From the Wire … Cubs Acquire Marcelo Carreno from Tigers in Deal for Jeff Baker

The Cubs announced Tuesday morning they received 21-year old right handed pitcher Marcelo Carreno from the Detroit Tigers as one of the players to be named later in the deal that sent Jeff Baker to Detroit on August 5. When the Cubs announced they dealt Baker to Detroit in August, it was supposed to be for two players to be named later. The reports Wednesday morning seemed to indicate that the deal with Detroit for Baker is now complete. ranked Marcelo Carreno as the 11th best prospect in the Tigers’ system.

The Cubs have not finalized the trade with the Rangers for Geovany Soto. The Cubs will receive either a player or cash from Texas for Soto and the deal is expected to be completed by October 31.

Updated 1:37pm CDTAccording to a report from ESPN Chicago, the Cubs agreed to receive Marcelo Carreno and a cash consideration from Detroit for Jeff Baker and not a second PTBNL. The deal with the Tigers for Jeff Baker has been completed.

Marcelo Carreno spent the 2012 season with Class-A West Michigan. The 6-foot-1, 170 pound righty posted a 9-8 record with a 3.23 ERA and a 1.13 WHIP. In 27 games, all starts, Carreno struck out 119 batters while walking only 28. Carreno surrendered 129 hits (five home runs) in 139 1/3 innings.

Marcelo Carreno’s Page on Baseball-Reference

Report on Tigers’ Minor League pitching from The Detroit News

Receiving a pitcher with the upside of Marcelo Carreno for a rental such as Jeff Baker (Tigers later DFA’d Baker and traded him to Atlanta) seems to be a solid deal for the Chicago Cubs.

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  • Neil

    Hat tip to Aaron for posting the link last night from the Detroit News

  • ChadAudio

    I’ve been reading around the net about this guy. Scouts seem to indicate that he only throws in the high 80’s, but it’s a “heavy fastball” and he still has room to grow physically. Interesting.

    I agree, getting a top 11 prospect for Baker, is a pretty good deal.

    • Theboardrider

      Agree, it seems like a good pickup for Baker.

  • Trevor Petersma

    Actually seems like a surprising return for Baker. Cool.

  • Neil

    Updated 1:37pm CDT – According to a report from
    ESPN Chicago, the Cubs agreed to receive Marcelo Carreno and a cash
    consideration from Detroit for Jeff Baker and not a second PTBNL. The deal with
    the Tigers for Jeff Baker has been completed.

  • calicub

    a top 11 prospect? for jeff baker?

    He didn’t even make it a month with detroit. In 15 games he hit .200, with two doubles and 10 strikeouts….

    Well done for the Cubs. Even if Carreno never makes it to the majors, he adds depth to a system in need of pitching, Baker had no future in Chicago and should not have been brought back. But I guess they Maholm’d him in that respect.

  • J Daniel

    As I recall, most of us would have settled for a bag of used balls and a broken bat for either Baker, DeWitt, or both together. It may not work out as Carreno is a prospect but it is a GREAT trade because it is way more than expected.

    IMO, these next two seasons will make or break the totality of the Epstein era in Chicago. I believe the impact has started and will only continue. They have a long way to go.

    The bottom line is the system is still short in pitching and an impact third baseman. Almora, Soler, and Vogelbach are probably two years away. That may be the starting outfield soon which will leave BJax being moved in a deal. Vitters will be moved as well.

    • paulcatanese

      J Daniel, you’re article is correct. The last paragraph is very much on the money.
      IMO agree that BJax and Vitters will be moved, but would hope that Almora and Soler are up before two years.
      Pitching will surely define the Epstein era. Teams can get by somewhat with punch and judy hitters but not without pitching, that cannot happen.
      A little footnote on Baez, he needs to remember that how he treats people on the way up will come back to haunt him on the way down. First impressions are the key, and will follow him thruout his career. Now is the time for him to create one, and push to eliminate what many feel is a “hot dog”
      He has talent, no doubt, but should just keep his mouth shut, hustle and seek every piece of advice he can gather,

      • J Daniel

        Paul, I would like to see all 3 of them up and starting next year, meaning Soler, Almora, and Vogelbach. But, they probably are not ready, with the exception of Vogelbach, and you don’t want to rush them to quickly – although every year for us is another year closer of never seeing a World Series championship.
        Vitters is just another example of rushing a guy and he is overmatched. It just isn’t good for anyone.

