Rambling While the Mercury is Dropping

The day of thanks is upon us. The stockings are itching, the gravy is flowing, and the cold wind is blowing.

As winter settles in on the greatest city in the world, Chicagoans prepare for their first cold blast in close to two years. Skipping winter last year was nice, but I doubt Al Gore can work his magic for the second straight year.

While the air gets crisp, I still sit here dwelling on RISP … and hoping the Cubs find an answer. The thermostat may be dropping, but the stove is rising. So let’s take some time this Friday and get into it.

And in a first, I brought a friend along for the wild rambling ride. Neil jumped aboard with a few of his thoughts as well. They are better than mine, but I will take credit for them. So let’s go.

  • As the tax money of five “potential” Blue Jays blows in the wind, we wait for Ryan Dempster to awake and nix the trade.
  • “Wait, I don’t have say over all trades?”
  • “No, Ryan. Only those proposed that could greatly improve the Cubs.”
  • Can you imagine Crane Kenney just standing there screaming, “NO, I want my hot dog stand right here! Not there. Here! It will be so much better. I want my hot dog here!!”
  • Credit ESPN Chicago’s Jon Greenberg for sarcastically mentioning Crane’s “schooner” in a tweet earlier this week. That really got me good. Well done, sir.
  • What do you think Starlin Castro is doing right this very minute? I know, I have no idea either. It kind of makes me laugh.
  • Mark Buehrle is going to have trouble getting all of his guns across the border. He cannot be a very happy man right now.
  • You know, minus the fact that he is a multi-millionaire and plays a kid’s game for a living.
  • Any press is good press, right? So, how in the world is Ozzie not in Toronto for an interview right now? I mean, that would just be friggin’ fantastic!
  • Did you see Garza’s tweet? At least he is not too happy about being able to pitch again.
  • Now, I ask you, what is Samardzija worth? He isn’t that young anymore. What kind of numbers are we looking at? I honestly have no idea where it starts and/or where it ends.
  • He will be 28 in January, and has ONE “pretty decent” year as a starter. He is in the beginning of his prime (in baseball years) so four years and something. I don’t even know what something is anymore.
  • Do you think the Cubs could acquire Nolasco for less than they received for him? I do.
  • Has anyone told Giancarlo about Taylor Street? We could help him get back to his roots while he helps give the ballhawks on Waveland something to do.
  • We all know it has been a while since that group has been busy.
  • Cubs fans, Dioner Navarro! Why do I think that will not be as a big of a deal at CubsCon as the re-signing of Kerry Wood was? Just a hunch, I guess.
  • Didn’t Dioner Navarro and Matt Garza throw some jabs a few years ago?
  • Heck, while they are at it, why don’t we get Zambrano back to ref the impending dugout melee. It would be a nice opportunity for him to give back to the team and the fans, and hopefully spare the Gatorade cooler another unfair blast.
  • I have a friend that wore a thong to the Bears/Texans game last Sunday. I told him not to do that ever again.
  • That is only because they lost. Think about his grief if they had won. He would be screwed.
  • I love when I read trade ideas. Go ahead and get rid of Starlin because you have Baez. I wish the world would wake up and realize that not one prospect can be trusted until he proves it.
  • It reminds me of discussions my friends have about college football recruits.
  • “No, the unproven guy from a random high school in central Indiana is going to be SO much better than the guy currently scoring multiple touchdowns a game!”
  • Speaking of Baez, the Mesa Solar Sox finished the AFL with a 10-20-2 record. With Baez at short, Mesa was 3-8 and 0-3 with him at third when Baez did not play the Solar Sox were 7-9-2.
  • Mike Trout was drafted only a few spots before B-Jax. Prospects are suspects until proven otherwise.
  • I ask you all this: What do you expect from Rizzo in 2013? What numbers will make you happy? I think that is a good conversation piece. That and feel free to rip all of my other points.

So, I leave you with that. 26 disjointed, yet somehow related thoughts. It is Friday, Thanksgiving is less than a week away, and things are going to get fun very soon. Let’s have some good conversation.

Finally, when the news winds down in January, there will not be a lot to discuss in a rambling form. For those veteran readers, you know I used to write columns. If there is an idea or argument or topic you would like me or anyone here at the CCO to address, please let us know. I am more than happy to get down to the BRASS TACKS and nail it. So, don’t hesitate to bring it.

And until next time … Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

Quote of the Day

"People who write about Spring Training not being necessary have never tried to throw a baseball." – Sandy Koufax