Cubs Announce Minor League Managers, Staffs and Field Coordinators for 2013

The Cubs announced the coaching staffs for all minor league levels and field coordinators on Tuesday morning. The Cubs retained several coaches and reassigned a few of them to different levels of the system as well as added a few new coaches to the organization.

Marty Pevey will manage the I-Cubs after serving as the minor league catching coordinator for the last three seasons. Brian Harper, as expected, was named hitting coach of the I-Cubs. Harper managed the Smokies in 2011 and the D-Cubs last year. Desi Wilson joins Buddy Bailey’s staff in Tennessee and will serve as the Smokies hitting coach after spending last season as the hitting coach for the D-Cubs. The biggest changes in the system will take place in Daytona. Dave Keller will skipper the D-Cubs squad. Keller was the I-Cubs hitting coach last season and an assistant on Mike Quade’s staff in 2011. Mariano Duncan will be Daytona’s hitting coach after spending the last two seasons as the hitting coach in Tennessee. Storm Davis joins the Cubs organization after spending the last two years as the hitting coach for Texas’ Single-A affiliate in Hickory.

Mark Johnson was named manager of the Kane County Cougars. Johnson led Boise for the last two seasons and is familiar with many of the top prospects in the organization that figures to be on the Cougars’ Opening Day roster. Tom Beyers will also move up from Boise to Kane County and assume the same duties as hitting coach for the Cougars. The Cubs named Gary Van Tol the manager of the Boise Hawks. Van Tol served as a volunteer coach for the Hawks for the last five seasons. Bill Buckner was retained as hitting coach of the Hawks after joining the Cubs’ organization last year.

The Cubs added a team in Venezuela and the Venezuelan Cubs will be led by Osmin Melendez and Franklin Blanco will be his hitting coach. The Cubs will have only one team in the Dominican summer league next season.

Here is a complete list of the Cubs’ Minor League Managers and Staff:
*-New Positions for 2013
2012 Minor League Managers and Coaching Staffs

Iowa Cubs – Triple-A
Marty Pevey – Manager*
Mike Mason – Pitching Coach
Brian Harper – Hitting Coach*
Nick Frangella – Athletic Trainer
Ed Kohl – Strength Coach*

Tennessee Smokies – Double-A
Buddy Bailey – Manager
Jeff Fassero – Pitching Coach
Desi Wilson – Hitting Coach*
Scott Barringer – Athletic Trainer*
Ryan Clausen – Strength Coach*

Daytona Cubs – High Class-A
Dave Keller – Manager*
Storm Davis – Pitching Coach*
Mariano Duncan – Hitting Coach*
Peter Fagan – Athletic Trainer

Kane County Cougars – Low Class-A
Mark Johnson – Manager*
Ron Villone – Pitching Coach*
Tom Beyers – Hitting Coach*
Shane Nelson – Athletic Trainer

Boise Hawks – Short-Season Class-A
Gary Van Tol – Manager*
David Rosario – Pitching Coach
Bill Buckner – Hitting Coach
Jonathan Fierro – Athletic Trainer*

Mesa Cubs – Rookie Ball
Bobby Mitchell – Manager
Anderson Tavares and Rick Tronerud – Pitching Coach*
Richardo Medina and Jimmy Gonzalez – Hitting Coach*
Steve Melendez – Athletic Trainer
Yi-Chiang – Rehab Strength Coach*

Dominican Cubs – Rookie Ball
Yudith Ozorio – Manager*
Leo Hernandez – Pitching Coach*
Oscar Bernard – Hitting Coach*
Wilken Perez – Athletic Trainer

Venezuelan Cubs – Rookie Ball
Osmin Melendez – Manager*
[Unnamed] – Pitching Coach
Franklin Blanco – Hitting Coach
[Unnamed] – Athletic Trainer

2013 Minor League Coordinators
The Cubs officially announced the minor league field coordinators on Tuesday.

Tim Cossins will serve as the Cubs’ minor league field coordinator after spending 10 seasons in the Marlins system, the last six as the minor league catching coordinator. Derek Johnson takes over as the Cubs minor league pitching coordinator after 11 seasons as Vanderbilt University’s pitching coach. Anthony Iapoce will oversee the minor league hitting program as the organization’s Special Assistant to the GM and Player Development. Carmelo Martinez was retained by the organization after spending the last five years as the Cubs’ Latin American Field Coordinator. Martinez will be the hitting coordinator for the Single-A, Rookie League and Dominican League teams.

The Cubs hired Jose Flores as minor league field coordinator and Lee Tinsley will be the Cubs’ minor league outfield/baserunning coordinator for the third straight season. Doug Jarrow will stay on for a sixth season as the Cubs minor league strength and conditioning coordinator. Justin Sharpe returns as minor league athletic training coordinator and Chuck Baughman will serve as the rehabilitation coordinator for the eighth season.

