From the Wire … Cubs Sign Outfielder Nate Schierholtz

According to multiple reports, the Cubs have signed outfielder Nate Schierholtz to a one-year contract. Schierholtz is expected to in the mix in right field with David DeJesus moving to centerfield to start next season.

The contract is believed to be for a guaranteed $2.25 million and includes a $500,000 incentives package. The Cubs have not confirmed the deal and Schierholtz must pass a physical before it become official.

Once Nate Schierholtz and Kyuji Fujikawa are officially added to the roster, the Cubs 40-man roster will stand at 39 players.

The 28-year old outfielder (February 15, 1984) was the second round pick of the Giants in the 2003 draft. Nate Schierholtz spent his entire professional career in San Francisco’s organization until he was traded to the Phillies in the Hunter Pence deal last July.

Schierholtz hit a combined .257/.321/.407/.728 in 114 games with the Giants and Phillies last season with eight doubles, five triples and six home runs. The left-handed hitting Schierholtz had just 269 plate appearances last season after fracturing his right big toe on August 13. Schierholtz has not had more than 335 plate appearances in a single-season in his six year career.

The Phillies non-tendered Schierholtz last week and he reportedly turned down a two-year, $5 million contract to sign with the Cubs.

In nine career games (four starts) at Wrigley Field, Schierholtz hit .389/.450/.444/.894 with one double.

Nate Schierholtz’s Page on Baseball-Reference

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  • Tom U

    The timing is odd: Dave Sappelt having another electric night in the VWL, He went 3-for-4 and once again fell a triple shy of the cycle.

  • austin

    Could be the bargain of the offseason. I love this move. We all knew the likely route the front office was going to take to fill needs, and this guy is a phenomenal defensive OF with a plus arm. When he was a Giant a lot of fans were upset Bochy did not play him more often, and in 2011, he batted .278 in 362 PA. Given 500 AB’s this season for the first time in his career, at Wrigley, he could become quite an offensive player as well. And if he does turn out to be quite good, they can keep him in arbitration next year. For my expectations for this offseason and next season, this is an absolutely fantastic move!

  • Neil

    I updated the post with numbers and additional information

    • Tom U

      The bad news for some about this signing is that, along with the signing of Brian Bogusevic, it pretty much spells the end for Tony Campana.


      After looking some things over, I would not be surprised if Campana was DFAed prior to tomorrow’s Rule 5 draft.

    • Ripsnorter1

      Typical Team Theo signing: No power, no speed, and no BA.

      He’s David DeJesus. Again.

      And don’t tell me he’s a platoon player vs RHP. The guy hits LHP much better than RHP. He’s like Blake DeWitt in that category. He’s inside out.

      So if you were looking for another .266 BA in RF with a max of 9 HR’s, with no speed and low defense, he’s your man.

      Stupefying. Utterly stupefying.

      • paulcatanese

        Not really Rip, after all he did have a fractured toe this last season, and that qualifies him.

      • Tony_Hall

        Maybe if you look at his career numbers he has a higher batting average against lefties, but the much smaller OBP and SLG, where it counts. Also the last 2 years he has struggled against lefties even in his batting average. So your statement that “he hits LHP much better than RHP” is just utterly stupefying as well.

        I see him starting against righties and Sappelt against lefties.

  • gary3411

    Season officially tanked. But glad. Deal Marmol for best offer and let’s play ball.

    2014 or15 is when it starts depending on how the older prospects progress this year which one is go-time.

    • Cubs1967

      2016 is go time. Next year FA class worst than this yr. soler-Baez-Almora all in A ball—–loooong time.

  • Aaron

    This signing gets a big MEH……I don’t like it, but I don’t hate it. It’s kind of like a meatball sandwich…but without the meat.

    Campana is done. He’s hitting .188/.297/.219 with 4 walks, 11 K’s, 6 SB. The sad thing is, he has as many hits as he does stolen bases…I feel bad for him, because if he could even remotely hit the ball out of the infield, he’d be the second coming of Juan Pierre, and I’m not trying to say Pierre was even that great, as I believe he was way overrated, but I am saying he’d at least be a solid MLB player. As it stands now, as Tom mentioned, the writing is on the wall for him to be DFA’d. The only thing that would save him is a Soriano trade.

    The only other positions on the 25-man roster that are up for grabs is 3B and a pen arm (which they could opt to fill internally).

    Here’s what the roster looks like at present:
    Travis Wood

    ? (Dolis/Vizcaino—depending how they want to use him/Cabrera—-same as Vizcaino/L Castillo/Zych)

    C-Castillo, Navarro
    3B-Valbuena, FA/trade (who will then be the starter)
    CF-DeJesus, Sappelt

    As you can see, there is 1 opening in the IF, 1 in the OF, and 1 potentially for the pen.

