From the Wire … Cubs Claim RHP Carlos Gutierrez from Twins, DFA Anthony Recker

The Cubs claimed right-handed pitcher Carlos Gutierrez off waivers from the Twins on Wednesday and to make room on the 40-man roster, designated catcher Anthony Recker for assignment.

The Twins selected Carlos Gutierrez with their first pick (27th overall) in the 2008 draft.

Carlos Gutierrez (26 years old, September 22, 1986) posted a 2-2 record in 10 games at the Triple-A level, all in relief, last season with a 5.06 ERA and a 1.00 WHIP. The 6-foot-3, 230 pound right-hander owns a 15-20 mark in 136 minor league games with a 4.11 ERA and a 1.41 WHIP. In 337 innings, Gutierrez recorded 248 strikeouts, 139 walks and surrendered only 18 home runs.

A shoulder injury and eventual shoulder surgery limited Gutierrez to only 10 games last season. Gutierrez began a throwing program earlier this month according to a report from ESPN Chicago.

Carlos Gutierrez’s Page on Baseball-Reference

The Cubs acquired Anthony Recker from the Oakland A’s for Blake Lalli on August 27. In nine games with the Cubs, Recker put together a .167/.286/.389/.675 line with a home run and a double.

Anthony Recker’s Page on Baseball-Reference

The Cubs’ 40-man roster currently stands at 40 players with five players still on the 60-day DL.

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  • cubtex

    More trash for trash! Quit shopping at the garbage dump and pick up some real players!

    • paulcatanese

      Cubtex, kind of go’s along with what Levine had said.
      I hope it’s not dejavu all over again.

      • cubtex

        Yep.It is a crying shame for a big market team like the Cubs to not even try to compete each year. They are considering bringing back Ian Stewart or maybe even having Valbuena start at 3rd next year. Yippee!!!! This is going to be great again next year

        • DWalker

          Valbuena will hopefully never wear a cubs uniform again. I don’t object though to giving stewart another chance though. They know exactly whats going on with his wrist now rather then him trying to hide it, so they can actually evaluate him. I don’t think we saw what he was capable of at all last year IF he is healthy, and he was good on defense. This time around though, he’s not going to be given a blank slate I would think, and even if he is offered a shot he might never make to to ST. Thats fine, but they should not, and I don’t beleive they will, reflexively through him out based solely on last years performance. Its not like they are awash in immediate third base superstars.

    • RynoTiger

      because we all know that spending equates to a world series championship every year…or not….
      perhaps your anger would be better thrown at the Cubs previous century of management for failing to develop an organization that could compete year in and year out and not have to rely only on breaking the bank to even consider contending.
      perhaps “pick up some real players” should be rephrased as “develop some real players”..which it seems we’ve started doing that this year. so kuddos to the organization for starting that much needed and missing process within the organization.
      it’s Oct 24, still at least 3.5-4 good months of off season left to pick up real players. so perhaps before crying the sky is falling, we see how things develop.

      • Cubtex

        Yea….. You are right. The Tigers and Giants have a budget payroll. It is Bush’s fault for the last 4 years and Hendry’s for the last 100. LMAO!!!!! I am not saying breaking the bank. Pick up better options to compete! What is wrong with trying to win? What is wrong with trying to put the best possible product on the field while rebuilding? Theo has mentioned possibly bringing back Stewart and adding a fill in outfielder. How is that trying to win? Didn’t Theo say “every year is sacred to win”

        • gary3411

          It wasn’t “every year is a sacred chance to win,” it was “every chance to win is sacred.” I don’t think they consider these last 2 years chances to win it all.

          • cubtex

            which is a contradiction to what he said to the fanbase!

      • cubtex

        Tigers #6 payroll in all of baseball and Giants #7. Name some teams who didn’t spend win a championship. There might be an occasional exception to the rule….but you need to spend.

        • Anthony Reed

          the tigers went through a similar rebuild process though

          • BosephHeyden

            I have to stop you there. The Tigers lost a lot of games, true, but by no means did they go through a rebuild. Tigers fans may call that Trammel period of 04-05 a “rebuild”, but it was nothing more than a bad team getting only a little better through spending money on vets they knew had to be better than the 03 team. But the extent of the Tigers’ success is good trades, good free agents signings, and a really good draft that netted them Verlander.

