From the Wire … Cubs Claim RHP Sandy Rosario Off Waivers from the Red Sox

According to multiple reports, the Cubs claimed right handed reliever Sandy Rosario off waivers from the Red Sox on Wednesday. Rosario’s whirlwind of an off-season continues as the Cubs become his fourth team since mid October. The Red Sox claimed Rosario off waivers from the Marlins on October 17 then dealt him to the A’s on November 28 for a PTBNL. The A’s placed Rosario on waivers and Boston claimed him off waivers again on December 10. Sandy Rosario has pitched in 10 big league games over three seasons with the Marlins.

With the addition of Sandy Rosario, the Cubs’ 40-man roster stands at 40 players with two contracts pending. The Cubs will now have to open two spots on the 40-man roster to officially add Ian Stewart and Nate Schierholtz.

Sandy Rosario does not have a decision in 10 big league games and owns a 15.26 ERA and a 3.26 WHIP. Rosario pitched extremely well last year in three stops in the Marlins system. The 27-year old right-hander (August 22, 1985) was 0-2 in 31 games, two starts, with a 1.99 ERA and a 0.98 WHIP. At Triple-A New Orleans, Rosario was 0-2 with a 1.04 ERA and a 0.85 WHIP. In 25 games, Rosario struck out 24 batters and walked only two.

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  • jvsports

    The Year of the Waiver Wire for the Cubs continues. How many players claimed off waivers since new mgmt took over?

    • Cubdumbdumb

      Better question. How many players claimed off waivers have contributed since new mgmt took over?

      • Ray Ray

        Luis Valbuena. I think that is the only one.

        • cubs1967

          not sure a .220 BA can be deemed as ‘panned out”??……more like no one has panned out….just shuffling paperwork and bad players all to accomplish another really bad year in 2013…..

      • calicub

        J. Ascencio 3.07ERA 14.2 IP

        slim pickins obviously

    • calicub

      would you have it any other way?

      Its kind of all you can do w/o burdening the future with overpriced and overextended FA’s or trading away the talent they have been accruing in the minors

      • cubs1967

        why do the FA have to be overextended or overpriced?…….because that is what Theo did in Beantown?…….who about priced right? can Theo not do that?

        No team has won a WS with a dream team of rookies like the Cubs are trying to accomplish in 2016…..the Royals had more top 100 prospects in Baseball America magazine ever had 2 years ago and they finally traded for Sheids and gave up 3 good ones becuz they all don’t pan out……

        signing FA is not a bad thing; signing bad FA is a bad thing; bid difference, and for 3M per year I expect Theo do decipher between the two.

        • Tony_Hall

          I think he is deciphering between the bad FA and the good FA, there’s just not much good out there when you factor in contracts.

        • calicub

          where to begin….

          a) FA don’t have to be overpriced and overextended, but as a team coming off a 100+ loss season, to sign legit top of the line FA (of
          which honestly this offseason there is one stand out in Greinke) would call for contracts that would be overpriced and overextended, because for a guy to lend his talents to an organization that is this far from winning, he is going to want a lot of financial security to take such a risk “to compete in a few years”

          b) GM/Pres. of Baseball Operations get too much and too little of the blame for signings, as I’m sure JH did, Epstien did/does and all other GMs do. There are other forces at work in contract signings, likerabid fan-bases, playoff blinders, over-enthusiastic owners, etc. Yes
          we all agree Epstein had awful contracts within his tenure as GM for the Sox. Agreed. But he obviously wasn’t the sole actor orchestrating the deals. Just look at the ridiculous contract Cherrington just handed to Shane VIctorino.

          c) I highly doubt that the FO truly intends to have a homegrown rookie dream team circa 2016 to bring the Cubs into the Holy Land of
          Baseball. The fact of the matter is there have not been true LONG-TERM difference makers available via FA this year, and last, even w/ Pujols and Fielder on the market. (even if you view a guy like CJ Wilson or Fielder as a long term contributor, there weren’t enough of those guys to make a meaningful difference last year)

          d) I think it’s ignorant to infer that Theo cannot bring players in at club friendly/reasonable rates. See the deals for P. Maholm, Reed
          Johnson, Extension of Castro, resigning of Stewart, incentivised deals for Baker and Feldman, etc.

          e) Holding what was said in (c) to be true, It seems much more prudent to build an orginazation upon a strong base while using DFA’d stop gaps and one year fill-ins to bridge the gap between now and when true difference makers and homegrown talents emerge.

          f) I don’t understand what the gripe about how much Epstein or anyone else makes. Its not our money. Its not money that is getting in the
          way of the future of this organization. The only problems fans should have with the way teams spend money is when they do so recklessly and boldfaced in the face of evidence pointing to the extremely high the likelihood of disaster and/or failure. Blah blah blah the Cubs are a big market team and should be spending their $250 Million blah blah blah etc. Go be a dodger fan if that’s what you want. LA may be happy now, but in 2 years when at least 5
          players are making over $20mil a year and one of those may possibly bein line to reach the $30 million mark, people arent going to be happy because there is no possibility they will live up to that hype. (A. Gonzalez, C. Kershaw, M. Kemp, Z. Greinke, C. Crawford)

          and finally,

          g) I know its hard to be patient, but instant gratification is what got this organization **cough AND COUNTRY cough** into so much trouble to begin with.

          • SuzyS

            Calicub, thanks for being the latest poster to try and reason with cubs1967. I fear he will just continue his rant ad nauseum.