    They could fill 2 of the spots internally if they went with Watkins and Lake (which wouldn’t require adding to the 40-man), and even in the pen….but I believe they’d only fill the OF internally with possibly Brett Jackson, whom they left an opening for with comments from both Sveum and Hoyer the other day.

    I believe they’ll draft Josh Fields (if anyone) in the Rule 5 so they could plug him in right away in the pen.

    If they need 40-man spots, about the only route they can go right now are the following guys:
    L. Castillo

    I doubt Clevenger goes, because they lack catching depth in the upper minors. I would venture a guess that if they desperately need a spot one of Rusin/Raley (but not both) goes, then if they believe it won’t ruin their reputation with the Cubans, Concepcion might leapfrog Castillo as most likely to be DFA’d after that.

    This is all why I believe a trade is brewing. The Cubs simply cannot have so many guys on the 40-man that are 2 years or more away from MLB (Concepcion, McNutt, Whitenack, Szczur, Villanueva, Soler) and so many average to below average talent guys (Campana, Raley, Rusin, Valbuena, Sappelt) taking up spots.

    The Cubs will be forced to move nearly all veterans on the roster in the hopes of creating space for them to promote better talent…even if they’re not better immediately. Guys like Garza, Barney, Soriano, Marmol, Russell, DeJesus, and possibly even T. Wood all might be on the block.

  • SuzyS

    ???? the forecast fro tonight is dark , followed by dawn. But somehow, I don’t see the dawn in this signing. Merry Christmas.

  • Cesar Charles


  • Tony_Hall

    Can’t say I know much about Schierholtz, but I am assuming they plan to play Sappelt against lefties and Schierholtz against righties in RF as Schierholtz last year was 287/360/466 against righties and Sappelt, in a small sample size last year, was obviously better against lefties than righties.

    Anyone know how Schierholtz is defensively? I am assuming he must be above average.

  • Vivid_Reality

    Good defense, rocket arm from what I remember hearing.

  • Tom U

    Tony, his defensive skills are not that impressive. IN six seasons, he’s compiled a .989 in right field, his primary position, with a 1.45 range factor. What’s effecting that is what can be considered a somewhat low assist total

    Schierholtz has had 26 assists in six seasons (420 games). That breaks down to about 4 a season in 70 games. The big question will be, can he double that total in twice as many games as a full-time starter? Although he has some experience as a third baseman, I haven’t seen or heard anything about him having a great arm.

    In both minor league and limited major league stats, Sappelt is a much better defender.

  • calicub

    Here’s a decent video of his D:

  • mutantbeast

    Excellent arm. Good RF, not enough range to play CF on a regular basis. Decent avg hitter against righties, not a lot of power. Has a cannon for an arm. Had a solid UZR playing RF in ATT park, one of the more difficult RFs to play in the NL.

  • Vivid_Reality

    Maybe I was thinking about someone else then, thanks for the update Tom.

  • Tony_Hall

    Thanks Tom. Reading comments on MLB traderumors post and it sure sounds better than how you are describing him defensively, many posts are by Giants fans.

    One example describes him as a “Rocket arm, absolutely a + defender in the outfield and has a good compact swing”. Another one says “pretty generic, nothing too special about him. Solid arm but a very average defender. Not much power, wont hit for a high OBP.”

    Also seems like a lot of Yankee fans wanted Cashman to sign Schierholtz.

  • Tony_Hall

    Who would you rather have signed?

    Fujikawa, Feldman, Baker, Navarro, Camp and Schierholtz plus saving $13M versus the 3 year $39M for Victorino?

    I know everyone wants to see the big splashy moves and outrageous money contracts, but do you really think that the Cubs won’t get some value out of the players above, in terms of winning games, and be able to trade some of them to get value in return for prospects, more than what Victorino will provide over the next 3 years. The big splashy moves are come with a hangover usually before even half way through the contracts.

  • Dorasaga

    Good one. It shows no rocket-arm, but a solid, accurate throw from quick release. Quite fluid for a right fieldman–compared to Fukudome, who seemed to take more time to make each throw–think about Dejesus not having much of an arm at all. Right field at AT&T Park is a line of traps, creates triples and inside-the-field homerun (Ichiro All-star?). It’s tricky. Not the easiest RF to handle day-to-day. Nate seems good enough for Wrigley.

  • mutantbeast

    Let the Bosox waste $ on the overrated Victorino. Has little power, isnt a high-average pitcher, and can no longer play an above avg CF. Hes a corner OF w/o power, which makes $13/m/yr a huge waste. Id rather do what TheoJed has done so far. Schierholz isnt a bad pickup for 2-2.5 m .