Cardinals in the Mix for Dempster and Numerous Teams Interested in Soto

With less than two weeks before the non-waiver trade deadline, the rumors picked up during Wednesday’s game against the Miami Marlins. The biggest news of the day was Theo Epstein announcing Jorge Soler would make his pro debut on Thursday before the latest report from Bruce Levine.

According to a report from ESPN Chicago, the St. Louis Cardinals have jumped into the picture for Ryan Dempster in recent days. The Dodgers and Braves have been considered the leaders in the clubhouse to land Dempster but talks between the Cubs and Dodgers have cooled in recent days due to more teams showing interest in Dempster.

According to Bruce Levine’s sources, Ryan Dempster has not been asked if he would accept a particular deal.

Theo Epstein addressed the trade deadline and said the Cubs need to add a lot of pitching. The Cubs lack of pitching depth in the system has been a concern for many years, one that the new regime recognized as being an issue early in their process of evaluating the organization. Epstein indicated, “We need waves and waves of pitching coming through the system, and we do not have that.”

The Cubs are looking for pitching in return for Ryan Dempster and Matt Garza but would not turn down quality third base prospects, a top-flight catcher or centerfielder either. The Tigers and Dodgers have been scouting Dempster and Garza and are expected to be in St. Louis this weekend (Dempster is scheduled to pitch the opener with Garza taking the hill on Saturday night).

The Blue Jays, Royals, Rangers and Tigers have been scouting Matt Garza … and Paul Maholm is also garnering attention from the Royals as well as his old team, the Pirates.

As for Geovany Soto, numerous teams are interested in Soto according to Bruce Levine. The Angels “may be looking to upgrade the offense behind the plate and make a pitch for Soto.”

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  • Jason Penrod

    Honestly if Dempster went to the Cardinals I would lose all respect for him.

    • Mike Simala

      come on man, if he goes anywhere hes doing it for the Cubs. Hed much rather stay here then go anywhere and if the Cards had the best offer on the table im sure hed bite the bullet and go there for us.

      • Ripsnorter1


        If he goes anywhere, he’s doing it for the MONEY.

        • Tony_Hall


          He could (I know it doesn’t happen often) re-sign with the Cubs next year.

          It would bring prospects to the Cubs.

          It would give him an opportunity to pitch in the playoffs and go for a World Series.

          If he were to be successful in the playoffs, it would generate more interest in him for his next contract and could make him more money. But to say that is why he would accept a trade…is just wrong!

        • Steve Rock-Vegas

          What?? Money?? He makes the same amount of money whether he comes, goes, eats, sleeps, run, walks, or barks Christmas songs. Yes, they’re professional athletes. They get paid to play, and yes, we pay them to do so for us. Get over your obession with money. If he goes and wants to come back, again next year, hes ACTUALLY do it for the Cubs and Cub fans, NOT himself and his family which he should be doing it for. But he’s a true professional and knows he gets paid to play, regardless of his desires…..

        • J Daniel

          Again wow, really?

        • Mike Simala

          you are certifiably crazy, maybe ur snortin a little too much lately. The Money? Thought he was gettin paid the same no matter what but I guess its probably that playoff bonus thats gonna make him go somewhere else.

        • John_CC


          He gets paid, the same amount, no matter whether he pitches for the last place Cubs or a first place team.

        • Coolpdxcubsfan

          Right on Rip!
          Even though his basic money is the same, I’m sure he would love to have a bunch of playoff and WS money, this being the twilight of his career.
          Frankly, even bearing in mind the way I hate the Busch Bums, I like Demp so much, it is ok with me, I still could hate them and root against them just as hard.

          • Mike Simala

            yeah cause all that playoff and ws money will make a significant difference in what he makes this year and what he earns in a contract next year. Must be his motivating factor to accept a deal anywhere, even though he has mentioned how much he loves Chicago and would go somewhere if it helps the team out. That money hungry SOB.

    • J Daniel

      Wow, really?

  • Mike Simala

    If only Kolten Wong was available. I know they say nothing about needing 2b but hes a serious upgrade offensively and a solid defender. Would make a Barney to Detroit deal a certainty.

  • Ripsnorter1

    Soto is picking up the pace here of late. He “hit”…

    .127 in April,
    .211 in May
    .207 in June….and finally…
    .267 thus far in July.

    More helpful is the fact that he slugged .448 in June and is slugging .433 in July.

    Teams would look at these facts and look at him as a stop gap.

    • Tony_Hall

      We can only hope some team will…

    • Mike Simala

      It appears they do, they know what his potential behind the plate is. He has a track record showing he can be a very good bat at times. Seems there are a few teams willing to take a chance. Probably only netting a midlevel prospect. But with Clevenger and Castillo just as productive as him, I say lets go for it and get whatever they will let us take.

    • Zonk

      I’ve been saying all along that Soto is hitting into incredibly bad luck, and it much better than the numbers. GMs see that too.
      His BABIP this year is .203; even for someone slow of foot like Soto, that’s really low. Over the last month, his BABIP is slightly over the league average (.308), and guess what? He’s batted .273 over that span.
      Soto isn’t amazing, but he isn’t a .200 hitter either. He’s an OK offensive catcher.

    • paulcatanese

      Agree with you Rip,he is showing signs of an upgrade with his skills,but still not a top athlete at his position. He would be a backup or stop gap on another team.
      He probably would not bring an upgrade in a trade. Apples for apples, still brings an apple.

  • Ripsnorter1

    In 3,100 games, the Marlins have never had a guy hit for the cycle.

  • mutantbeast

    Wong and Shelby Miller for Dempster? The re-sign Demp 2/20 after the season. I personally think Demp is limited to pitching in the NL.