            If the Cubs are planning on emulating THAT, then they’re idiots (though they’re on pace to doing that with the fact they lost 100 games this year, attempting to copy the 03 Tigers). The chances of having drafts as good as the Tigers had are unlikely, and they most definitely won’t be getting a Verlander-type pitcher any time soon.

            It still remains a simple concept: at the end of this next season, fill whatever holes you can’t fill through the farm system with trades and free agency, get an ace somehow, and compete in 2014. The fanbase is getting impatient (and rightfully so), and this problem needs to be fixed soon. They have the resources to do it.

    • chadaudio

      No one is signing free agents right now… this move isn’t enough to fuss about. In fact its a good move, they gave nothing for him.

      • Cubtex

        Just adding more junk to the 40 man roster instead of real talent and MLB players.

        • ChadAudio

          Every team picks guys on the 40 man, that may or may not stick after spring training.

          The Cubs picked up someone who may show in ST that he is going to contribute, if not, it’s no loss to DFA him… we gave nothing to get him.

          There are still plenty of roster spots they can open for when they sign some FA… this isn’t an issue yet.

    • brent carmona

      Did you get the memo? These are the type of moves you can expect this year and next, why act surprised? I know you want them to contend and all but ya gotta accept with what theyre trying to do.

  • DWalker

    A pretty pointless move probably, but another injury list rehab pick up. At this point though, why not? If nothing else it lets them run him through a few evaluation sessions and see if he is even a candidate to fill in somewhere. Not like they are overflowing with major league pitchers right this minute. Add more depth cheaply is the mantra.

  • SuzyS

    If the Cubs sign 2 SP in free agency….we’re still going to need more arms to get through the season…it’s not like AA and AAA had an abundance of hot arms ready to go….SO…taking a quick look-see at another cheap reclamation project doesn’t bother me …one way or the other…AT THIS POINT.
    A year from now…if we’re still doing business this way…I’m going to yell “BALK” and then wait until the Cubs put a winning product on the field before they get ANY of my $$$.
    As it is…I may content myself this upcoming season with making the trek to Kane County to see the likes of Almora, Solar and the low A pitching staff.
    This year, (2013), looks like a good year NOT to support Wrigley
    at all…and I have friends that have been season ticket holders for years that feel the same way.
    I applaud Ricketts for trying to build things the right way…but that doesn’t mean he’s going to get my entertainment $$$ to build a team that may or may not win SOMETIME in MY lifetime.
    Understand…I THINK they are doing it the right way…BUT this is Chicago…I only pay top dollar for top entertainment.

    I’ve always loved Pudge Fisk…and I really hope he is OK… He has always seemed to live seven or eight miles away from me…both when he was with Boston and Chicago. Now I think he might be a converted Cubs fan…and took them too seriously also!!!!

  • cubtex

    Go Giants! Happy for Zito. He has come up big in the post season.

  • Tom U

    Christian Villanueva homers in his first start for Yaquis de Obregon in the MPL.

  • Aaron

    Looking at the 40-man….

    At this point, I cannot see why they’d protect either Struck or Rhee. About the only reason you could give for Struck is his POY billing. He’s very similar to Coleman, but with less deception (Coleman’s Nomo-esque turn) and lesser breaking stuff. I was an advocate of Rhee’s last offseason, but I don’t think he’ll ever be the pitcher he was pre-TJ surgery.

    It’ll be really interesting to see how this roster takes shape during the offseason. Consider the fact they have 5 guys on the 60-day DL that need to be added before the offseason begins (Garza, Mateo, Parker, Vizcaino, and Stewart). Only Garza and Vizcaino should be considered locks to be added, with Mateo having an outside chance of being added based solely on the stuff he has, and the fact they’re trying to convert Cabrera to the rotation (though claiming Gutierrez might mean they’d let Mateo go)

    I think it’s safe to assume they’d let these guys go:
    *all or most would likely be invited to Spring Training as NRI’s. Brigham could remain on the roster based on his recent acquisition at the trade deadline, but his health is in question
    **Concepcion might also be in play for a DFA if he can’t overcome the mono situation

    As for position players, I think it’s safe to assume the following guys are likely gone:
    Cardenas (because he didn’t get a fair chance)
    LaHair (Japan?)
    Campana (if he doesn’t have a good offensive showing in winter ball and/or Spring Training)

    That’s a grand total of 12-13 spots that could be in play on the 40-man roster, and of those, 9 finished the season on the active roster.

