From the Wire … Cubs Designate Casey Coleman for Assignment

The Cubs designated Casey Coleman for assignment on Wednesday to clear a spot on the 40-man roster for Scott Feldman. With the addition of Scott Feldman, the Cubs roster officially stands at 40 players.

Casey Coleman was given multiple opportunities to prove himself as a big league pitcher. Coleman simply could not throw enough strikes in the majors and was unable to retire big league hitters. Coleman has a 1.68 WHIP in 165 innings in the majors with a 4.4 BB/9 … and a less than 2:1 strikeout to walk ratio (118 strikeouts, 83 walks).

If Coleman clears waivers, the Cubs can still assign him to Triple-A Iowa for rotation depth next season.

Casey Coleman’s Page on Baseball-Reference

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  • J Daniel

    On another note, how close is Vogelbach?

    • Vivid_Reality

      In my opinion he is still 2+ years away. If he continues to obliterate the minor league pitching that could come up to a year.

    • Aaron

      I agree with Vivid. What I believe the Cubs should do, and have been saying this for quite sometime now is move Vogelbach to the OF…having him play at least 2 times per week out there to get used to it. He’s deceptively quicker than most people realize. Just watch some of his baserunning clips. If the Cubs can find a way to get him in the OF, and have him shed just a few more pounds (like 15-20 more), then they might be working with something.

      A lineup in 2-3 years could look like this if they do that…

      Watkins-2B (provides speed, OBP)
      Almora-CF (provides contact, extra base potential)
      Castro-SS (provides speed, contact, extra base)
      Rizzo-1B (provides power, OBP)
      Baez-3B (provies speed, contact, power)
      Vogelbach-LF (provides contact, power, OBP)
      Soler-RF (provides contact, power)
      Castillo-C (provides power)

      bench-Navarro/Gibbs/Clevenger/Rosario (whomever at C), Lake, Szczur, Saunders, Alcantara/DeVoss…or something like that

      • cc002600

        totally agree. They have to find a way to get Vogelbach in the OF. There have been plenty of bad left fielders in history that were in the lineup just b/c of their bat.

        I can’t believe he would be that bad out there that would keep him from getting a chance. I know its early, but this guy looks like he could be monster at the plate.

        • mutantbeast

          Ive seen VogelBOOM down in Arizona. The kids offense is for real, power is legit, just needs to keep his weight down, and hes not a terrible defensive first baseman. problem is, as an OF, he might remind you of Adam Dunn.

          • Aaron

            I’ve heard the same about Vogelbach, AZ Phil has written about him several times, and also noted that he’s not all that slow as he’s portrayed to be. Yes, he’s large, but I read an article about the kid, and he works his ass off. There’s no doubt in my mind that if the Cubs told him to drop 15, he’d drop 20…he’s just that type of kid. Plus, he’s known to be a great teammate, almost like a Garza cheerleader of his fellow players.

            When you have that kind of raw power and plate discipline, you find a way for him to be on your roster. Those things typically have a way of working themselves out, either do to injury/trade/ineffectiveness of the incumbent, so if he keeps progressing, I believe the current regime will find a spot for him. It’s just sad that if they were in the AL, you’d have a spot at DH for him, but oh well.

          • Tom U

            Aaron I concur with a lot of what Phil says. I watched just about every broadcast of the Boise Hawks, and Vogelbach does have some athleticism.

            For some of us who are old enough, he’s a little like William “The Refrigerator” Perry of the Chicago Bears. He’s a large man who uses his size and power well. On top of that, he does have some agility. He’s never going to be Willie McCovey at first or Rickey Henderson on the bases, but he’ll get better, as long as he keeps himself in shape.

      • J Daniel

        A lot of those bigger guys are much quicker than people realize – that is why they are playing at the level they are. Without that quickness they would be to big. I do like the sound of your line up 2-3 years from now. The question is, is that going to be good enough? I think that they think it will be and that is part of tanking now, continue to add high picks.

        They have the second pick this year, I believe. That probably should be a impact guy on the fast track sort of like Prior. Maybe it is Appel?

        I do agree with most that they could be better while rebuilding but we all know how trying to buy guys without player coming through the system as well has worked … not so well.

