Report: Cubs Increase Offer Then Move On from Anibal Sanchez; Sanchez Re-Signs with Detroit

According to a report from Jon Heyman, the Cubs have moved on from the Anibal Sanchez derby. Ken Rosenthal reported early Friday morning that the Cubs had increased their offer to $77.5 million over five years.

The Cubs were not told they were out of the running but decided to move on just prior to reports that Sanchez re-signed with the Tigers for $80 million over five years.

The Cubs will reportedly continue to look for pitching.

From all indications Anibal Sanchez’s agent leaked the news of his client agreeing to terms with the Cubs on a five-year, $75 million deal to run up the price to Detroit. While the Cubs did not land another one of their targets, at least the front office showed they are willing to spend the money on a player they feel will contribute in 2013 and beyond.

According to multiple reports, Theo Epstein went to Miami on Thursday to meet with Sanchez face to face and made the bid.

The next few weeks should be very interesting. Stay Tuned …

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  • BosephHeyden

    This makes, what, three times in less than a year that something has been reported by most of the Chicago sports media (and Bob Nightengale) that winds up falling apart within a matter of hours?

    I don’t know how these things are getting leaked, but maybe Team Theo needs to start plugging up leaks, because they’re obviously things in progress, but they’re not happening.

    • Neil

      This one is on Sanchez’s agent. He leaked it.

      • Neil

        According to reports, the Tigers offer to Sanchez was 4
        years and $48 million. The agent used the Cubs to run up the price to $80 million over five years … $32 million jump.

        • paulcatanese

          $32 million jump, priceless. I give Theo credit for moving on,
          in essance to Sanchez “stick it”, we’re outa here. this one made sense for the Cubs to pull out and move on.

      • BosephHeyden

        Ah, and I completely read over that part. I don’t multi-task well.

        But, on that note, that was clearly the team he wanted to play for and he maximized what he could get from them by using a team that made no secret they could use him.

        $80 million, long term deal, stays with a contender…not too shabby.

      • paulcatanese

        Is anyone sure this agent is not a cousin to Boras?

        • Neil

          Distant … well done.

  • Steven Petty

    So, who is left on the market for pitching, 3b and cf? Who can come to the team and be an instant impact?

    • BosephHeyden

      No one. This market was weak, and A-Rod getting hurt absolutely murdered what little market there was at third base.

      There’s very little chance the Cubs can contend this year. Realistically, the only thing they can hope for this year is to do better than last year. But next year, the market should be a little stronger, so there’s no reason they shouldn’t hit it hard.

      • paulcatanese

        The Cubs have a secret plan, drive up the price, let these other teams sign these guys, letting them go broke, and then step in.

        • Ray Ray

          I actually think 5 years at 80 mil for a pitcher who has never pitched 200 innings or won more than 13 games and has had shoulder issues would have been a bad sign. iMO he is a step down from Garza. If they extend Garza and pair him with Shark and add a top of the rotation guy next year….then you have something to compete in 2014. The everyday lineup they will be putting out next year is awful. They won’t score alot of runs so Sanchez wouldn’t have helped next year and there is always a chance he could get hurt. I just hate the fact that the Cubs were played like this!

          • Rational Logic

            This one stings. Really would have been a great fit in the NL and on our team.

          • Ray Ray

            Sanchez last year with Detroit pitched 74.2 innings and gave up 81 hits. Remember unlike Garza who was successful in the AL East, Sanchez went from NL to AL Central. Overall last year Sanchez pitched 195.2 IP and gave up 200 hits. He is a #3 IMO and that is alot of years and $ for a #3.

          • scott

            What does the 2013 free agent market for third base look like?

        • Aaron


          I think that’s a very reasonable suggestion. Only teams like the Rays, Astros, A’s, Pirates, Marlins, Indians, and Cubs figure to have ample amount of budget to sign high priced free agents in 2013 and beyond. If you look at teams like the Angels, Dodgers, Giants, Yankees, Tigers, White Sox (though they have some coming off the books next year), Rangers, Phillies, Nationals, etc., they all have tons of money tied up in just a handful of players. In other words, they will be EXACTLY where the Cubs were from 2007-2012.

          That means for teams like the Marlins last year who overspent, hoping it’d drive attendance, only to find out otherwise, and are looking to dump decent players, the Cubs would be the best positioned to take on those contracts, and thus, not have to give up as much in terms of prospects.

