Rambling from … DON’T CALL IT A COMEBACK!!

No, seriously, don’t. While 14 out of 19 has been a blast to watch, when the Cubs brass does the right thing, the two best pitchers will be gone while pitchers like Casey Coleman and Chris Volstad could be pitching every fifth day. And when that happens, ain’t no comeback coming.

With that out of the way, lets lay it down, pick it up, and have some fun.

  • Thank you, Ronnie. Thank you for everything. It is a fricking downright shame you are not here to see your greatness be enshrined. Everyone in baseball should be unbelievably ashamed of themselves for this. He should have been in years ago.
  • With that said, I cannot wait to watch the ceremony on Sunday. Thankfully it is supposed to be hot on Sunday, which will be a good excuse for all of the “eye sweat” I produce while watching.
  • Paul Maholm has been a pretty good signing. Not too much to complain about with his performance this season.
  • Castro needs multiple days off. As Brenly said the other night, he has never really struggled in his Major League career. And that means he is probably pressing, and bad habits arise from pressing.
  • The ‘Riz is batting .338 and the Cubs have won 13 of the 18 games in which he has played. Not … too … shabby.
  • Bryan LaHair is doing his best impression of Kosuke Fukudome.
  • And before anyone freaks, LaHair’s first season with the Cubs is eerily similar to Fuk’s first season. Fantastic April, solid May, big slide, make the All-Star team, and now, according to the pundits, no one is interested in trading for him.
  • I think it is time to say that the Geovany Soto experience at Wrigley is done. I know Welington struggled, but this team is obviously playing for the future. So, either he or Clevenger. Let’s get that moving.
  • There is something simply awesome about watching important golf at 5:30 in the morning.
  • Also, it is a great excuse to crack a beer at 10 am on a Sunday. If you are so inclined, that is.
  • The commercial where Woody pulls The Hawk out of the ivy is extremely entertaining.
  • Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis were kind of funny. Decent, at best, but it was clearly WAY TOO ad-libbed.
  • Maybe they were upset they didn’t get to sing the stretch, but at Wrigley, Andre Dawson trumps almost anyone.
  • And as I am writing this, my MLB Trade Rumors App just popped up saying that the Royals and Pirates are interested in Maholm. At some point, Theo has to think, we do need to put a competitive team on the field.
  • Think about it … The Cubs trade Garza, Dempster and Maholm … they are left with Samardzija and Travis Wood, and fill in the blanks. This is why we won’t call it a comeback.
  • DeJesus may only be hitting .264, but he is getting on base more than 35 percent of the time, and that is something that is hard to complain about.
  • Speaking of the Cubs CF … Hey, Kim. How are you doing? Hope we can catch up soon. Tell Heidi DeRosa to come along.
  • “Dreams are what make life tolerable.”
  • The above quote is from what of the greatest sports movies of all time. NAME IT!
  • As the Cubs approach the deadline, and hopefully, and most likely, get rid of some key players, the future is what should be discussed. We all knew this was a rebuilding year, and next year is as well, but there are other, and hopefully, better things to come!

I will leave you all with that. Congrats to Sori for playing well and more than just respectably.

Here’s hoping the Cubs can ruin some fun for the Cardinals in St. Louis this weekend!

And until next time …

Congrats to Ronnie on the ultimate accomplishment!

Quote of the Day

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." - Albert Einstein