    • Tom U

      J Daniel, Vogelbach has a lot going for him, including a surprising .410 OBP. The word is that he is an average defender at best, and he still needs to get in better shape. Keep in mind that he won’t turn 20 until mid December

  • Cubs4ever

    Chone Figgins released. What would you do? Figgins 1 year at major league minimum 480K or tender Ian Stewart to play 3rd next year?

    • Aaron

      Figgins for sure…as he can play CF and 3B for the Cubs, even with his diminished production. If the Cubs catch lightning in a bottle, they can move him at the deadline for a decent return, considering the acquiring team won’t be on the hook for hardly anything with the Mariners paying everything, and the Cubs paying the minimum (in which case the acquiring team would pay the pro-rated portion of that…roughly $100k if acquired at the deadline).

      Stewart is a slow runner, and his bat is even worse than Figgins at this time

      • Raymond Robert Koenig

        Figgins’ last 2 seasons made a believer out of me. He’s done. As for the roster, still need to make a move before the Rule V draft.

        • Aaron

          The question with Figgins becomes is he > Stewart.

          My opinion is he definitely is. Why? Because in his last full season (3 yrs ago), he had 42 stolen bases to go with a .259/.340 line, plus he can play 2B, 3B, and CF….oh, and he’s a switch hitter.

          Yes, I agree that he’s pretty useless, but yet, so is Stewart, especially when they have Valbuena on the roster, and Stewart has only played 3B and 2B consistently in his career, with 9 games of the OF sprinkled in.

          I’d much rather have 3B manned by Valbuena, and Figgins coming off the bench to give him a breather or the CF (whomever that is) a breather from time to time, and come off the bench as a pinch runner as well. Stewart offers the occasional power….when he makes contact, but yet so does Valbuena, so he’s redundant. Figgins wouldn’t be redundant is all I’m saying. I’m NOT saying he’ll be exponentially better than Stewart.

          • Rational Logic

            Personally I’d rather give Stewart another shot. When you’re looking at stat lines over the past 3-4 seasons, you have to consider WHY someone has performed poorly.

            Figgins is done, he is old. Yes, versatile and can steal bases, but he’s no longer that valuable.

            Stewart (three seasons ago) hit 18 HR’s, after a 25 HR campaign. He is still young and more importantly, struggled because he was hurt.

            The upside is much greater with Stewart as he is younger. Yes, he costs more, but who cares. It’s important to remember that we’re not building a championship team this year, so why not give the player with more upside the chance? I think the probability of a better season for Stewart, coming off an injury, is greater than Figgins, who has struggled due to age and “past-primeness”

            Go with Stewart in this debate.

          • Aaron

            Why? He’s already had plenty of opportunities with both the Rockies and Cubs. He failed miserably, and while with the Rockies, failed even at AAA the last year he was with them. If he was hurt then, he should’ve had surgery. Even with the Cubs, if you read between the tea leaves in comments made by Hoyer, Epstein, and even Sveum, they basically called him out on his “injury” and said if it was his wrist that was bothering him, they had absolutely no indication that was the case, nor did the team doctors have a clue about it.

            The surgery he had was an exploratory surgery, and from everything I read, there wasn’t really anything found. I could be wrong.

          • Rational Logic

            Not sure how you can argue against him being hurt to some degree when he more or less missed the entire season and had wrist surgery. You just can’t discount that reason.

            Even if he wasn’t hurt, I’d still take Stewart over Figgins every day. Stewart continues to have a higher probability of success based on his age, reason for decline, and power potential. Given those reasons, in a vacuum, I’d take Stewart. The odds of him having a better season, if healthy, are much greater than Figgins’ (assuming he is also of equal health). If you throw out the last two seasons (call them injury affected) for Stewart (especially last season), it’s a clear choice.

            Always take a chance on a younger guy who could be healthy and be average to above average than an older player on the decline if you’re not built to contend that year. Both could be considered low risk, high reward, but Stewart is low risk, higher reward IMO.

          • Aaron

            It’s not that I’m saying Stewart wasn’t hurt….I was just saying there were very valid points made by Team Theo, including Sveum that questioned it at the time. Now that is NOT coming from me….that’s straight out of their own mouths. The only thing of note that came up during surgery was calcium deposits (commonly known as a bone spur). When I had my shoulder surgery, it was noted that I had a bone spur in there they discovered with the scope. I was told that if they did surgery on 100 athletes, 75 of them would have bone spurs somewhere. Why? Because of trauma, and the daily pounding athletes take by diving, running into things, etc.There are certain areas where it is definitely a problem, and I’m not trying to diminish Stewart’s contention that it was, but if doctors say they could find them in 75% of athletes, and 42% of the general population, then you have to seriously question his toughness. Just sayin’….

