From the Wire … Cubs Announce Two-Year Deal with Scott Hairston, DFA Tony Campana

According to multiple reports from Fitch Park, the Cubs announced the signing of Scott Hairston to a two-year contract on Sunday. As expected, Tony Campana was designated for assignment to make room for Hairston on the 40-man roster.

The Cubs agreed to terms on a two-year, $5 million deal with Scott Hairston on January 23 that includes $1 million in incentives. Hairston’s deal can make out at $6 million and he is expected to platoon with Nate Schierholtz in right field this season.

With the two roster moves made on Sunday, the Cubs 40-man roster officially stands at 40 players.

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  • Tony_Hall

    I guess we will now see if any other team out there will use a 40 man roster spot on Campana….

    To me this was about timing and they are trying to sneak him through when everyone has their 40 mans set for ST.

    • triple

      You may be right Tony. And even if another team picks him up, depending on what they see out of him in ST, if he doesn’t play well enough to make the big league team, maybe he gets DFA’d again at the end of ST. Because honestly, what’s the point of having a 27 year old guy who’s only asset is speed on your AAA roster?

    • Aaron

      I think you’re right, Tony.

      I have a few friends and former teammates that have/are playing in MLB, and your heart goes out to anyone that gets DFA’d. A few of them got DFA’d, and they equated it to getting fired in a regular job, even if the team keeps you in their minors, but one of them passed through waivers, and he said that was even worse, because nobody seems to want you, except your original team…and only for depth purposes.

      So, my heart goes out to Campana. He’s not like a lot of duds the Cubs have had throughout the years where you just want them to be gone. In Tony’s case, he has elite speed, and he’s a very good person and hard worker to boot.

      I hope for his sake, he gets claimed, but selfishly I hope he passes through, and the Cubs are able to keep him. I really do not like Sappelt. I think he has a bad attitude, and he swings as if he’s a 6’5″ power hitter. IN order to succeed, he needs to stay within himself, and I don’t think he’s up to that. That’s why he fell out of favor in Cincy.

      I think what it boiled down to was this:

      Navarro (switch)
      *Jackson, Watkins, Clevenger are other lefty options on the 40-man and both Jackson and Watkins have speed.

      And while none of the expected 25-man guys run particularly well, I think they looked at it as they only have Soriano, Castillo, Barney (no power), Castro, and Hairston, they probably felt they needed to keep a righty bat with some pop, and that happened to be Sappelt.

      Good luck Tony! I hope you catch on somewhere…and if possible, stay with the Cubs, until Soriano inevitably goes down with injury or the Cubs wise up and deal DeJesus.

      • bluekoolaidaholic

        I don’t always agree with you Aaron, but you are spot on with this post. I would have kept Campana over Mr. bad attitude Sappelt. There is no way Campana clears waivers. I hope he doesn’t turn out to be one of those Cub killers that come back with a vengeance. I can just see the Cards (or other hated enemies) using him to run for all their old guys against the Cubs

  • Tom U

    According to Paul Sullivan, Dale Sveum is also saying that Javier Baez will see action at short and second base, but will not have a shot at making the roster

  • Jeff Peterson

    I don’t think Campana is a regular MLB player but let’s look at the possible Outfield. With Hairston Schierholz DeJesus Soriano and probably Sappelt is there a worse outfield in the NL? Probably Mets but that is it.

    • Tony_Hall

      Pretty close.

      Mets – Duda, Nieuwenhuis, Baxter, Cowgill
      Astros -Carter, Maxwell, Martinez, Martinez

      But that is about it.Of course the OF has almost no one who will be around in another year or 2.

      • daverj

        Astros don’t really count as an NL team anymore since come April they will be in the AL.

        Cubs OF is better than the Mets, but that’s it. Keeping Campana wouldn’t make the Cubs OF any better though. I could actually see the Mets adding Campana.

        • Tony_Hall

          Unfortunately, I was doing all of baseball…

          • daverj

            Then, yes, I agree with you … third worst in all of baseball. At least the infield is now better than a handful of teams with Castro, Rizzo and the defense of Barney.

    • Brp921

      Once, or if, Soriano is traded then we will have the worst Outfield. at least offensively.

      • Jason Penrod

        But we can all look forward to an outfield of Soler/Lake/Almora!!
        I think Lake eventually makes it as a CF.