          With the 2014 FA roster looking pretty lame, with only the likes of Nelson Cruz, Granderson,Pence, Prado, A. Hill, Ellsbury, McCann, Halladay, Carpenter, J. Johnson, Hughes, Lincecum, Volquez, etc. figuring to make a big difference on the signing team…the pickings are slim, and the competition will be less than it is this year, but it will still drive prices beyond what the Cubs will likely want to go for in terms of $$/years.

          And that’s even factoring teams like the A’s, Marlins, Rays, Pirates, and Astros into the equation….teams that have the budget flexibility, but don’t have good attendance, so likely won’t delve into the market with big contracts.

          • paulcatanese

            Aaron, If I had thought of it, you took the words right out of my mouth, good post. Makes perfect sense.

          • AGUSTIN

            Interesting point, if IT is not the plan… Front office should take note. Aaron send Hoyer your consulting invoice

  • Neil
  • scott

    What does next year look like as far as free agents at third base? Same guys as this year i assume.

  • daverj

    Cubs have said they want to pay for future performance, not past performance. The front office must have believed that Sanchez was going to take the next step and would turn out oto be a solid value at $15 million per season.

    This Sanchez signing may take Detroit out of the mix for Rafael Soriano. Even though closer is not a big need for the Cubs with the Fujikawa signing, I could see the Cubs making an offer to Soriano if they see an opportunity for a bargain.

    • DWalker

      I’ve seen a number of places saying he had taken a step forward late last year and was looking like he was progressing. Theo and Jed must have felt the same way and hoped to snag him for a decent value.

    • Ray Ray

      This was not a value deal. Lets be real. This is not about Theo paying for future performance. This was Theo trying to outbid everyone else to acquire a much needed established pitcher.

  • Aaron

    In true Cubbery fashion, the Cubs get turned down by a pitcher that is overpriced to begin with who’s agent played them to get every last dime out of the other team in a season in which the Cubs aren’t even expected to contend. Cubs fans everywhere get excited, only to be let down almost immediately after the news leaked in the first place.

    In true Cubbery fashion, they lose out to the very team they lost to in their last World Series appearance (1945).

    I think it’s safe to say that this agent, Gene Mato, won’t be getting any business from the Cubs in years to come. The irony is that he also likely won’t get business from the Tigers either, as he blatantly used the Cubs to drive the price up with the Tigers. Boras does similar things, only from my memory, it comes from himself, and he always uses the “mystery team” as motivation for other clubs to increase offers. For as much as I loathe Boras, I just can’t remember a time, he’s actually sought out a reporter to break false news of a signing.

    • Cloycub13

      Two players left that would complete my wishlist: Francisco Liriano & Michael Bourn.

      • Aaron

        Ray Ray,

        Not trying to bash you, but what the hell interests you about Bourn? He’s like Juan Pierre, but older than when we got him, and without the hit tool. Campana could do what Bourn does…if given a full opportunity. Remember, Bourn was a cast-off from previous teams, because he couldn’t hit. Only recently was he valued, and Boras is playing him up as such.

        I agree with you on Liriano though

        • Cloycub13

          Bourn 29 years old: Gold Glove CF. Last Season 96 R, 26 2B, 10 3B, 70 BB, 274 Avg, .348 OBP. 42 SB.
          Also the latest word is that he is interested in a 1-2 year deal in order to hit bigger in the market after that.
          He is a legit leadoff hitter and a legit CF’er.
          I do not see a Campana Comparison.
          Campana averages 262 witha 306 OBP.
          Bourn over Campana anyday IMHO.

          • Brp921

            Yes to a one or two year deal. No to anything more.

          • Cloycub13

            Agreed 100%… that is the only reason or circumstance in which I would consider it.

        • Cloycub13

          OK I see the Pierre comparison, but I do not feel as if Campana can match. And I am not 100% sold on Campana’s ability in the field.

          • Aaron

            I believe Campana could come close to the Bourn stats…not Pierre. Bourn is about a .270/.340/.365 hitter….that K’s entirely too much at nearly 150 times/year…yes, he has about 50 SB/year, but he’s also getting older, and that will go down.

            Campana is essentially his equal in terms of speed and BA. Campana’s slash line is .262/.306/.300 with about 30 SB/year….and here’s the kicker….he has 54 SB in his MLB career, and that’s in just 347 plate appearances. Over the last 2 years, Bourn has 103 SB in 1425 plate appearances. So…with nearly 5 times as many plate appearances, Bourn has just about 50 more stolen bases than Campana….