    Now…let’s look at trade bait:
    T. Wood
    Marmol (though if they can’t land a decent reliever in trade/FA, then they keep him, because he was reliable in the 2nd half)

    Let’s look at the likely roster using players already with the team:

    (starter involved in Garza trade)

    Dolis (though I might be wrong on this one, because of control issues and Sveum having little patience for that)
    Camp (but I don’t personally want him…look at his 2nd half numbers)

    2B-Watkins (going on a limb here)
    3B-Valbuena (gag…but they’ve already said Vitters is going to AAA and no way is Stewart making this team) or FA
    OF-FA, FA, (whomever is received in trade for other guys)

    bench: Clevenger, Sappelt, ?, ?, ?
    *internal candidates might include: Wright, Lake, Campana, etc.

    Based on Theo’s comments this week regarding spending/roster moves, I would think you can pretty much eliminate all of the guys bantered about like Liriano, Edwin Jackson, Swisher, etc., and we can probably expect more of the lame-a$$ Berken, Germano, Gutierrez, Socolovich, etc. type of signings.

    I can’t say I disagree with it either. Clearly, they’re trying to build through the draft, and if they have 2-3 straight years of last place (or close to it) type of finishes, then they’ll not only reap the benefits from a draft bonus pool standpoint (the Astros has something like $5 million more last year to spend than the Cubs did), but their international pool goes up too if I’m not mistaken.

    While I disagree with most of their waiver claims, etc., at least they’re not signing mostly 35+year old waiver guys that Hendry collected in bunches. Instead, it seems they’re sticking predominantly with 20-somethings. The way I see it, is they’ll continue to sign/trade for guys on the cheap like the Recker’s, Gutierrez’s, Cardenas’, Valbuena’s, etc. of the world in hopes that maybe 1 or 2 of them either surprise them, and they are useful, and they can add them to their core, or trade them at the deadline to replenish the system if they’re out of contention (which is what I’ve ALWAYS said you should do).

    If you look at the lower levels of the minors, it’s quite clear that the Cubs will be ready to compete in 2014 with the likes of Baez, Soler, Almora, Vogelbach, Saunders, Amaya, Maples, Paniagua, Underwood, etc. all likely factoring into the conversation either through playing or via trades. Then, consider the Cubs will have more money to spend next year on the draft/int’l FA, and it becomes quite clear that they might have even more “core players” by 2014.

    They have to be all PR-savvy type of guys right now, or risk losing revenue for their owner that has placed a great deal of trust in them. So, they’re not going to tell us that their goal is to lose big in order to improve draft/spending positions, but that is PRECISELY what they are doing.

    • brent carmona

      Nice post Aaron, as far as the minors, who can you see being traded? I would say lake, vitters, rubi silva bc of their approaches at the plate. Pitching I doubt they trade since its pretty barren in our system.

      • Aaron

        I see all but Silva being dealt. Since they took over, Theo and company have NOT said one positive thing about Lake or Vitters, who were highly regarded under the previous regime. Had Lake not been injured last year, and came out on fire with improved power and plate discipline, he’d likely be in their plans. But absolutely NOTHING they have said thus far indicates those 2 are in the current and/or future plans.

        Just look at their stated goal of working the count, etc. They forced Castro to take pitches, even though he was more effective swinging at the first pitch.

