Report: Cubs Discussing Three-Way Deal with Tigers and Orioles

According to a report from Roch Kubatko, the Cubs have discussed a three-way trade with the Tigers and Orioles that would land Rick Porcello in Chicago. Porcello has been rumored to be on the block since the Tigers re-signed Anibal Sanchez and the Cubs have been trying to trade for Porcello since Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer took over the team.

According to Kubatko, the Tigers and Cubs are discussing a trade for Rick Porcello, who the Orioles are also interested in, but the Cubs and Tigers do not match up because the Cubs do not have the pieces to make a two-team trade and Detroit is trying to get Baltimore involved because they are interested in J.J. Hardy.

According to Kubatko, the Cubs would send pitching to the Orioles as part of a three-way deal. Kubatko is not sure why the Tigers and Orioles would need to have the Cubs involved if the two teams match up for a possible swap of J.J. Hardy and Rick Porcello.

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  • Cloycub13

    Is it me or does any trade rumor that says the Cubs will send pitching in return just look silly? What pitching are we going to send?

    • Brp921

      My thoughts exactly, unless it’s Marmol.

    • Neil

      Marmol, maybe?

    • Rich Hood

      Wood and Marmol? Is that enough to really get some wheels turning on the trade market? I do not know. Remember we have 8 starters with big league experience now so you never know.

    • John_CC

      Obviously, Marmol. Interesting rumor. I think it would great if the Cubs got Porcello by basically forcing Detroit’s hand in over-paying for Sanchez. That is good stuff, not something many GM’s are conniving enough to pull off.

  • joblotguy

    Feldman, Baker, Villanuena, Wade, Raley, Camp, McNutt, etc.

  • WidespreadHisPanic

    My guess is Marmol and some cash.

  • RynoTiger

    I don’t get this trade from a Cubs perspective. If you’re going to trade pitching this offseason, why not to the Nationals who are now looking for pitching in exchange for Mike Morse? RF is now solved for this year at least and if he likes the Chicago experience and does well, then sign him quickly before he becomes a free agent at the end of the year.

    • scottm

      I likes this Ryno

  • John G

    Tigers need a closer, ever since the Valverde meltdown in the playoffs last year. Marmol could get new life in a new setting. Still don’t understand why Baltimore needs to be in the mix.

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    The rumor is Wood and Lake for Porcello.

    • Rich Hood

      I hope not. I think Lake should be in our plans not as a trade chip yet.

      • BosephHeyden

        Why? He plays second. We have a second baseman. If he can be used to get any pieces we can actually use, then we shouldn’t even hesitate.

        • Rich Hood

          He plays ss,3rd and OF in the winterleagues. He was brutal at shortstop but I still love the kids upside. His laps in concentration is what has been holding him back as does a lot of kids. He is suppose to have the best arm in the minors. So 2nd is kind of wasting his skill set.

      • cc002600

        Totally disagree.

        They say this guy is a brutal infielder.

        and he strikes out a ton. he sounds like a Shawon Dunston clone to me, except that Dunston could actually play SS. No thanks.

        I don’t see him being a factor at all

        Porcello is a nice 24 Y/O pitcher with 4 years experience that can eat innings. Solid #4 type pitcher….and who knows, at his age, maybe he blossoms into something better.

    • cc002600

      I would do that in a second.

      Lake is a hack that can’t play IF, which devalues him. Wood ? eh. dime a dozen #5 pitcher.

    • Aaron

      That would be a dumb move on the Cubs part.
      #1-they have a lot of decent pen arms they loaded up on this offseason. Marmol and Wood makes an enormous amount of sense to me.
      #2-Lake provides depth at 3B. If Valbuena Stewart and Vitters tank as expected, they need him as an option.
      #3-they don’t even need Porcello in the first place. Keep in mind, they already have these options:
      That’s 6 legit options with Baker and Vizcaino coming back from TJ to start the season and that doesn’t even factor in Rusin, Raley and others.
      Why do they need a guy like Porcello who gives up a ton of hits and is essentially a higher velocity (low 90s) version of Rodrigo Lopez?

      • Rich Hood

        But if you can get a nice possible long term 3rd base prospect for him THEN a trade starts to make a little sense. Right now we just do not have enough information to make an accurate projection of what if anything the Cubs are giving up or getting.

        • Aaron

          see my general response….

      • woody34

        What if Porcello is being an option that another team really wants and the Cubs have a bigger trade to turn him? Trade a Marmol and Wood for Porcello and turn him along with an Almora/Soler type into an Upton/Stanton. Obviously, more would be needed for Upton and Stanton but you get my drift.

        • Aaron

          I certainly understand…read my post though in Neil’s latest about the Soriano rumor.

