From the Wire … Cubs Announce One-Year Deal with Nate Schierholtz; Assign Gerardo Concepcion to Kane County

The Cubs finally announced the one-year deal with Nate Schierholtz on Friday and added him to the 40-man roster. The Cubs agreed to terms with Schierholtz on a one-year contract during the Winter Meetings believed to be worth $2.25 million that includes a $500,000 incentives package.

The Cubs announced Friday that Gerardo Concepcion had cleared waivers and was assigned to Kane County. Sandy Rosario was also claimed off waivers by the Giants. The Cubs 40-man roster officially stands at 39 players with two contracts pending.

Gerardo Concepcion was outrighted off the 40-man roster and assigned to Single-A Kane County. The Cubs inked Concepcion to a five-year, $6 million contract on March 11, 2012 that included a $3 million signing bonus. Concepcion struggled mightily in his first year in the states and was shut down with a case of mono. The contract Concepcion signed calls for an annual salary of $600,000 over the five-year contract. The Cubs owe Concepcion $2.4 million.

The Giants claimed Sandy Rosario off waivers from the Cubs on Friday and  Rosario’s whirlwind of an off-season continued … the Giants became Rosario’s fifth different team of the winter. The Red Sox claimed Rosario off waivers from the Marlins on October 17 then traded him to the A’s on November 28 for a PTBNL. Oakland then placed Rosario on waivers and Boston claimed him again on December 10. The Cubs claimed Rosario off waivers from the Red Sox on December 12.

With the three roster moves made Friday, the Cubs 40-man currently stands at 39 players.

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  • Aaron

    Stewart has to be next IMO…losing Beliveau hurts, so Wood likely goes to the pen and Antigua likely gets a NRI

    • daverj

      I see Valbuena or Raley going before Stewart or Campana.

  • paulcatanese

    As it turned out, was Dempster the “player to be named later” to the Red Sox?:)

    • Tom U

      Paul, if that were the case, I would have given them Dempster last year and kept Aaron Kurcz.

  • Tony_Hall

    They cleared the 3 spots by DFA Beliveau (claimed by Rangers), Rosario (claimed by Giants) and Concepcion who cleared waivers.

    Interesting that the Giants and Rangers are grabbing our cuts.

    Do you think their fan base is throwing a fit over these waiver claims?

    I doubt it either.

    I didn’t think they would DFA Rosario, because he would be claimed, and he was. I picked Concepcion (obviously there hasn’t been a reason not to get him off the 40 man, just timing to make sure he clears) and he has been assigned to Kane County, good move. I was surprised by Beliveau, because of the amount of lefties they have on the 40 man roster. I doubt we will miss Beliveau and Rosario…hardly knew ya.

  • Neil

    Hey Tony, one more spot to go. Beliveau was already off the roster, he was DFA’d last week to make room for Stewart.

  • Raymond Robert Koenig


  • Tony_Hall

    It has to be Raley or Campana next to go, unless their is a pre-arranged deal with Stewart.

  • J Daniel

    If they release Stewart, that would be really poor mismanagement of roster as it should have been done earlier to save Beliveau, unless they didn’t think he would be claimed and got burned? I would have to think it would be somebody else or a trade.

  • Richard Hood

    I see that we were both kind of right Tony. Good call on Conception. I figured that Rosario was the odd man out.

  • J Daniel

    why would they release Stewart?

  • Tony_Hall

    There is a thought that they arranged a deal with Stewart to release him, after he clears waivers again, they wouldn’t need to use a 40 man roster spot unless he made the team, in which case his contract would still be in effect.

    I don’t really believe it, as they could have just signed a split contract to begin with, but didn’t. But it keeps being brought up from time to time.

  • Tom U

    Tony, the deal would be similar to ones made by Blake DeWitt and Manny Corpas last year. The idea is that Stewart can be outrighted, after which he could elect to be a free agent. However, his 2 million dollar contract would be voided.

    Since no one else would probably sign him to that kind of deal, it would be in his best interest to accept the outright assignment, and then wait until someone can be put on the 60-day DL so he can be added to the roster.

  • Tony_Hall

    If that was the intent, why wouldn’t they have just done that to begin with, or sign a split contract that wouldn’t need a 40 man roster spot which is what Corpas did sign last year. Dewitt was still guaranteed his contract dollars after he accepted his AAA assignment after clearing waivers.

    Like I said, I don’t believe his current spot on the 40 man is being looked at to create space.

  • J Daniel

    Obviously, the price of pitching, as well as all players, has gone way up. Not to long ago Jason Marquis was a 3 year 21 million contract. Jackson is 4 year and 52. How much better is Jackson over Marquis? We would probably agree Jackson has much better stuff. Maybe 2 years from now this contract will look really good. They certainly are not going to be getting any cheaper.

  • Breeden

    You know, when they signed Soriano, the thought was that the market would catch up with his contract about the the fourth year. Just look what happened with that.

  • J Daniel


  • Tony_Hall

    TV deals are going way, way up. Contracts are going to keep going up as more teams renew their deals.