From the Wire … LaHair Agrees to Two-Year Deal to Play in Japan

According to a report from Buster Olney, Bryan LaHair has agreed to a two-year contract with the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks. The two-year deal will pay LaHair $4 million to play oversees for the next two seasons.

The Cubs received $950,000 from the SoftBank Hawks for LaHair’s rights.

Reports surfaced Wednesday morning that Bryan LaHair was in agreement with the Japanese team and Buster Olney confirmed the signing late Wednesday night.

The Cubs designated Bryan LaHair for assignment on Tuesday and reportedly were working on a deal that would allow LaHair to play ball in Japan.

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  • calicub

    Good money Good for Brian LaHair.

    He was easy to root for and I wish him luck in Japan.

  • Tony_Hall

    Congrats to Lahair on getting a starting job and a good payday. You just can’t help but root for guys like him.

  • Richard Hood

    Theo and Co definitely did him a solid. They shopped him to try and get him a starting gig first. When there was no takers they were very honest with him and told him the situation. Japan was a chance to get him some bank in the very limited time he had left and it was his call. ( all according to the bleacher nation pod cast today)

  • ChadAudio

    Wow. I was wrong, I had no idea he would get a contract like that… definitely a good move for him and I hope he does well.

  • Tom U

    I’ve said this before, Bryan LaHair played a small but significant role in changing the culture of the organization.

    Prior to management naming him their starting first baseman last season, the Cubs had a history of overpaying some marginal major leaguer on the downside of his career in order to fill a hole in their line-up. That player would inevitably clog the path of some possible prospects joining the parent club. LaHair was the first, and hopefully won’t be the last, player from the system used to bridge a gap to a better player (in this case, Anthony Rizzo).

    Here’s hoping that management doesn’t overlook players like Greg Rohan, Ty Wright, Ty’Relle Harris, or Yoanner Negrin for a “grass is greener” player they have signed from another organization. Who know’s, there may be a gem in the bunch.

    Good luck to Bryan LaHair. Hopefully, we will see him back again stateside soon.

    • Mike Burchette

      Best of luck to Bryan LaHair who got in Dale Sveum’s “doghouse” following the All Star break. Replaced by an unproven Triple A outfielder, Brett Jackson, who demonstrated his inability to hit major league pitching. Jackson is a joke!!! I hope LaHair tears up the Japanese League pitching and the deal haunts the Cubs front office in 2013!!!!!!

      • RynoTiger

        So you’re going to totally disregard the offense decline he took starting towards the end of May that continued the rest of the season? You know before Jackson and Rizzo arrived? That’s totally out the window as a possible reason why he started riding the bench more often?

        Just curious so it’s always interesting how fans can see a situation so differently from each other.

  • Stevie bartman

    Nah, lahair was dead weight, hate to say it. The dude couldn’t bat his weight after the all star break. You’d take lahair over Jackson in center? At least when Jackson hits a ball, he hits it hard. And he’s about 10 years younger than lahair, coming off his rookie season. Give the guy a shot. I mean he has top speed and has a great arm for center. Hell develope in time. Besides, bry guy didn’t really give them an option with the way he played after the break anyway.

    • BosephHeyden

      Hard to do well when you’re sitting most days as part of a platoon with Jeff Baker. LaHair made the All-Star team in spite of being platooned, which is a testament to how good he could have been, but we all knew it was going to take its toll eventually. He was a stop gap for Rizzo, and did his job well under the circumstances.

  • Aaron

    RE: the Bogusevic and Chavez signings today….I think it’s worth keeping an eye on.

    Chavez was part of the Mariners trade with the Blue Jays for Morrow, and he has good power, although it strangely resembles the binge Brandon Wood put on in the High Desert league, so who knows if it’s really legit. Bogusevic has a cannon arm, and was a former pitcher. Both were worth taking fliers on, and I like the moves.

    Usually when moves like that happen, it’s with an eye towards possible trades during the offseason to hedge against those losses.

    I’m curious as to why they haven’t signed someone like Daniel McCutchen though for pitching depth in the upper minors.

  • brent carmona

    I’ll always have a soft spot for lahair, definitely will miss the guy. I hope he succeeds and maybe just maybe he makes it back to the show in the states. Being a solid DH bat isn’t out of the question, unlikely yes but still a shot.

    And happy thanksgiving fellas. Dads in town and its just him and i, hoping we can play some catch at the field tomorrow. Enjoy and ill do the same!