            My guess?

            His “injury” was all too convenient for him to chalk him his dreadful seasons to a wrist issue. Even the Rockies knew nothing of it, and both Sveum and Hoyer said they were unaware of anything as well. And given how thoroughly they looked over Haren’s medicals, I find it hard to believe they wouldn’t find something in Stewart’s if it existed in the first place. Get what I’m saying? I just think it was excuse making. He can’t hit the ball anymore, so he makes the excuse that it’s his wrist that makes him stink up the joint.

          • Rational Logic

            If that’s true, then we should have neither Stewart nor Figgins on the team – neither of them can hit the ball.

            If it was a true injury, and I have to believe it is due to time missed – I just can’t imagine a guy taking a bath on his season knowing he could be DFA’d or sent down – I’m still taking Stewart over Figgins due to my various reasons stated above.

  • Aaron

    couple funny tweets on the the right side about Dempster vetoing the Upton deal….LOL…..too funny. Bazinga….and so true

    Also, I read a tweet about Vitters being removed from the VZL, and they brought up a good point in the article that I didn’t really think of (as I assumed it was disciplinary or he got sick/injured…but in that case, we’d probably already know), but they basically said he might already be traded, or is on the block, and they don’t want him to get hurt.

    With all the noise about Chisenhall, and possibly even Castellanos, and since he’s not exactly a Team Theo sort of guy, you have to assume he’s a goner.

    I would hope they’d get Castellanos, as Chisenhall is the near mirror image of Vitters, but from the left side…doesn’t walk much, makes about the same amount of errors, and has the same power potential.

    Castellanos on the other hand, is a taller, bigger version of Vitters, and is also 4 years younger than either Vitters or Chisenhall, and is not yet on the 40-man roster.

    I still hold out hope of a Vitters, Garza, Barney swap with the Tigers for Castellanos, Rondon, Smyly/Porcello, plus prospects swap. It has about a snowball’s chance in hell of happening, but one can dream, right?

    • Tom U

      For whatever this is worth, Leones del Caracas had 80 players on their roster, including Vitters.

      • paulcatanese

        I agree Tom, that seems to be the norm for a lot of those off season teams. Kids get to play once a week
        or so. Makes me wonder what the purpose is to even be there.

      • Aaron

        WOW… Didn’t know that. What I did know was they have a bunch of reserves that are mostly retired players looking to basically play sandlot baseball in the winter, and have one last time in the sun. I also knew that guys play parts of the season, then head to offseason preparation, and guys also join late. What I didn’t know was they have 80 man rosters most of the time, so that changes my suspicion regarding Vitters.

  • John G

    I just saw that the HoF ballots go out this week. It’s an impressive, albeit tainted, list of first timers, I wonder what the over/under is on Sosa, Bonds and Clemmens? I’d like to see Bagwell and Biggio go in together and my sentimental favorite is Jack Morris. Shilling may be an outside chance.

  • Aaron

    IF you were the Cubs….with injury concerns in the starting rotation due to pitchers overcoming TJ surgery and/or elbow issues (Baker, Vizcaino, and Garza), and ineffectiveness (Feldman)…..wouldn’t it be worth it to pursue Liriano on a 2-3 year deal, and if he wants too much, go after recent DFA Pelfrey, or someone like Hochevar, whom the Royals are shopping right now:

    *he’s got a Samardzija-esque repertoire, and size, but has never put it all together

    Or they could go after someone like Braden who is also coming off injury, or a guy like Jurrjens, who has been rumored to have gained back some lost velocity.

    If anything, they could have Vizcaino, Braden, and Baker continuing their rehab at EXST and AAA, and maybe even have Garza there too to make sure he’s healthy. If they’re smart, they’d try to trade T. Wood and sign Liriano to replace him, as Liriano would have far more value at the deadline, then start the season with Samardzija, Feldman, and Liriano, and a Hochevar/Pelfrey/Jurrjens, and wait for the others to come back from injury. At that point, you not only give those guys more time to recover rather than rushing them and risking further setbacks, but you also set yourself up for even more trades come the deadline. Hopefully that makes sense.