            While I buy into the rebuilding plan…it sometimes is very difficult…even for a rabid Cub fan to realize that we are headed for the #1 or 2 pick in the 2014 draft again.

            Still, this is probably the last year of the multiple waiver wire pick ups….(actually hoping to find lightning in a bottle.) I believe attendance will actually nosedive enough this year that ownership will have to modify the plan a bit.

            At some point, ownership will attempt to mollify fans like cubs1967…in order to keep the financial coffers going. A few splashy FA signings will do the trick I suppose…But not this year.

          • Theboardrider

            Well said. I believe come 2015 or so we’ll see some high powered free agents brought in to augment the “rookie dream team.” It makes sense. Let the guys develop, see whi can play, and then bring in top free agents to fill holes. If they stick to the plan we will be a contender.

        • TheWrongGuy

          How many players you that want to come to a team that is coming off a 100 loss season? I know Theo/Hoyer was surprised about how many want to come play for the Cubs. So now you may understand where the over paying of free agents and the taking a chance on TJ recovering pitcher comes from. Now you want to talk about trades? The FO won’t trade our core future pieces. Which is what the other teams are going to ask for. Thats why you see them shopping Soriano and Marmol. On that note the Cubs FO has to wait on the top tier outfield and relief pitchers to come off the free agent lists. When this happens then the Cubs couid possibly trade one of the 2. So my best answer for all this is….. Stay tuned. Also the FO never said they would win the WS by 2016. They have preached patience and building the farm system. Believe me I am not super happy seeing the ML team lose a bunch of games but I am also not happy with our poor minor league system (at AA and AAA), POOR pitching for YEARS at those 2 levels for the Cubs. If we improve our pitching at those levels and throughout our minor league system. we become more attractive to other clubs. Pitching is the name of the game. WE DO NOT HAVE IT!!! We are improving but not there, YET.

          Thats my 2 cents.

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    How are the Cubs going to clear roster spots? DFA, trade(s), waivers?

  • scott

    Really?? Shawn Camp ring a bell?

    • calicub

      camp was a FA and got a minor league deal

      • Tony_Hall

        He’s on the 40 man roster, that is a major league deal.

        • calicub

          i meant last year. I assumed scott was commenting in regards to the waiver signings

          • scott

            Shawn Camp was picked up off waivers from Seattle at the end of spring training last year as I recall.

          • calicub

            Camp signed a contract with Seatle and participated in spring training but was later released due to the fact that they were looking to their youth moving in.


            The cubs then signed him on a minor league. So actually Camp got paid twice last year. Wikipedia has an easy and well cited read of his career:


          • calicub

            either way i think he was a decent pick up despite possibly taking innings from the youngsters. Its always nice to have a rubber arm in your bullpen…

    • Raymond Robert Koenig

      Camp’s on the 40-man Roster. He’s not going anywhere.

  • Tony_Hall

    Neil – Is Rosario out of waivers? He has been up with the Marlins each of the last 3 years.

    • Neil

      Tony, he has one minor league option left. The Marlins purchased his contract in September of 2010. He used an option in 2011 and then again in 2012.

      • Tony_Hall

        Thanks. That makes more sense to me then thinking he was out of options.

    • Neil

      Sorry for the delay in responding

      • Tony_Hall

        Within the hour and you are sorry for the delay…in the middle of December. That’s why you are the best!

  • PeteAndrews

    Cubs just signed a 36 year old Korean coming off 2 Tommy John surgeries who will not be ready to pitch till 2014? Head scratcher.

    • calicub

      I was Just going to ask Neil what he thought was up with this. Seems like a big contract for being so old et al.

      • Neil

        The deal is not official but it appears to be a split contract for two years that could be worth as much as $5 million.

        • SuzyS

          One thing is for sure….we’re looking under rocks for pitching value.

  • Washeduprighty

    Dear Jed and Theo. I am 39 coming off a Tommy John surgery. Can hit 65mph on a good day. Will either start or pitch out of the pen. Available for 5 mil US dollars.

  • GaryLeeT

    From the wire…. Cubs claim dust from my doormat for Wrigley infield.

  • Rational Logic


    • calicub

      They went out on a lim on this one!

      • Rational Logic

        Might be a good chang of pace for us

  • Aaron

    So….right now, here’s what the Cubs have on their roster (42):

    T. Wood

    *L. Castillo

    *=could go rotation/pen either way
    **=Lim isn’t expected to be on 2013 active roster, which would likely explain his split contract, and the fact (if I am correct anyway), he wouldn’t need to be included on the 40-man

    C-Castillo, Navarro, Clevenger
    2B-Barney, Watkins
    SS-Castro, Lake
    3B-Valbuena, Stewart, Vitters, Villanueva
    OF-Soriano, DeJesus, Schierholtz, Campana, Sappelt, B Jackson, Szczur

    If you look at how the roster is constructed, it would appear that the guys most in jeopardy of being DFA’d would be: Rusin, Raley, Concepcion, L. Castillo, Clevenger, and Campana….there’s virtually no chance any of the other guys would be simply let go, as they’d try to find a trade for them….these guys they could let go, and likely not really miss them. While Rusin and Raley certainly contribute to lefty rotation depth, they still would have the option of going after Liriano, giving Antigua a true chance to start, and seeing how Kirk and Jokisch develop (both of whom made it to AA last year).