            I’m not trying to say that Campana would even be his equal…and certainly not Pierre’s for that matter. What I am saying though, is he’s NOT gotten an equal shot like those two have.

            I would much rather take my chances with him in CF than DeJesus, and do a platoon with Sappelt, and just have Schierholtz in RF, and hopefully Delmon Young or Domonic Brown in LF depending how things shake out.

          • Theboardrider

            If Campana can bunt and learn to drive the ball directly into the ground for a huge bounce the guy could get 40-50 infield hits a year, maybe more. I agree that he should get a chance to play everyday.

        • Theboardrider

          If Liriano returns to form, sign him. He’s a Cy Young candidate if healthy. 29 years old. This guy could be #1-4 starter for us for the next 5 or 6 years and be part of the championship McTheo is setting us up to win in a few years…

  • cubs1967

    well; for 10 minutes yesterday I was a 10 yr old kid again on X-mas day with news the beloved was actually trying; hence typical news for Cubs fans; always the bridesmaid for 105 yrs soon; never the bride. at least now this type of news only involves a sigh and a few minutes of disappointment; not any swearing even/haha!
    But, i think this debunks Theo comment that FA want to play for the Cubs; they do not unless the Cubs way overpay like in this case they were by 27M originally. apples to apples; the Cubs are not; as no one wants to play for a loser………..something team Theo should be realizing that come 2015 or 2016 you just can’t sign FA to fill the holes………Darvish and/or Cespedes should of been signed last year so pieces are filled in and like Sanchez could of been.

    • Wes Renne

      Darvish or Cespedes??? Are you delusional? They wanted the younger/less $$$ options coming from Cuba and got the one they wanted in Soler. Darvish was alot of $$$ and wanted to play for a contender. While Sanchez was a good option at a reasonable age, we drove his price sky high for IMO a #3 starter.

      Regarding the leaks, this one was Anibal’s agent, last one was Marmol and IRC Dumpster screwed that one up. Not the Cubs FO fault

      • Raymond Robert Koenig

        Darvish had no control over who won his bidding rights.

      • cubs1967

        let’s review the term delusional. we will begin with Cespedes; who the Cubs offered same money; longer term than the A’s; so as you say they wanted the younger version ; why did they bid on him to begin with?…..and Soler cost $30M and he has out clauses compared to $36M for Cespedes; for a team with top 5 revenue; 6M is not a deal breaker. at age 28; that is a good dea.
        now Darvish; who was won via bid by Texas; so essentially Darvish had 2 options; sign with Texas or go back to Japan. unlike real FA who can dictate where they go like we just saw with Sanchez.
        the delusional part is that you don’t understand this.

    • Tony_Hall

      You do realize that Sanchez chose the largest contract, not the lesser contract. The Cubs didn’t overpay him, 1 other team paid more. Market value is not an average of what teams will pay, but what is the highest any team is willing to go.

      Yes, Sanchez was overpaid by the Tigers to resign, all free agents are overpaid by the team that signs.

      • cubs1967

        i’m quite sure as a 45 yr old VP of Lending for a financial institution I understand numbers better than you not to mention 99% of the general population; just as much as Sanchez chose the better team as the Cubs won’t be good for several more years assuming they even will be in 2015 or 2016. apples to apples is comparing like contending teams; which the Cubs are not; so when the numbers are similiar; the bad team is gonna lose out; unless there is some affection for them; which Sanchez did not have for Cubs. If the Cubs had offered 82.5M you think he would be in Chicago??……he would not; as 40% of that 2.5M would go to Uncle Sam plus add’l to his agent,etc; he would not of come here for less than 1.5M while losing for 2 to 3 more years when the Tigers are WS contenders. Hence, this losing on purpose has consequences like we just saw; Theo got played, and until the team is good; FA will stay away. just another reason why NO major market team has tried this idea of rookie dream team; not only does it cost massive losses in fanbase attendance (see 500K lower attendance and going lower), but players talk, and the Cubs are not a good talk right now; even if Theo tries to tell us otherwise. (if the Cubs were good; Sanchez would of taken the 75M w/o even going back to Detroit since their offer was 48M.)

        • BOB

          You probably lent floating subprimes out from 2002-2007.

        • Tony_Hall

          Not sure I would advertise that you are part of the lending problems…I mean lending industry. Plus not sure how you have to be a VP of anything to count from 75 to 80. I am glad that you think you know more about numbers then me and 99% of the rest of us, that explains a lot about how you view yourself and your opinions. Judging from your posts I, nor I would bet 99% of us would say you are smarter than the rest of us. But go ahead and toot your own horn, since no one else will.