        In my opinion, they need to sign at least 2 starting pitchers, possibly 3. The problem is that they will have to overpay for them but they really don’t have any choice, unless they want to keep trolling. In all reality, Garza is probably only a #2 at best but I think a #3 on a good team. Smardj is probably a #2 at best and that is with significant improvement this upcoming year. After that it is a pile of #5’s at best.

        Therefore, they need to sign a sure #2 and #3 to add to the mix in order to take a step forward. The outfield needs a significant short term step forward as well as adding a bat at third.

        This off season will be very interesting and the hot stove is right around the corner.

        • paulcatanese

          Agree J., pitching will be a requirement for sure.
          And they will have to spend.

  • Neil

    WGN confirms Bob Brenly leaving Cubs broadcast booth.
    Speculation is he will replace Mark Grace in Diamondbacks booth.

    • cc002600

      wow, shocked.

      I’m sure it has nothing to do with money.

      • brent carmona

        Wouldn’t mind seeing Steve stone back, although he has a ego problem a bit I swear he would always see things before they happened on the field.

        • calicub

          I heard he intended to remain with the Sox.
          I think that ship has sailed…

          • Brp921

            Steve Stone was my favorite color guy ever for the Cubs. The way he used to smooth things over when Harry would have a gaffe was an art with Steve. But, I also feel that ship has sailed, if not for Stoney then for me. I know that his leaving was the Cubs fault but he’s a White Sox guy now. I’m ready for some new blood. I like Mark Grace.

        • Theboardrider

          Stony is one of the best…

    • calicub

      Truly a sad day for me.

      I am much younger than most of you here whom have seen the succession of broadcasters over the years, but the end of this era of Cubs broadcasts truly saddens me.

      Len and Bob have been announcing for most of my Cub fandom and I have enjoyed their dynamic and insight from the start. As a fan outside of Chicago, they truly were my link to Cubs baseball, especially before i found this site in 2008.

      A tip of the Cap to you Mr. Brenly, you enlightened us with your experience and insight and made sure never to allow a dull moment. Good Luck in your future endevors, you will truly be missed.

      p.s. now that Mark Grace doesn’t have a broadcasting job… Announcer Swap!

    • calicub

      Well now that Bob’s gone, whats Michael’s fate?

      I always got the impression he was part of Hendry’s “Good Ole’ Boys” system, kept around more for Bobs sake than for his catching prowess… i may be wrong

      • Tom U

        calicub, Michael Brenly still has a lot of use to the organization. Brenly is known as probably the best handler of pitchers in the minors. He will be helpful as a system catcher with a possible coaching/management position in the future.

        • calicub

          fair enough tom. your word is gold in these situations :)

          His offensive output/age for his level seemed suspect to me but i suppose that resolves that…

          • Tom U

            Mick Gillispse of the Tennessee Smokies said that Brenly “may be the most valuable .250 hitter you will see”.

          • Tom U

            Jae-Hoon Ha added to the roster of Tigres de Aragua in the VWL.

          • Aaron

            Everyone that’s posting about Brenly, and speculating on money, etc. as reasons he left, keep this in mind…

            At the outset of the playoffs, Brenly was talking about the way teams were playing, and basically making fun of the Cubs. He contrasted everything, and at that moment, I knew he was gone. It was almost like he couldn’t take it anymore, and I couldn’t blame him. Watching poor defense, poor baserunning, poor pitching, and horrible situational hitting has to be draining on anyone’s psyche, much less a broadcaster that has to commentate on it on a daily basis. And when you have to balance that with trying to toe the company line, it becomes a Chip Caray and Steven Stone-esque 2004 situation.