Press Release – Cubs Announce 2013 Minor League Managers and Staff
Press Release – Cubs Announce 2013 Minor League Coordinators

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  • paulcatanese

    I would think that internaly the Cubs have cleaned house and now their is nothing in the way to go forward with players that mean something to the orginization,and not guys like they have been bringing in as stop gaps.

    • Tony_Hall

      Paul – You do get that the talent level is just getting out of A ball and should start to fill the rosters at AA. It will take another year or so before the AAA roster will be filled with these players. Until that time you will continue to see stop gap guys brought in until they are able to fill most of their needs internally.

      • paulcatanese

        I know that Tony, but it dosen’t keep me from getting
        bored at the way things are going.
        Sometimes I just post to post and ruffle a few feathers,don’t mean any harm, but can only post so many things to be positive.

      • Tom U

        Tony, I’ll say I’m sorry in advance if I may come off a little surly. Maybe its due to The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly playing for me in the background?

        But I’m beginning to bristle a little at this notion the the Cubs system was devoid of talent. This idea was brought about a couple of years ago by some national scout who felt they weren’t getting prospects like Bryce Harper served up to them by the Cubs.

        In 2011, half of the Cub affiliates made the playoffs, with a fifth, the AZL Cubs, just missing them. Tennessee made it to the finals in the Southern League, while Daytona won it all in the Florida State League. None of the playoff teams got there by relying on “over-age” prospects, like the Vancouver Canadians had when they beat Boise for the 2012 Northwest League title.

        In the past two seasons, the Cubs have had six players taken from them in the Rule 5 Draft. They also traded prospects Andrew Cashner, Tyler Colvin, and DJ LeMahieu. Including Starling Peralta, who was chosen this years draft and will have to remain with the Diamondbacks all season, that makes six major league starters. Not too shabby.

        In doing my preparations for the up-coming season, I’m seeing an awful lot of backlog of talent and the Triple-A and Double-A level. I hope we as Cub fans don’t end up regretting losing a few more of these players.

        • Tony_Hall

          Tom – I remember many years during the JH time, that we had winning minor league teams. Yet I also remember most of the years being ranked much lower than we thought we should be as a minor league system and always saying these rankings are so wrong. Yet player after player would come up and fail to be able to make any real impact at the major league level. And the reason is trying to build minor league teams to win versus developing players. For years, I believe the focus of the minor league teams was to win. Yet, no one in could possible believe that the organizational goal should be to develop the players. Now since Wilken came on board, we definitely saw some better players being drafted, but also have seen an inability of the minor league teams to develop these players into major league players.

          Now if you want to say 6 major league starters, go ahead, but I don’t see 6 major league quality starters. That is like saying the Cubs last year developed 11 major league starters in Castillo, Valbuena, Lahair (also developed an All-Star out of our system), Rizzo, Clevenger, Campana, BJAX, Vitters, Samardzija, Rusin and Raley, for various reasons. But how many quality ones are there. Castillo, Rizzo, Samardzija so far. Castillo has been in the system, Rizzo was traded for, and Samardzija was converted into being a starter.

          We have had talent in the system, but years of watching them crash and burn upon arrival at Wrigley and yet have others go to other teams and then be able to be productive, just shows how the lack of a development system is why we had to turn to FA to fill our needs.

          • Dorasaga

            I’m agreeing, but I’m also wary that perhaps other organizations have a similar problem of filling higher levels with Major-ready prospects. That was my question to Tom last time (specified starting pitchers). Who’s really ready? To Wrigley and stay?

            I didn’t see, FOR EXAMPLE, Brett Jackson being ready. If that’s “ready,” compared to his peers, then Houston, we have a problem. Any organization can come up with a Top-10 prospect-list. Most of these top-10 won’t ever be more than a flash of brilliance for a few innings. We won’t hear of them ever again.

            One can point to the glass half full, if we can compare the Cubs system to other systems (perhaps the Astros and Phillies AA and AAA suck more). I’ll stay open-minded and expect better things to come, but I won’t believe it until I see it.

  • Tom U

    Some comments on some of the announcements:

    Brian Harper – considered one of the rising stars among the Cub coaches. Did a masterful job juggling a very talented line-up in 2011 as the manager of Tennessee. Hitter Brett Jackson, Josh Vitters, Junior Lake, and probably Jae-Hoon Ha and Matt Szczur later in the season, will be very familiar with his approach.

    Jeff Fassero – a respected coach who has worked his way up the ranks.

    Desi Wilson – many players (Dustin Geiger notably) have praised the work that Wilson has done with them. Among the Smokie players he has worked with in the past are Justin Bour, Jae-Hoon Ha, Matt Szczur, Rubi Silva, and possibly John Andreoli and Rafael Lopez.

    Dave Keller, Mariano Duncan, and Storm Davis – Keller last managed in 1996, but brings 26 years of minor league coaching experience. Along with former major leaguers Duncan and Davis, it will be interesting to see how the three deal with a hot-head like Javier Baez.

    Mark Johnson – like Brian Harper in 2011, Johnson did a masterful job in juggling the line-up for a very talented 2012 Boise team, taking them 6 out away from a championship.