Report: Cubs Receiving Plenty of Interest in Soriano and Marmol

According to a report from Bruce Levine, “the Cubs have been pleased to find plenty of interest in veteran players” such as Alfonso Soriano and Carlos Marmol. The first two days of the Winter Meetings have seen more free agent signings than trades but that could change before teams leave the Opryland Hotel on Thursday.

The Cubs are listening to offers for Alfonso Soriano and Carlos Marmol but will not give either player away. It is unclear if the Angels are still interested in Marmol and the Phillies are the only team that has been linked to Soriano in recent days.

According to the report on ESPN Chicago, Alfonso Soriano has “been of interest to a number of teams in the American League” and has “repeatedly stated he won’t play on the West coast.”

The Cubs are expected to have to eat at least half of the remaining $36 million ($18 million per season) owed on the eight-year, $136 million contract he signed in November of 2006. Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer are reportedly keeping Soriano informed on discussions they are having with teams.

Both Jed Hoyer and Dale Sveum reiterated Tuesday that Carlos Marmol is the Cubs’ closer despite the fact they reportedly have a two-year deal in place with Kyuji Fujikawa. According to a report from the Tribune, Marmol’s agent was hoping to meet with Theo Epstein on Tuesday to discuss his client’s future with the team.

Carlos Marmol has no trade protection to five teams and waived those rights last month when he agreed to be traded to the Angels.

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  • Vivid_Reality

    I would be interested to see what the Mets would want for Daniel Murphy. He would make a nice fill in at third and posses the ability to play multiple positions. They would probably ask a lot to release his services though. I doubt they would have interest in a Marmol for Murphy swap but it could be a good starting point.

    • [email protected]

      Im waiting for the Cubs to make amove that will make use a stronger team that than be worth watching next year!!

      • Theboardrider

        I doubt they’ll make any moves that will have a huge impact on the field next year. I believe most moves will be made with an eye toward 2014 and beyond.

    • Dorasaga

      D.Murphy is a 2B who’s into his fourth and arbitration year and cost $5.12M last year. Barney is a 2B who’s into his third and one year away from arbitration. He cost $5M last year. Barney was a Gold Glover with leadership skills, praised by teammates, and clutch hits. Murphy was an improving 2B who yet need to prove himself as a consistent winner.

      I believe the Cubs need to save their asset for a more important talent.

  • Neil

    From Joel Sherman – Indians may be ahead for Jason Bay, Mariners still a factor. Cubs on periphery

    • Aaron

      I think the Cubs are “on the periphery” with a lot of guys.

      1) In order to take on a high $$ contract in trade/FA for the OF, they need to move Soriano

      2) In order to take on any more guys for the pen, they need to deal Marmol. Why? Because they just signed the guy from Japan, and already have: Russell, Camp, Bowden, and Beliveau to go along with Fujikawa and Marmol. They likely wouldn’t DFA Cabrera or Dolis, risking losing two guys that can hit high 90’s. I guess they could just DFA L. Castillo, but then why did they get him last year at all? …so, the only way they can improve the pen it seems is by subtraction, and Marmol is the most likely candidate. Otherwise, they have to DFA starting pitching depth by DFA-ing Rusin or Raley, or further deplete OF depth by releasing someone like Campana.

      They have 3 spots on the 40-man (2 once Fujikawa is official), and they still want 1 more rotation arm. They have a need for 1 more arm (both pen and rotation), 1 OF bat, and 1 3B. That leads me to believe that they have several trades cooking right now.

      I believe guys like Garza (once he proves he’s healthy) and Travis Wood are sure to be on the block.

      The Cubs also might expand trades to include Vitters, Villanueva, Clevenger, and BJax to create additional roster flexibility if they feel they can get value.

      That’s just my opinion anyway

      • cc002600

        not sure I understand the rush to trade soriano / marmol.

        It’s not like they are blocking anyone, and let’s face it, you aren’t getting a top prospect in return….mid level guys at best. and you will have to eat some of their dough.

        so I guess I don’t really understand the point.

        • DWalker

          Marmol is purely a short term asset that needs to be turned into a long term return, especially now that a decent closer has been signed to replace him.
          Soriano is a little trickier, trading him realy hurts the team, and he was much improved last yer. But, again he is a short term asset that they need a return on. In both cases though, there is an element of risk in NOT moving them now, at an effective high point. If they hold on to them, marmol always has the risk of backsliding. Soriano should be on the downhill slope and there were games he could barely walk. There might not be another year of him being a decent producer in him, and that would kill his value. He is a big risk for the cubs to hold on to. So moving them now makes a heck of a lot of sense.
          Converting short term assets into long term assets has been something the club has failed to do in the past, and thats one reason for the weak farm system, they didn’t have those returns coming back in that better managed clubs did. I don’t think theo and jed will make that mistake.

