Catching up on Cubs News, Notes … and Rumors

While a majority of the players and coaching staff are receiving a little breather due to the festivities in Kansas City, the Cubs’ front office does not appear to be taking a break.

News surfaced Monday that the Cubs agreed to terms with first round pick Albert Almora. Almora and second round pick Duane Underwood were in Chicago on Monday to take their physicals. The Cubs are expected to make both signings official in the next few days. Once the draft picks are taken care of, the front office is expected to focus on the upcoming trade deadline.

The rumor mill heated up over the weekend and the next three weeks figure to be very busy for the Cubs.

Here is the update …

Albert Almora and the 2012 First-Year Player Draft
The deadline to sign players selected in last month’s draft is Friday, July 13 and the Cubs have signed their top 20 picks, including Albert Almora. While the Almora signing is not official, he is expected to be signed prior to Friday’s deadline.

The Cubs spent $373,800 over their allotted bonus pool of $7,933,900 for the first 10 rounds which will cost the organization a luxury tax of $280,350 but the Cubs will not lose any picks in next year’s draft. Bonuses for players signed after the first 10 rounds do not count against the overall budget, unless they exceed $100,000.

The following is a list of the Cubs first 20 picks and the amount of their signing bonus … the pool amount for the pick is in parenthesis.

  • Rd 1 – Albert Almora (OF) – $3,900,000 ($3,250,000)
  • Rd 1s – Pierce Johnson (RHP) – $1,196,000 ($1,196,000)
  • Rd 1s – Paul Blackburn (RHP) – $911,700 ($911,700)
  • Rd 2 – Duane Underwood (RHP) – $1,050,000 ($769,600)
  • Rd 3 – Ryan McNeil (RHP) – $425,000 ($471,900)
  • Rd 4 – Josh Conway (RHP) – $280,000 ($343,200)
  • Rd 5 – Anthony Prieto (LHP) – $200,000 ($257,000)
  • Rd 6 – Trey Lang (RHP) – $165,000 ($192,500)
  • Rd 7 – Stephen Bruno (2B) – $150,000 ($148,600)
  • Rd 8 – Michael Heesch (LHP) – $100,000 ($138,800)
  • Rd 9 – Chadd Krist (C) – $100,000 ($129,600)
  • Rd 10 – Chad Martin (RHP) – $100,000 ($125,000)
  • Rd 11 – Rashad Crawford (OF)
  • Rd 12 – Justin Amlung (RHP)
  • Rd 13 – Bijan Rademacher (OF)
  • Rd 14 – Corbin Hoffner (RHP)
  • Rd 15 – Carlos Escobar (C)
  • Rd 16 – Mike Hamann (RHP)
  • Rd 17 – Nathan Dorris (LHP)
  • Rd 18 – David Bote (SS)

Baseball America – 2012 MLB Draft Database – Chicago Cubs

Rumors, Rumors and More Rumors
Ryan Dempster and Matt Garza are the two Cubs garnering the most attention right now … but that could change as the deadline draws closer.

Several teams scouted Matt Garza at his last start in Atlanta. According to a report from Jon Paul Morosi, the Blue Jays, Reds, Indians, Red Sox, Diamondbacks and Cardinals all had scouts at Garza’s last outing. Garza has also been connected to the Tigers, Yankees, Braves and Rangers through the rumor mill. Jon Paul Morosi reported that the Cubs recently had scouts watch the Tigers’ Double-A affiliate … but talks between the Cubs and Tigers are not thought to be serious.

Danny Knobler confirmed the Tigers’ interest in Garza and that the Cubs scouted the Tigers’ Double-A Erie team … but Tigers’ people told Knobler that a Garza deal “is fairly unlikely”.

The Blue Jays are a team to keep an eye on. Toronto was interested in trading for Matt Garza in the off-season but according to reports Alex Anthropolous was not willing to meet the Cubs asking price. Reports have suggested that the Jays are looking to add pitchers, such as Matt Garza or Wandy Rodriguez that would have another year of control remaining on their current contract.

Ken Rosenthal reported over the weekend that Garza could make sense for the Red Sox. The Sox have luxury-tax issues and are not looking to add payroll. The Cubs are willing to send money in order to receive better players in return.

The Dodgers are still considered to be the front-runner to land Ryan Dempster. There were multiple teams in attendance for Dempster’s start Sunday in New York. Along with the Dodgers, the Cardinals, Braves, Yankees, White Sox and Indians have been connected to Ryan Dempster.

The Tigers also asked the Cubs about Darwin Barney. According to Jon Paul Morosi, the talks between the Cubs and Tigers for Barney didn’t progress.

Paul Maholm, Bryan LaHair and Alfonso Soriano have also drawn interest from teams. The Dodgers have scouted Bryan LaHair and reports have suggested that the Rays have shown interest in Soriano. The extent of the Rays interest in Soriano is unknown.

