From the Wire … Brenly Leaves Cubs Booth

Bob Brenly informed the Cubs, WGN and Comcast SportsNet on Wednesday afternoon that he will not be returning for a ninth season in the Cubs’ TV booth. Brenly has been the color analyst for Cubs baseball since the 2005 season.

According to multiple reports, Bob Brenly is expected to return to the Arizona Diamondbacks. Brenly has been linked to the Diamondbacks’ color analyst job since the team decided not to bring back Mark Grace after his second DUI in 15 months. Brenly could not say where or for which team he would be calling games for next season but the announcement is expected to be made in the next two weeks.

Bob Brenly thanked the Cubs’ organization, the Ricketts family and both WGN and Comcast SportsNet in a statement he released Wednesday. Brenly said working in Chicago “was one of the most enjoyable experiences” of his professional career.

Full Statement from WGN

Bob Brenly and Len Kasper formed a good team in the Cubs’ booth for the last eight years. Brenly had a way of telling it the way it was without crossing the line.

The search for Brenly’s replacement will begin soon. Some of the early candidates to replace Brenly could include Steve Stone, Kerry Wood, Doug Glanville, Rick Sutcliffe, Dave Campbell, Todd Hollandsworth and Keith Moreland. The Tribune reported Eric Karros, Gary Matthews Sr. and Darrin Jackson could also be in the mix. Steve Lyons told the Tribune he is interested in the job and hopes to be interviewed.

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  • James

    Hopefully Steve Stone gets a good look. Harrelson dragged Stone down to his level. Maybe a trip back to the north side would allow him to enjoy calling baseball again.

    • J Daniel

      We can only hope!

  • PleaseStopLosing

    I will miss Bob, I thought that he did a wonderful job and was so baseball smart… I learned a lot listening to him.

  • Ripsnorter1

    I thought I heard Steve Stone on 670 the Score a couple of weeks ago say that he was coming back to the ChiSox.

    I’d love to have Stone back on Cubs’ broadcasts. But I expect that Kerry Wood is the frontrunner at this moment.

    • brent carmona

      Thanks for the info, I hope stone’s words are not set in stone. Us cubs fans like nostalgia, and hearing his voice brings back memories. I love how he would always predict a situation and it would almost always happen on the next play. I do not want Kerry wood up there, don’t think he would be able to criticize his old team. Doug glanville is a candidate I would like to hear up there though for sure.

      • Ripsnorter1

        I’d love to have Stoney back. Yes, he would have made a great manager, I think. He certainly could out manage Dusty Baker. He used to call the scenario that would take place two batters before it would happen, and it would embarrass Dusty as he would not be thinking that far ahead. And then–disaster!–the Cubs lose because Dusty didn’t switch pitchers, etc.

        Dusty is popular with the players, but he is a poor game manager. In Cincinnati, Walt Jocketty was basically forced to bring him back because the owner wanted him back. Otherwise, I believe Jocketty would hired a real manager, like Tony LaRussa was.

  • Cubs 31

    My top three:: Steve Stone, Kerry Wood, and Doug Glanville. Stone and Wood are both close to the game and know the players well. As Tom Ricketts knows, Stone will call the game as he sees it. He will hold nothing back. I tend to lean to pitchers and catchers as analysts because they seem to know the hitters and pitchers well. I wish Brenly the best and enjoyed his insight into the game. When I am in AZ to visit friends, will listen to you again.

  • Henry

    Please say no to Stone! He never referred to the Cubs as we. He uses the “we” term to talk about the White Sox. There are a few good names being considered. I will take my chances with one of the other candidates.

    • Dnuge

      Stone can stay on the south side with his new buddy Hawk ! Stone has turned into a loser & a know it all !
      Personally I do no think Kerry will take the job.

  • WidespreadHisPanic

    No Kerry Wood please.

    • Tony_Hall

      I liked Brenly and how he didn’t hold back. As with all announcers there are certain things they say or bring up you wish they would stop, but all in all he was good.

      My picks from Neil’s list is Stone and Sutcliffe. None of the others really stand out, and I can’t hold anything Stone says, while working for the White Sox, against him. You can also never take anything anyone under contracts says as final.

  • Brp921

    I thought we might see Mark Grace on the list. I know he’s had the DUI’s but heck he could walk or take a taxi around Wrigleyville. Seriously though he speaks well, knows baseball and is an old Cub. He could be our hometeam color guy.

    • Dnuge

      Grace has to many problems & needs to get his life fixed !

