Report: Cubs Among Teams to Inquire about Giancarlo Stanton

According to a report from the Boston Globe, the Cubs are among many teams that have inquired about Giancarlo Stanton. Nick Cafardo reported the Phillies, Red Sox, Yankees and Orioles, along with the Cubs, as the teams that have checked in with the Marlins on what it would take to acquire the 23-year old outfielder.

Giancarlo Stanton is coming off another outstanding season (.290/.361/.608/.969 with 30 doubles and 37 home runs) and just turned 23 on November 8. Stanton is not arbitration eligible until after next season and does not reach free agency until after the 2016 season.

Nick Cafardo pointed out that Bud Selig is monitoring the situation in South Florida very closely in the wake of the trade with the Blue Jays and that Selig “may not look too fondly upon a deal for the Marlins’ biggest draw.” Stanton would figure to cost a ton in terms of players/prospects that the Marlins would want in return for one of baseball’s best young players.

During his show on MLB Network Radio (The Front Office with Jim Duquette) on Sunday morning, Jim Bowden reported that he heard Starlin Castro was mentioned in the talks between the Cubs and Marlins for Stanton. Bowden did not indicate how far the discussion between the two teams progressed after Castro’s name was brought up. However, Bowden did say that the conversations between the Cubs and Marlins appear to be dead at this point.

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  • Tony_Hall

    The Cubs front office wouldn’t be doing their job, if they didn’t inquire about a 23 year old middle of the order bat like Stanton. Then again, I am sure that every MLB team has called to see what the sticker price is on him.

    They will get a ton in return for him, because he is worth it. Any team that trades for him, will not like what they are giving up, but that is the price of trading for a guy like Stanton, a proven MLB power bat, that is still only 23.

  • calicub

    i cant even imagine the package of players it would take to get this deal done…

    • calicub

      1. CF Dejesus/Sappelt/ Campana
      2. SS Castro
      3. 1B Rizzo
      4. RF Stanton
      5. LF Soriano
      6. C Castillo/Navarro
      7. 3B Stewart/Valbuena
      8. 2B Barney/Villanueva
      9. SP Shark/Garza/FA/Baker/Wood

      Thats a lineup I could live with everyday though. Solid defense in the IF w/ Stewart Barney and Rizzo plus hopefully Castro taking steps forward. Corner OF’s with power and a guy with decent OBP in center to lead off. Hopefully Soriano can keep up his defense and offensive numbers.

      I think, if they are able to add a Marcum or McCarthy this team could easily compete in 2013. EASILY.

      • Rational Logic

        Too bad Castro and Shark would probably be playing in Miami

        • calicub

          I just can’t imagine Theo letting go of 2 cornerstones just to get one, albeit an extremely promising cornerstone, but as Tony_Hall said below, Miami likely isn’t looking for a SS.

          That being said, i don’t think any of us would like the package necessary to reel in Stanton.

          Just spit balling but how about:

          Nolasco and Stanton for Barney, Baez, BJAX, Vogelbach, Loux or Maples and cash?

          • Theboardrider

            I would try to center a package around Baez. I dont think Miami would want any major league ready guys with anything close to a large contract, so no Garza or anybody like that

          • calicub

            i agree i just can’t imagine the Marlins wanting anyone making more than the minimum if they don’t have too. Which is why i think the guys i listed above are more practicle than Garza. Barney would give them some ML ready talent on the cheap. BJAX could be a stop gap to replace stanton. etc. Idk if it’d be enough but thats my idea…

          • cubs1967

            any package for stanton starts with baez and soler and goes from there……..which is why it won;t be done plus the theo plan is to contend in 2016 so getting stanton now would do the team no good plus put pressure on theo to win now which he is avoiding with the build a dream team of rookies plan in ’16.

  • joker

    Wouldn’t do Castro for Stanton. SS are at a premium especially one who has already had 200 hits in a season at age 22.

    • Tony_Hall

      That’s ok, because it would cost more than just Castro to get Stanton.

      Plus they wouldn’t likely be looking for a SS in return, they have Escobar and Hechevaria already.

    • Jason Penrod

      I would. Stanton is a monster.

    • John_CC

      And 23 year olds with 40+ HR power aren’t a premium? Stanton is an absolute beast. Like Tony said, doesn’t matter because Castro alone wouldn’t get a deal done, but if it could … I’d do it in a second.

  • The Maven

    A package that includes Darwin Barney and Matt Garza, if he signs a contract suitable to the Marlins and avoids arbitration, would be a good place to start. Miami wold also probably like a power arm and run producers, so Trey McNutt, Junior Lake, and Josh Vitters could make the deal.

    • Ripsnorter1

      It will be interesting to see what it would take, but I would think that Vitters is nothing more than a throw-in at this point. Garza? If the Cubs paid his entire salary maybe, but otherwise…..

      No. What I see the Marlins asking for is Baez and Vogelback, or Solar, and perhaps three throw-ins like Vitters, Brett Jackson and/or a couple of power arms that do not yet have control over their stuff.

      And yes, that’s a high price!

      • Jason Penrod

        They would probably want all of those guys AND Castro. Almora (from Miami) would almost certainly be included as well.

  • Vivid_Reality

    Lets say they do not want Castro in a deal. The only package I can imagine would get it done would be Barney and Russel going over as major league pieces along with Baez, Almora, Vogelbach, and one of our recently drafted pitchers as the minor league pieces. You would probably have to throw in Junior Lake and another lesser prospect as well.

    • Brp921

      I know that prospects are just propects until they prove they are good enouph to play MLB, but I think Baez and Almora are both future stars and theres a good chance Volglebach will be a homerun machine in a few years. I think that is to much to give up for one guy even though he is one of the best in baseball. You are right when you say it would probably take more tha thos three as well.

      • John_CC

        Stanton is a current star … a rising star. It would be a lot, but I would do a deal centered on Baez and Almora. I really like Giancarlo. But you do have to wonder how he’d play the first couple months in Chicago.

  • BosephHeyden

    Unless Stanton is willing to relocate to third base, we really don’t need him. Especially when you consider he’d pretty much clear out most of our potential future third basemen (because it likely will cost four or five near-MLB ready prospects at least to get him).

    • Brp921

      I agree. He would cost to much.