Padres Drop Compensation Claim for Hoyer and McLeod

According to a report from the North County Times, the Padres have dropped their compensation claim against the Cubs for Jed Hoyer and Jason McLeod. The Padres were expected to receive player compensation from the Cubs for Jed Hoyer and Jason McLeod leaving the organization last off-season to take similar positions in the Cubs’ front office.

The two sides agreed that the Padres would receive a player or players in return for letting both Jed Hoyer and Jason McLeod out of their contracts but were not able to agree on the compensation. The long, drawn out compensation saga between the Cubs and Red Sox over Theo Epstein likely had an impact on the talks between the Cubs and Padres for Hoyer and McLeod.

The deadline to settle the compensation issue between the Cubs and Padres kept getting moved back from the first of the year, to the beginning, then end of Spring Training. As the season progressed it appeared that the two teams had tabled the compensation discussion and now it appears both organizations have decided to move on according to Bill Center’s report.

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  • paulcatanese

    Maybe it’s that the Cubs took Hoyer and McLeod off their hands,
    and why punish them (Cubs) any further.
    And it looks like more of the same in 2013 as far as pitching, already looking for arms that have been hurt or very inexpensive
    ones (according to Levine).

    • cubs1967

      exactly……..look how bad the padres were when jed was Gm and look at the cubs compared to what the padres did this year…………Theo may have some cred with his rings; jed does nothing for me and has no reputation……..
      sad to think the expansion padres are laughing now that we took Jed away…………brings back 1984 all over again.

      • RynoTiger

        or perhaps it could be that the Padres did better because Jed helped develop the organization to get to the point to where they could be better

        • DWalker

          Seems like a lot of the reports indicate the Padre’s are expected to be up and coming and had a major cultural shift under Jed that they desperately needed. And on a small market team, with no real MLB product. Might still be a year or two, but they have a farm system that should start delivering.

  • Tom U

    Here’s a very good story on Stephen Bruno

    Maybe fans can call him the Anti-Baez?

    • paulcatanese

      Good article Tom, thanks for posting it. Bruno is what any franchise would hope the players would be with attitude.
      Baez is not even close to it.
      Size always pushes a player to be the best he can be.
      And that is what is wrong with Baez, he seems to have it all,
      and dosent know what to do with it.

    • cubs1967

      there was an article about Bruno in baseball america this week……..really highlighted how hard he has worked and said Billy Buck really turned him around hitting wise in Boise…….
      not that Buckner wants to come to chicago, but if there is a guy who knows curses and winning and preservance that a young major leaguer should listen to is Buckner.
      one of my all time favs……..he should be the next hitting coach!

  • SuzyS

    Neil, What are your thoughts on this? Is Ricketts getting a bad reputation and working relationship with other mlb owners due to
    the Boston/San Diego compensation issues?

  • Neil

    Suzy, I really do not think so. Crane Kenney had more to do with the mess with the Red Sox than Ricketts did.

    From the way I understand it, Ricketts and Moorad had a very good relationship and Ricketts asked Moorad about Hoyer’s availability in the spring of 2011.

    When rumors surfaced that Hoyer and Byrnes could be options to replace Hendry there were reports that Moorad wanted to keep Byrnes in the organization and promote him. There were doubts from the beginning if the Padres would receive any compensation for Hoyer and McLeod leaving the Padres due to Ricketts relationship with Moorad.

  • Dnuge

    Ricketts & Moorad have done business together outside of baseball and are very good friends.

  • SuzyS

    Neil, Dnuge, and Paul…Thanks for your replies and thoughts.
    Watching how Boston negotiated up front with Toronto brought this thought to the forefront. Hopefully, Kenney keeps his nose out of the baseball operations (like he’s supposed to).
    Ricketts stated goal is building a “World Class” organization…and I hope he gets there.

  • Dnuge

    I think the cubs need to fire Crane Kenney, he kind of messed up the Theo deal with the compensation, he should of kept his mouth
    He is a holdover from the do nothing Tribune Co. He is not well liked in Wrigleyville as he has pissed off many of the people that own businesses there. Just not guy you need to keep people happy !

  • Dorasaga

    Just curious, since I enjoy your statements, wondering what these opinions are about? Why are business owners around Wrigleyville not liking Kenney, or maybe even the Cubs?