          I think the O’s want Porcello, and the angle the Cubs have to take in this is getting Soriano to the O’s to fill their need for an OF.

          The Cubs don’t even need Porcello to begin with. What they need is a solid lefty, and the O’s have soured on Matusz, who has a much bigger ceiling than their current lefty…Travis Wood.

          There’s no way the D’Backs or Marlins would take a Porcello in an Upton/Stanton trade. He’s a 5th starter at best….think more along the lines of a Drew Smyly, and they might entertain it….but that’s just my personal opinion.

  • ChiCubs

    “However, Kubatko doesn’t believe the Orioles will bite unless they are overwhelmed by an offer for Hardy.”
    ~ I don’t think this deal is going to get done.

  • Chicago Cubs Rumors

    Carlos Marmol wont be part of that trade:
    1- O’S Have J.Jhonson Closer, Pedro Strop & O’Day for Set up role , they dont need another RP
    2- Theo & Hoyer guaranted Marmol hes going to be the closer 2013 season
    3-Det Tiger have Bruce Rondon ready to takeover as the closer + J.Benoit + P.Coke +O.Dotel RP options.

    O’s want pitching(Starting Pitchers),we have 3 pitchers available for them : T,Wood. C.Coleman and this sounds crazy but : C.Villanueva and S.Feldman wont have a spot in the rotation if we get R.Porcello.

    Villanueva could be a long reliever for us.

    THE MAGNITUDE of what Pitchers the Orioles been targeting Free Agency: Shaum Marcum and Joe Saunders.THAT GIVE U AN IDEA OF WHAT THEY COULD BE LOOKING IN A TRADE TO PART WAYS WITH HARDY.

    ITS NOT ONLY MLB PLAYERS, BUT IT WOULD TAKE TOP PROSPECTS. The only top prospect (pitcher) Theo could send T.Mcnutt.

    So cubs fans tell your ideas base on this post .Thanks

    • Ripsnorter1

      Nice Post, Mr. Chicago Cubs Rumors.

      • Theboardrider


      • Chicago Cubs Rumors

        For more follow us on twitter @cubs1611

  • scottm

    What about Porcello and Castellanos to cubs
    Junior Lake and Soriano(Cubs eating salary) to O’s
    Garza,Marmol and JJ to Tigers?
    Just wondering

    • calicub

      not nearly enough meat on the bone for the Cubs to bite…

      Thats essentially a #2 SP, a CP one season removed from almost 120k’s a guy with a bad contract but who just hit 32hr and 104 rbi, a supersub prospect who could be on this team sooner rather than later and boat loads of cash


      a #5 starter and a 3b suspect.

      *Editted to make more sense :) *

      • scottm

        But if the Cubs are wanting the other teams are asking for the moon. How bad do they want? I agree that Garza ia probably too much, but remember the Cubs are begging teams to take Soriano and MArmol. Maybe if they agree McNutt instead of Garza. But Cubs gotta come off of somebody or cash.

        • calicub

          Honestly I really don’t see it that way… If the cubs brass were just willing to get rid of marmol and soriano I think it would have been done already…

          Think about it…

          The marmol/Haren trade is a prime example. If dunpimg a guy is what they wanted to do I see no reason Harens medicals would have been an issue @ 8 mill. Seeing as that is about what baker got but Haren has the upside age and non-tj’d arm.

          Then there is the soriano business. While I think the cubs would unload him in a heart beat if the offer is right I don’t think they would do so just for the sake of among a move… Hence the reason they’d be willing to eat up to all but 10 mill IF the deal netted them the right guy. Not to mention the production loss and lack of protection for rizzo and Castro would be a tall order to replace.

          As far as going After the guys they want, your right they will need to pony up but right now unless that guy is named morse or Stanton I don’t see it happening soon

  • SuzyS

    I really hope this is a trade that doesn’t get done…unless Castellanos is included in any deal. I don’t see Rick Porcello as a particularly good investment for the Cubs. His numbers have declined each year since his rookie season. As a groundball pitcher moving to the National league, with a better defense behind him…his numbers should improve….BUT… I see him as more of a Jason Marquis-type of pitcher…a number 4 or five…even if he is only 24…I’m not that excited about Porcello.

    Aaron, what are your thoughts here???

    • Rational Logic

      I think when you look at Porcello vs. Marmol – you’re getting a 24 year old starter with more upside than a 30 year old closer, especially considering Marmol’s inconsistencies. Even if it were straight up, that’s a steal. No way we get both of them without giving up a lot, which doesn’t make sense. Marmol and cash (or a mid tier prospect) would be my limit.

    • Theboardrider

      Marquis had some good years. He’d be a number 2 for us right now in his prime. Porcello is young and has 6 more years until 30.

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