    All I know is that early in the season and even Spring Training, injuries to starting pitchers start creeping up, and you need to hedge against that. I doubt Baker and Vizcaino will be ready in April. That means in May, the Cubs would need to start making roster decisions, and at that point, they could have other injuries, so those guys could slide right in. Plus, both Vizcaino and Feldman have relief experience, so they could theoretically slide into that role. Then, you’d have Garza, Samardzija, Liriano (if I get my wish), Baker, and one of the non-tender guys I mention.

    Just one of many ideas they should look into

  • Ripsnorter1

    You watch…Coleman to either the Brewers or the Astros….

  • Aaron

    As an FYI, the Angels are rumored to be shopping Walden aggressively since signing Madson per MLBTR.

    If I’m the Cubs, I’m pursuing that equally as aggressively. He throws mid-to-upper 90’s consistently and hits 100 mph

    • Ripsnorter1

      Hey Aaron…don’t you figure Feldman is the new Volstad?

      • Aaron

        Not even close…Feldman is way better. Volstad had all the potential, but a 10 cent head

        • Ripsnorter1

          Check out there stats here:

          hat does Scott Feldman offer over Chris Volstad?

          Before anyone screams, let’s compare the stats for an honest look at these two pitchers:

          Feldman vs. Volstad:
          Age…29 vs 26……..advantage Volstad

          Career WHIP….1.417 vs 1.442…..slight advantage Feldman

          K’s per 9 IP/career…..5.4 vs. 5.7….slight advantage Volstad

          BB’s per 9 IP/career….3.1 vs 3.5…slight advantage Feldman

          H’s per 9 IP/career…..9.6 vs 9.8…slight advantage Feldman

          ERA/career…..4.81 vs 4.87….slight advantage Feldman

          But in reality…they look eerilly alike. The Cubs just signed Chris Volstad.

          Now go right ahead and scream your head off.

          • brent carmona

            Rip, they are not the same pitcher. Aaron is right, volstad had the stuff but not the ‘mental toughness’ or whatever you call it. How many times was volstad cruising through a lineup then bam one bad inning ruined everything? I don’t believe feldman falls apart like volstad does in his outings.

            Did you read the fangraphs article that neil posted in the previous article? It uses advanced stats instead of the ones you posted above. It proves he was up there with some darn good pitchers in mlb, not to mention he was pretty unlucky.

  • Aaron

    I feel bad for Casey. Hopefully he can catch on with another team. He was a great athlete…solid hitter, good baserunning, and while he didn’t show it much at the MLB level, he had decent control in the minors…but when you’re walking 4 1/2 guys per 9 IP at the MLB level, you’re probably not going to catch on anywhere else and have a real shot. I hope he works on his control, as that’s the only way he’ll make it. Perhaps he can get with Greg Maddux again and take the next leap. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Rangers took a shot at him, otherwise it’s off to Iowa again, and he probably won’t sniff MLB again with the Cubs as they have the likes of McNutt, Whitenack, Cabrera, Paniagua, etc. at his heels.

  • Richard Hood

    Personally I didn’t like his mental makeup. Seemed to get rattled to easily. But I also thought he would grow out of that and it has not happened yet. Maybe this will be the wake up call.

  • Aaron

    No, I agree as well…just feel bad for guys that get DFA’d is all. Some guys, you don’t feel bad about like the Milton Bradley’s, Aaron Miles’, etc. of the world, but young guys like Coleman who never really have a full season to prove themselves, you always feel bad for them.

    Imagine what would’ve happened if Marmol hadn’t received another chance after posting a 6+ERA out of the rotation….and that was pretty much a full opportunity for him….I could go on and on

  • John_CC

    Looks like the Braves are giving 5 and 75 to BJ Upton.

    No thanks.

  • Brp921

    Thats a lot of money. The spoiler on that signing (which I did not realize until looking it up when I saw your post) is giving up the draft pick. I would not do that. I wanted the Cubs to go for him otherwise.

  • Aaron

    No way is that a good deal for the Braves….GREAT deal for Upton, but not the team.

    $15 million/year. WOW. I was thinking more along the lines of a 4 yr, $40 million deal for him…or $48 million tops.