  • paulcatanese

    Sorry to see that happen with Campana. I hope he catches on with another team.

  • calicub

    Its always sad when a team cuts a fan favorite and I suppose i understand the move.. Sappelt, as a player is better than Campana. With that being said, I just can’t see how the 5 man outfield the cubs have in place now is even close to being better with Sappelt in rather than Campana unless Sappelt will be an assured platoon with DeJesus. I just can’t see Sappelt doing enough to justify having four average/below average OF’rs (plus Sori) none of whom have a dynamic Campana brings… But thats just me

    • Tony_Hall

      I have to believe we will see an OF of Sorinao, Hairston and Sappelt against lefties with a tough choice to deciding who will play CF. With DeJesus and Schierholtz against RH, with Soriano.

      • calicub

        I know you probably replied before i edited it, i just don’t see Sappelt producing enough as the 5th OF’r to justify having 4 average/below OF’rs with no outstanding assets. I like the idea of platooning center but especially right. I think Hairston and Shierholz will do alright together out there

        • Tony_Hall

          I think Hairston and Schierholtz can form a pretty good platoon in RF.

          Sappelt and DeJesus the same in CF, except we are giving up D with this combo. Remember, this is a platoon for 2-3 months, until BJAX comes back up. If we were looking at this combo for a full season, I would be more worried about them.

          If Soriano is traded by mid-season we could see our CF platoon shift to LF, where they profile much better defensively then they do in CF.

          • Brp921

            I think you’ve hit on a good analysis Tony, in the short run, it seems keeping Campana would be the way to go over Sappelt, only because his plus plus speed as a pinch runner outweighs a part time outfielder that will never be a star or even a regular, but once Soriano is gone we will need the best offensive reserve outfielder of the bunch. I hope we can keep Campana in the system, but I’m also surprised that we didn’t see Neil post two new articles at the same time, one saying Campana had been DFA’d and another one saying who picked him up.

          • Tony_Hall

            The Cubs actually have 10 days to trade Campana, at which time they will then need to put him through waivers. So it could be 12 days before we know if he is claimed or not.

            My question is, what does Campana do now until this is resolved?

          • Brp921

            Tony, I’m glad there are fans, like you, and others, on this site that have more knowledge about the rules than I have, to set me straight when I’m wrong, or just ignorant of the rules. I’ve been a fan of the game for more years than I like to admit but have never had the time or inclination to know the rule book well. The articles by Neil, Tom and Brian and comments from the readers are what make the CCO my one stop for Cubs news.

          • Neil

            If Campana is picked up by another team, I will post it.

          • Brp921

            I know that you will. I just think another team will pick him up the first chance they get.

          • Cubs1967

            Campana being DFA is a result of the Marshall bad trade. Mgmt has to justify it even though Saffelt has no value. Same reason why we are hearing Wood may remain in rotation; even though Feldman and Villeneuva are better. I also notice Torreyes is not on any top 20 prospect list.
            Same goes for Schierholtz; is he better than Colvin? No; hence Stewart was kept to justify another bad move.

          • daverj

            Marshall would have been a free agent after 2013 anyway. He would not have been given the $13.9 million tender offer so the Cubs would not have picked up a draft pick.

            Sappelt was kept over Campana because Sappelt has more value to the team, not to justify the Marshall deal.

            By your logic, Wood would have started 2012 in the rotation and not AAA. Wood likely will not have a rotation spot to start 2013 but there is nothing wrong with letting him compete against Feldman and Villanueva in the spring.

        • Tony_Hall

          I also would rather see one of my 4/5 OF be a defensive guy and the other be an offensive guy, unless they can be average at both. Of course if they are at least average batting and fielding, they are probably starting somewhere.

          Of course in today’s stats driven world, we will probably see more teams using all 13 offensive players more and more, trying to have an advantage each day.

    • daverj

      We’ll see what happens, but I actually think Sappelt will be quite productive on offense in a platoon. I see much more value with him as a 5th outfielder than Campana (though I do like watching Campana and am sorry to see him go).

  • SuzyS

    Everyone pretty well covered Campana…but as a guy I really liked…I’d like to add my voice to the well wishers for Campana. He’s certainly exciting WHEN he gets on base…it’s just not often enough….Good luck, Tony.

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