          • cc002600

            for the exact reasons you laid out for them possibly backsliding is exactly why you won’t get much in return. You really think other teams don’t realize that ? and that was my point, you won’t get much more than a mid level prospect for either guy..

            and for that I say – BFD. :-)

          • DWalker

            They may be afraid of them falling off, but at the same time, look at whats available on the market. IF they are on, neither one is a bad pickup, and in both cases, better teams won’t put as much stress on either one. its a calcualted risk for a team to make, but all you need is two desperate mangers, or one really desperate manager and suddenly that mid level prospect is something a bit better. Look at the deal that was almost pulled off for marmol, it was a good deal for the cubs until health concerns popped up, and it wasn’t marmols health in question.

          • cc002600

            Well, I hope you’re right, but I don’t see it.

            And Haren is a bad example ….Angels didn’t want him anymore….they were dumping him either way.

            To me, I think these 2 guys have more value to the cubs than what you will receive in return, PLUS you will have to pay a portion of their salary.

            If they were blocking someone, I would totally get it, but right now, they are not.

            Just sayin’

          • cardswho

            A portion of Soriano’s salary, not Marmol’s.

          • gary3411


          • Ray Ray

            What happened to all this talk about free agents wanting to play for the Cubs? So far we have a guy from Japan, a guy coming off TJ and a guy with a 5 ERA. Free agents who have options to play for a winner will not sign here.

          • Tony_Hall

            Theo and Jed said that they were surprised how many FA’s contacted them about playing for the Cubs. It doesn’t mean that they wanted to sign them and sign them at the market rate.

          • cubs1967

            no losing 101 games last year and another 95 this year is FUN!!!

          • Tony_Hall

            No one ever said rebuilding is fun, but overpaying FA’s like the Angels and Marlins did last year is no guarantee of success.

          • Dorasaga

            And less fun than rebuild.

          • cardswho

            Soriano had 32 HR and a career high 108 RBI last year. Teams will want that production. Marmol lead all closers in K/9 just back in 2010. He didn’t just forget how to pitch. He is definitely needed by a team or two. He also has had a great ERA throughout his career. Last year he struggled at the beginning, but he got on track. The cubs should get a nice return for these two

          • cc002600

            yea, I got all that, but Soriano is 37 years old.
            The chances of him repeating those numbers are slim and none. Given that, teams are not going to pay up with a really good prospect to get him. Never gonna happen.

            You’re looking at nothing more than mid-level prospects. If Theo / Jed can extract more than that, God Bless them…..I just don’t see it happening.

          • Hec-Cubfan

            With the rumors of the Red Sox shopping Elsbury, I wonder if the Cubs are in on him……The Red Sox are looking for pitching and the Cubs have talked about trading
            Garza in the past …

          • Tony_Hall

            But isn’t that the point, if they can extract more than a mid-level guy they will trade either of them. If they don’t then they keep them.

            Either way, they wouldn’t be doing their jobs, if they weren’t seeing what the market is on these guys.

          • cc002600

            Yes, I agree
            Just saying that I wouldn’t get your hopes up of Cubs snagging some big fish for either of these guys. They both have baggage.

            and just because Soriano had a great year last year, doesn’t mean his value is all that great. Let’s not forget, he’s 37 with bad knees. Nobody is going to give up much for that.

          • Tony_Hall

            I just don’t see any team willing to trade anything better than a mid-level prospect, even if the Cubs are paying the freight for Soriano. No team can expect him to duplicate last years numbers again.

            Marmol, I can see a decent prospect coming back, but would rather see a deal like they had for Dan Haren, but for either a SP, RF, or 3B.

          • John_CC

            It sure looked to me like Marmol forgot how to pitch. Or stopped getting so lucky. I can’t decide which. He’s wild, always been wild, and it’s caught up to him.

  • Neil

    Jon Heyman is reporting Keppinger to the White Sox, three year deal. Nothing official or terms yet

  • Neil

    Keppinger to the White Sox, three years, around $12 million

  • Neil

    According to the mill … Jason Bay is close to signing with Seattle

  • Neil

    Bay appears to be done and on his way to Seattle

  • John_CC

    Does Jason Bay seem a lot older than 34 to anybody else?

    I hope he get comfortable and help the M’s.

    There has been no link between the Cubs and Schierholtz, has there? I thought there would be.

  • paulcatanese

    Robert Redford is still a free agent, and would fit the bill for right field. He may have lost a step or two, but can still hit the ball,even maybe throw an inning or so.

  • paulcatanese

    The free agent market is drying up very quickly, but I will say that Epstein appears to not be caveing in at this point.
    That is good in my opinion, as he needed to go in one direction or another. Either sign a bunch of free agents or keep on pace with what he is trying to do.
    The free agents out there would not gurantee immediate sucess, where the farm system would, only at a slower pace.
    Still sayin that it will take a while.