      • jtrain

        Yeah, we wouldn’t want a guy to come in after being the voice of another team and having many personal problems including a problem with alcohol, lol. Wait…the last time I checked we built statues outside of the stadium for guys like that.

        • cubsron10

          I think they should try and get Dan Plesac, but thats just my opinion.

        • John_CC

          Exactly. The old Mayor of Rush St…give me break.

          Plus if you ever listened to Grace in AZ you’d know how darn good he is at the color. He has a lot of fun in the booth and knows the game inside out.

          • Dorasaga

            I did. Grace was fun to listen; he kept fans engaged in authentic ways. When the Cubs play at Chase, I always preferred the “Home” broadcast online.

  • cubtex

    Bring in Sut!

  • Baron_S

    Stone is by far and away the best from this list.
    Brenly spoke his mind, but he lacked the straight genius that Stone shows analyzing plays.

    He is the best color guy in baseball bar none. Sutcliffe is pretty good with his analysis, but has a tendency to fawn over players to the point of annoyance on ESPN. No thanks!

    How about Tim McCarver!! (JUST KIDDING!)
    this always cracks me up!

  • cc002600

    Steve Lyons.

    That would be fun. I like entertaining personalities instead of boring right down the middle yes men…and that’s why I liked Brenly so much. He was great….and quite frankly, that’s why I’m not a huge fan of Kasper. I think he’s pretty dull and is an excuse-maker for the players. He’s never said one controversial thing in his life.

    I don’t think Kerry Wood will do it…..his kids are still young, so I don’t think he’ll want to travel right now

    Forget Stone. He’s old news. and overrated.

    I will bet that Glanville gets it.

  • Roseyc

    I wish Brenly would take Kaspar with him. I like Stone a lot and it irks me he’s calling for the Sox. I don’t think Stone would work good with the boy Kaspar. Sutcliffe would be ok. Wood, who knows how he would do. No to Lyons..never liked him and Glanville doesn’t excite me either. I think they will pull Moreland from the radio booth and bring him over and break in someone there. Move Kaspar to radio and bring Hughes and Moreland to TV

  • John_CC

    Too bad, I really like Brenly and his style. I love Stone when he was with Harry, but I really do not want to hear him back with the Cubs. He has burned too many bridges with his condescension generally snarky attitude.

    Bring in Gracie!! He is really fun to listen to. Too bad they aren’t considering him.

  • SuzyS

    I have a question…is the announcer position considered baseball operations…(Theo’s decision) OR a business decision…(Clown Kenney’s decision)? Or does the Tribune decide and the Cubs rubberstamp it????
    For the record…my vote would be for Mark Grace or Sutcliffe….but I think the Cubs might shy away from the controversy Grace might bring…(most employer’s would shy away from the dui thing,
    But the Cubs might entirely surprise us with an “out of the box” selection.

    • Neil

      Suzy, the announcers are actually employed by WGN. The Cubs, WGN and Comcast SportsNet will have a say in who is hired to replace Brenly. I don’t think the baseball side or the business side have a bigger say-so on who would get the job but both sides will have input.

      I would not look for Grace. He is in major trouble and is set to go to trail in November.

  • John G

    Off Topic
    Now that the Tigers are in and St Louis one win away, is it time to look at the alledged “Ex-Cub Factor”. Which of these teams has the most, if any, Ex-Cubs. I looked at the Tiger Roster and didn’t find any. (Jeff Baker is gone). I did the same for the Cards and can’t find any that ring a bell.

  • paulcatanese

    Finally,people can get married without Brenly’s advice, and catchers all over the Majors can play their own game without having every little thing being in the negative thru his eyes.
    Steve Stone or Glanville would be my choice.

  • paulcatanese

    I don’t know about Arizona for Brenly, do they have his favorite dish “Rocky Mountain Oysters” there?
    He has expressed more than once that he would like to go to the Rockies and hold court next to the stream with his fishing rod.
    I will give him this, he tried every major dish from every city he broadcast from, and praised the food.
    I do wish him well,he is not a bad person at all, I just didn’t care for his style, sorry to all of his fans that will miss him.

  • Ripsnorter1

    Do you know what “Rocky Mtn. Oysters” actually are?

    HINT: they are not caught by a stream.


  • Dorasaga

    I want to listen and watch a new face in the booth. Get me Girardi after young-Steinbrenner fires him. Scoop Jenny Dell from Boston to accompany him. :-))

  • paulcatanese

    Yes Rip, they are caught with very large wire cutters, deep fried, and smothered in Tobasco
    sauce, along with a cold beer.