Report: Cubs Working on Long-Term Deal for Starlin Castro

According to a report from David Kaplan, the Cubs and Starlin Castro are working on a long-term deal that would keep Castro in a Cubs’ uniform for at least six years. The deal could be six or more years in length and is expected to be “big, big money” according to Kaplan. The Cubs are looking to buy out his four arbitration years and at least two free agent years. If the deal is for six years, Castro would become a free agent at just 28 years old.

David Kaplan reported on WGN Radio that the deal could be made official by the end of the season, if not sooner.

Updated 10:55pm CDT Bruce Levine spoke with Starlin Castro’s agent, Paul Kinzer, Thursday. Kinzer confirmed Kaplan’s report with Levine that he and the Cubs have been working on a contract extension for Castro “for a period of time.” Kinzer told Levine, “Starlin would like to be a Chicago Cub for many years to come.”

David Kaplan’s sources indicated the deal would be essential for the Cubs due to the fact the previous regime brought Starlin Castro up too soon in the 2010 season.

From David Kaplan: “If Castro continues to develop into one of the best shortstops in baseball and he reaches free agency in four years, he will be unbelievably expensive to retain for the Cubs,” the source told me. “This is very smart business by Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer. They will know what their costs are for a significant amount of time going forward and for Castro, he will have lifetime security rather than going year-to-year during arbitration until he completes six full years in the game.”

Starlin Castro has Super-Two arbitration status due to the decision the Cubs made to bring him up a couple of months too early to help a team that was going nowhere.

From David Kaplan: “That decision was crazy because that Cubs team was going nowhere,” he told me. “I understand that the Cubs were trying to save the season in 2010 but it certainly raised eyebrows around the game and it is costing the Cubs a lot of money that they shouldn’t have had to spend.”

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