From the Wire … Cubs Claim Lefty Alex Hinshaw Off Waivers from Padres

The Cubs claimed left-handed reliever Alex Hinshaw off waivers from the San Diego Padres on Sunday. Hinshaw is expected to join the Cubs on Monday in Milwaukee. The Cubs transferred Arodys Vizcaino to the 60-day DL to make room on the 40-man roster for Hinshaw. The Cubs have not announced a corresponding roster move to add Alex Hinshaw to the active roster.

Alex Hinshaw posted a 1-1 record in 31 games for the Padres with a 4.50 ERA and a 1.54 WHIP. Hinshaw surrendered 23 hits in 28 innings with 36 strikeouts and 20 walks. Lefties hit .196/.339/.326 with three doubles and a home run while right handers managed a .233/.361/.450 line with a double and four home runs.

The Giants granted Hinshaw free agency last winter and he signed with the Padres on December 1 after spending seven years in San Francisco’s system.

The Padres designated Alex Hinshaw for assignment on August 14 to make room for lefty Tom Layne.

Alex Hinshaw’s Page on Baseball-Reference

The Cubs could be making several roster moves this week. The Cubs have discussed bringing Chris Rusin up from Triple-A to start Tuesday’s game in Milwaukee. The Cubs would have to make two roster moves to bring up Rusin. With the addition of Alex Hinshaw and transferring Arodys Vizcaino to the 60-day DL, the Cubs do not have an empty spot on the 40-man roster.

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  • Zonk

    PS: Other wierd thing about Hinshaw….he was drafted 4 times, 3 times by the Giants, before he finally signed. Giants must have liked him!

  • Aaron

    It might be Coleman to 60-day once Rusin comes…i believe Cabrera goes down for Hinshaw or hopefully Camp/Corpas are traded

    • coachdon

      Is anyone else getting tired of the Cubs picking up every castoff from the Red Sox and Padres? Look at this Padres team that we keep recruiting from. They are not good at all and won’t be anytime soon, yet we can’t wait to pick up the scraps off their floor. Doesn’t our braintrust know anything about any other organizations? Geez…

      • John_CC

        Recruiting from? This guy was claimed off waivers to fill a void in the bullpen. Nothing more.

        • coachdon

          Recruiting front office types from(Epstein,Hoyer, McLeod, Madison), picking up scraps from(Hinshaw, Bowden, Germano, although Germano hasn’t been as bad as expected).

      • Tony_Hall

        The Padres were ranked as having the top minor league system in baseball. That means they have lots of young guys fighting for the 40 man roster, which means they will be dropping some guys that may still have a chance at being useful players, being that you can only have 40 on the 40 man. So actually just the opposite, I would not like it if they didn’t look at every player that is made available from this system. No different than the Yankees and Rothschild and Hendry will be recommending every Cub that gets let loose they they know more about.

        “1. San Diego Padres

        Without Anthony Rizzo, they no longer have a top-25 prospect in their system, but in terms of total future value of players likely to play significant roles in the big leagues, they’re ahead of everyone else. Some of these players, especially from the 2011 draft, will develop into stars. But there are so many prospects here with high floors, players who would be top-10 or top-five in other systems but are 11-20 here (such as Robbie Erlin or Edinson Rincon), that they are well-positioned to compete even with modest major league payrolls during the next five to six years. Fans who were upset at the sudden departures of GM Jed Hoyer and assistant GM Jason McLeod for the Cubs should find solace in the fact that the prospects they helped bring into the system (along with many other scouts and execs, including Chris Gwynn, now with Seattle, and Jaron Madison and Randy Smith, still in San Diego) remain in place.”

        • Ripsnorter1


          Do you work for Team Theo’s P.R. dept? If not, you’d be really good at puffing those guys.

          You are a fantastic P.R. guy for Team Theo. Always hyper-positive.


          • Tony_Hall

            I just don’t get why people look at every little transaction like it is the move that changes the direction of this team. It takes lots of moves that are positive, to offset the moves that are not, that every team has every year. Picking up guys who have a chance to fill in on the team short term, at a buy low, who if they work out, could be sold high at some point. If they don’t work, you just cut them and move on to the next one. But short term some of these guys can be roster fillers until our own young guys push them off the roster.

            Plus the Padres are bringing up lots of young guys and releasing others due to roster constraints. No, they aren’t releasing an All-Star, but who better then Jed and Jason to know which guys are worth giving another shot from the Padres.

            As far as the PR department, with so many on here taking their negativity pills every single day, the few of us who try to look at the half full side have to try and keep up with the half full (actually near empty) guys.

          • Ripsnorter1

            This move could be simply to bolster AAA Iowa’s staff. He’s going to be 30 in October. Not a prospect anymore.

          • John_CC

            How is this “hyper-positive?”

            All Tony is doing here, and in general, is sharing opinions and reports from baseball people that know a helluva a lot more than the all of us.

            Yes, that’s right, I think Keith Law, who dedicates his life to MLB farm systems know more than the daily posters here.

    • Zonk

      Camp would probably be claimed off waivers, given his cheap salary, and yield hardly anything in trade. I think they hold onto him.

      Coleman is an option, another is to DFA Blake Lalli; I highly doubt he would get claimed to a ML roster spot

  • Dorasaga

    I didn’t know that Fleita was fired while I was in vacation; just knew it through an earlier comment. I guess Fleita is replaceable. Given the right direction and enough fund, he can do good; the Dominican academy was well equipped and managed under a undermanned front office (“the smallest in baseball”). But he’s been with the Cubs for 16 years, as long as Hendry was. They are too close to each other. They probably think alike. Fleita found few Latin players who are long-term Major league success. These position players are hackers and not fundamentally ready; pitchers are wild and inconsistent. His idea of player development might not help the Cubs moving forward.

  • Ripsnorter1

    He’s Scott Maine . Swing and miss stuff with no control.

  • Zonk

    We have been trolling all year for bullpen help, trying to get it without giving up any prospects or long-term contracts. Seems like the strategy is to throw lots of these against the wall, and hope 1 or 2 stick long-term.

    So that means Camp, Corpas, Bowden, Asencio, Germano, now Hinshaw….I guess it can’t hurt. Not sure if there are any keepers in this mix, so far Germano looks like the most promising. And Camp helped us out this year, no doubt.

    Hinshaw looks like a lefty who misses bats, and has trouble with the strike zone. Kind of like John Gaub, only better. (BTW, Gaub has been stinking since we cut him loose)

  • Ripsnorter1

    Another Scott Maine?

  • paulcatanese

    Yep, Hinshaw was brought in to fill a void in the bullpen? OK, I’ll buy that, they have filled a void, then again they have created another void with him. Now what, bring in another void to replace the void they just brought in?
    All this voiding is driving me nuts.:)

  • John_CC

    They got a lefty reliever that, despite his overall mediocre stats, is really good at getting lefty hitters out. What is the big freaking deal here? A void for a void? He is a lefty specialist pickup to go to a bullpen of “maybes” and “also rans” on a last place team.


    I guess the question is: what was the other option and what is harm in picking this schmuck up off from waivers?

  • paulcatanese

    None John, I hope you didnt take my comment as a negative towards you, I have decided I may as well have fun the rest of the year, and not get too serious
    about things, out of my control anyway.
    If you took it as a slight towards you, I aplogize, didnt mean it that way.