          If you really believe he would have taken the Cubs offer if they “were good” you are clueless. He wanted to stay with the Tigers. A good team he enjoyed the playoffs with last year. He went out and got the best offer and then went back and told them to beat. The Tigers did, he then went back to the Cubs and they said fold. That is how negotiations work. You keep asking for more until they say enough. If the Tigers paid the same as the Cubs offer, then you can say it was the team. But he made them beat the offer.

  • Aaron

    Now, the Cubs need to take Cody Ross off the market, and deal Soriano to the Phillies for Domonic Brown, and include others like Travis Wood, etc. to expand the deal.

    Then, they sign Liriano to replace Wood as the lefty in the rotation. If that fails, the only thing left to do is taking advantage of the Tigers situation, and trading for Smyly or Porcello (I prefer Smyly), and while they have Infante, Barney offers better upside and better defense, so I’d center any deal around him.

    If all of that fails above, then I’d practically give Soriano away and be done with it. At 37 years old, he’s bound to regress even more and get injured. Other teams know this. And while by all accounts he’s a great teammate, etc., the Cubs need to get younger and just move on. Once they do that (and if Ross, Brown, etc fail), then the next logical choice would be to sign Delmon Young. He’s still young enough where he offers upside both now and in trade, so he’d be a good option to pursue.

    • Ripsnorter1

      What’s so wrong about keeping Soriano? You say you are willing to give him away. Why? We’ve already paid for him. Let him give us some return for the dough.

      I think the Cubs would be foolish to throw Soriano away. Let him hit 30 HRs and drive in another 100 runs this year for us.

      After all, he’s much better than Brett Jackson, josh Vitters, Dave Sappelt, Tony Campana, David DeJesus, Nate Schierholtz, Ian Stewart, Domonic Brown, Luis Valbuena, Jeff Baker, and a host of other Cubs players.

      If they could get him for $1 million, every team in baseball, save the LAA, would take him in a nanosecond.

  • mutantbeast

    IM Glad the Cubs lost out on Sanchez, he was an overpriced MOR pitcher with a crooked agent. Save that kind of $ for a 15-20 game winner who will keep your team in the game 25 out of 32 starts per year. Sanchez gives up more hits than innings pitched, hed be a disaster in Wrigley.

  • Aaron

    Here’s how I would rate the remaining FA pitchers and/or known pitchers on the block:

    E. Jackson

    It just doesn’t make sense to go after Smyly and Porcello unless you’re completely out of the Jackson/Liriano bidding. The only reason you’d make a trade with the Tigers (and they really only need relief help and possibly defensive help) is to free up roster space, though you could simply sign Jackson or Liriano and just DFA Rusin or Raley to do that. About the only guys that would interest the Tigers might be Marmol, Russell, and Barney at this point. If they hadn’t signed Sanchez or Hunter, then you might say that Soriano and Garza would interest them, but that just isn’t happening. It looks like the FA route is the only way to go right now, and they MUST get a healthy arm like Liriano or Jackson, then flip them at the deadline if they wish.

    Right now, the only pitcher they have that looks like he has a chance of being around in 2014 is Samardzija. Garza and Baker both have elbow issues right now. T. Wood is NOT a “core” piece. Feldman is a wild card. He could thrive in the NL, or he could totally bomb. Once the season starts, Garza, Baker, and Feldman lose value (and in the case of Baker and Feldman, couldn’t be traded anyway until June anyway) to teams who would’ve received draft compensation in the past.

    Therefore, they almost have to go after higher priced FA pitchers in hopes they can flip them at the deadline. Jackson and Liriano would be great for that. So would Smyly. Have you seen Porcello’s stats? He’s not very good at all…he’s entirely too hittable, and the results haven’t come close to the hype.

    • Theboardrider

      Rangers have to be desperate to make a splash after losing Hamilton. Any chance they go after Garza if he proves to be healthy? If we could put together Garza and Marmol and a prospect for Mike Olt I’d be thrilled. Or similar package to Angels for Trumbo or Bourjos.

      • Ray Ray

        Garza and Marmol for Olt? Olt will not be a star. The Mets turned down Olt for Dickey and you want to give up Garza and Marmol for Olt?

  • triple

    I don’t really know if Sanchez would’ve been a good signing for $77.5/5years. Sure he looks like he’s about to take the next step, but if he was with the Cubs that next step would be a disaster. His best season was still 2010, and those numbers equate to a what you’d expect out of your #3 pitcher, and hope to get from your 4 or 5. Maybe his ERA shows to be a LITTLE better than a back end guy, but what about his results?

