the outfield? Can you imagine how brutal that would be? 50HR a year would not make up for the lack of range and arm.

        And Frank Thomas was a life long AL DH (payed 970 games at 1B over 19 seasons), so unless you are arguing that the best use of Vogelbach is as trade bait to the AL, I don’t get your comparison.

        The kid is destined for a DH job.

    • mutantbeast

      If Vogelboom does hit(And Im betting he will-kids got an idea of how to hit) you find a spot for him. Wrigley fans will love this kids power, Im betting his power #s can surpass both Baez and Soler if he gets enough ABs.

      • John_CC

        He is shorter, heavier and less athletic than Adam Dunn! Where exactly do you think the Cubs “find” a spot for him?

        I’m sorry, but I just do not see it. With Rizzo at 1B and the Cubs focus on defense, I just don’t see him sticking with the cubs.

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