        Look at guys they seem to value:
        Stewart (prior to his injury)
        LaHair (prior to Rizzo’s promotion)

        ….and look at the guys they jettisoned and/or haven’t spoken highly of offensively:
        LeMahieu (a lot like Castro in that he makes consistent contact, but doesn’t take many pitches)
        *I would note that the latter two, they focused a great deal on their defense this year and leadership qualities, and didn’t talk much about offensive capabilities, though with Soriano they did use the term (run producer)

        It’s quite clear the type of player they value, and those that can’t meet their expectations or don’t project to meet their expectations will be jettisoned.

        I remain hopeful that Vogelbach can lose 25 more pounds and play the OF, because he’d be some kind of hitter. He’s the complete package that they want…run producer, high OBP, takes pitches, high average, and crazy power. The only drawback at the moment is he hasn’t shown much on the defensive side of things, but look what McKay did with Soriano, whom everyone was ready to run out of town based mostly on his dreadful defense.

    • SuzyS

      Well said, Aaron. “Ready to compete by 2014′. I see it as more like 2015. Yes…in 2014 we hopefully bring up several of our “core” players…But they will need time to get their “sea legs” under them. So we possibly will see the beginning of the turning point in 2014…But I don’t see us truly competing/fielding a team vying to win the division until the 2015 season….under the current scenario.
      Next season, I see us trying to avoid 100 losses again…but little more as we need at least three years of high draft picks to really restock the system for a longer run.
      Wish I were wrong…but I don’t think so.

    • cubtex

      That is exactly what they are doing. It is an easy, small market rebuild. Not genius at all. Pick up players who were waived by other organizations that hopefully a team made a mistake on. Add low cost free agents. Get top draft choices because they are losing and in a few years you should be competitive.

  • Cubs 31

    Carlos Gutierrez was the 27th pick of the 2008 draft. Living in Fort Myers, I have known Carlos from his first days in professional baseball when he started his career with the Fort Myers Miracle. He played his college baseball with the college world series team, the University of Miami. He is a resident of Miami, FL. Of the eight players, the Minnesota Twins put on waivers, Carlos was the only one that was picked up. The Twins were hoping to sneak him through the waiver wire since he had shoulder surgery. This was a low risk pickup for the Chicago Cubs that could have a potential high reward and does not cost the Cubs anything. Tough loss for the Twins, great pickup for the Cubs. I will not hide behind my screenname: Cubs 31 (Jenkins and “Maddog”). I am Chuck Divine and I live in Fort Myers, FL. Have been a Cubs season ticket holder for 10 years and a Cub fan for over 55 years. At the age of 10, I saw my first Cubs game at Wrigley Field: Cubs vs. Dodgers (Duke Snider, Jackie Robinson). My FL license plates: CUBS 31 and CUBS 26.

    • J Daniel

      Nice post, CHUCK!!!!!

    • cubtex

      It is a waste of a spot. He was a reach in 2008 and after TJ surgery and now shoulder surgery?

      With the 27th overall pick in the 2008 draft, the Twins surprised a lot
      of people by selecting Carlos Gutierrez out of the University of Miami.
      Gutierrez had one year under his belt after undergoing Tommy John
      Surgery in the summer of 2006 and was being used as the Hurricanes
      closer. Despite not starting a game since before his surgery, the Twins
      drafted Gutierrez with the intention of converting him back into a

      After signing a $1.29 million with the Twins, Gutierrez
      appeared in 16 games as a reliever for the Ft. Myers Miracle and had a
      2.10 ERA in 25 2/3 innings. The Twins sent Gutierrez back to the Florida
      State league in 2009, but this time Gutierrez would be used extensively
      as a starter. He looked to be no match for Florida State League hitters
      who hit a meager .192 off of him in 54 2/3 innings. He was promoted to
      Double-A New Britain in June but his transition to the Eastern League
      didn’t go smoothly. Gutierrez made six starts for the Rock Cats but they
      resulted in a 1-2 record and 5.46 ERA which prompted the Twins to move
      him into the bullpen in July. Unfortunately, Gutierrez’s season
      continued to crumble. In 16 appearances as a reliever, he had a 7.03
      ERA. Gutierrez’s prospect-rank fell considerably after his collapse, but
      for a player who had thrown around 76 innings since undergoing
      reconstructive elbow surgery, it’s easy to believe that he just didn’t
      have enough arm strength to sustain a full season.