    I think if Samardizja continues to progress like he trended last year, and Garza stays healthy and can be resigned (still not against trading him either), all the Cubs need to do in the short term is develop one other pitcher to fit nicely in the middle of the rotation. Then in a year or 2, they can spend the big money on a legitimate front end rotation guy, and probably have another pitcher who has a bright future plug in the 5th rotation spot. If Rizzo and Castro are still playing to their potential in a couple years, and guys like Soler, Baez, and Almora are proving to be all-star talent big-leaguers, the Cubs could find themselves in a nice position to plug a couple other holes with big name free agents, and it sounds to me like money shouldn’t be a problem then. But if they signed Bourn and Sanchez, I don’t know if that would all be possible to make that move in 2 to 3 more years.

  • paulcatanese

    Has anyone given a thought to the FA agents watching the Cubs

    continue to sign the old, the weak, and the disabled pitchers out there and waiting for a year or so until they are able to pitch?

    They may look at the Cubs with the thought that the guys they represent are in good shape, able to pitch right now and worth more money based on whats being paid for what the Cubs are signing.
    Could be!

  • paulcatanese

    Our hearts and prayer’s go out to the parents and the families of those who’s lives were cut short this morning in Conn. Put’s the baseball moves on the back burner. I’m sure everyone on the site feels the same way. Terrible tragedy.

    • MikeT_2008

      They were just kids. There’s a very, very special place in Hell for people like today’s shooter

  • Ripsnorter1

    Who is Francisco Liriano?

    He’s Dontrelle Willis. Take a looooonng look at Mr. Dontrelle Willis’ record, and see if you want to buy that. Mr. Willis was in full declilne at age 24. AGE 24!

    For me, it would have to be awful cheap. Because that’s an awful record.

    Here’s Mr. Francisco Liriano’s record:

    Mr. Liriano wasn’t half the pitcher that Mr. Willis was. Liriano has been in full decline since age 26 (one could argue since age 23).

    Move on.

  • Ripsnorter1

    All we need is five starters that can win 10 games each, and we would be competitive.

    Garza can win 10 games.
    Samardzija can win 10 games.
    Baker can win 10 games.

    Wood…..I dunno. He had 26 starts in 2012, and won 6. ERA was okay at 4.27. But he gave up 25 HRs! We know he can win six. I’d rather not try with him.

    Feldman…I know he can’t win 10 games. He’s worse than Travis Wood, and a hair’s breath better than Chris Volstad (3-12).

    Brooks Raley probably could not win 4 games.
    Chris Rusin probably could not win 4 games.
    Robert Whitnack probably could not win 1 game.
    Alberto Cabrera might be able to win 1 game.

    And we have no other starters in the system.

    Sanchez could have won ten. But he’s gone.

    Team Theo needs to buy two starters.

  • BosephHeyden

    If the Cubs really want to nab a pitcher through trade or free agency, I’m kinda curious as to why they haven’t gone after R.A. Dickey. Judging from what the Blue Jays are reportedly discussing giving up, all it would have cost us would be Brett Jackson, who could very well flop, and another prospect, potentially even Clevenger or Castillo. That’s a pretty decent price for a pitcher who would instantly become our ace.

  • Vivid_Reality

    They reportedly demanded D’Arnaud from the Jays and now might settle for Gose and Arencibia. Jackson’s star has fallen a lot, Gose is viewed as a much better prospect right now. Castillo vs JPA is closer but no one really knows what we have in Castillo. JPA has at least shown the ability to hit for power in the majors. I think if Jackson and Castillo would have gotten it done we would have heard about some level of Cubs interest by now. I personally would rather not take the risk on Dickey. I don’t believe he can repeat the performance.

  • daverj

    Goes has much more value than Jackson. D’Arnaud has much more value than Castilla. The cubs don’t have prospects in the high minors that compare to the guys the jays may deal.

  • Theboardrider

    Dickey is 38 years old. He most likely won’t be at this level in a few years when the plan will start to bear fruit. No reason to pay for Dickey just to lose 90 instead of 100. We need guys that will be part of the championships we’re positioning to play for in a few years.

  • BosephHeyden

    He’s a knuckleballer, so he’s got five or six years left, and, as I’ve said many times, if the Cubs aren’t competitive by next year with the fact they’re a major market team, they’ve completely failed.