News and Notes

Dale Sveum announced his rotation for after the break. Paul Maholm, Ryan Dempster and Matt Garza will start the three-game series against the Diamondbacks with Travis Wood and Jeff Samardzija taking the hill for the first two games against the Marlins.

According to a report from the Tribune, the Cubs’ brass is planning on discussing the roster during the break. Tony Campana will be one of the topics of conversation … and whether or not he should stay with the big league club or go down to Iowa so he can play every day.

Josh Vitters was selected as a reserve for the 25th annual Triple-A All-Star Game, which is Wednesday, July 11. The MLB Network will televise the game from Coca-Cola Field in Buffalo, New York. The network’s coverage begins at 6:00pm CDT.

Ian Stewart is scheduled to have surgery on his left wrist Tuesday at the Cleveland Clinic. Stewart is hoping to return before the end of the season. Reports have suggested that Stewart will not return this year. Stewart is arbitration eligible next year and is a non-tender candidate this off-season.

Well, there’s the update … and I’m sticking to it.

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Quote of the Day

"Failure seldom stops you. What stops you is the fear of failure." – W.J. Slim

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  • calicub

    just saw the Kerry wood comercial tonight on TV. halarious.

    • Dorasaga

      What Year Is This? Caught It! — will be in my head for a week…

  • Tom U

    Bravo State Farm!

  • Ripsnorter1

    I wonder if they won’t just go ahead and trade Tony Campana.


    The Nats need a CF…..

    • Aaron

      I’ve wondered that too. I really like the guy, but you simply cannot steal 1B. We already learned that with Joey Gathright. He pounds so many hits into the ground right in front of the mound, or weak hits to shortstop or 2B. What he needs to do is put on a little muscle, and hit more line drives to the OF, because when he does happen to hit one out of the IF, it’s usually a weak pop fly to the OF.

      Like I said, I like the guy, but given the fact they’ve stopped playing him altogether, even before LaHair moved to the OF, it really makes you wonder if he’s fallen that far out of favor with the club, especially in light of comments Sveum made about them re-evaluating keeping him on the team.

      I would say that he’d be trade bait, but given the fact that Wright recently went down with a leg/ankle fracture at the end of June, they really don’t have anyone to replace him with. At the beginning of the year, we all might’ve said it should be Jackson, but 122 K’s for AAA at the half-way point is absolutely horrible. It’s one thing to work counts, and strike out because of it (which he was doing earlier in the year), but it’s an entirely different thing to swing and miss at pitches right down the middle of the plate, which he’s done recently.

      • Jim Canavan

        Too bad the cubs aren’t stacked enough on the 25 man roster. Campana as a 25th man/5th outfielder is a nice weapon to have. A total game changer on the bases. He would be an ideal fit for some teams.

        • Aaron

          He would be, but he hasn’t been utilized very well, and many on here have questioned Sveum’s game management, and equated it to how Quade managed, and I believe there is a lot of truth to that.

          When just about anyone but Castro gets on base late in a game where the Cubs are down maybe 1-3 runs, it would make a lot of sense for them to pinch run with Campana, but that just isn’t happening right now.

          • paulcatanese

            Agree, Aaron. Its tough to go to the plate with
            intsructions to take a strike,or until one is thrown, trying to get a walk.
            He cannot hit when behind in the count, or at the very least its harder.
            I notice thats happening with Castro as well, taking strikes and then with his mental makeup (hit the ball) goes after pitches outside the zone. Most of this has come down after Rudy left.
            I had mentioned just after the season last year that Campana should be bunting at least 100 pitches a day.

          • Dorasaga

            Nobody compared to Quade, who inspired no one but the veterans to take advantage of him. Sveum at least managed well into the postseason for the Crew; Quade was a lousy third base coach, and I never saw any Big-League talent in him.

    • Mike Simala

      They really just need to teach this kid how to bunt. He should never take another hack in the batting cages till he can get bunts down on a regular basis. With that kinda speed, he needs to make it a threat. Pounding a grounder to an infielder isnt helping. But if he can figure out how to place a bunt so he can get on then that makes him a weapon. Then when he becomes that threat as a bunter he can pull back and take a hack and chop some over corner infielders heads for hits. But as everyone is sayin, you cant steal first. He needs to hone his craft otherwise hes Ced Landrum.

  • Aaron

    I really hope the Cubs can get the Jays and Braves involved in Garza and Dempster sweepstakes.

    If they could land a few (**note: I did NOT say all of them, just some of them) of the following pitchers in either deal, I think it’d jumpstart their rebuilding efforts:

    Jays-Nicolino, Sanchez, McGuire, Syndergaard

    Braves-Teheran, Delgado, Minor, Gilmartin

    Once you start adding veterans like Soto, Soriano, Baker, Johnson, DeJesus, Maholm, etc. to any of those deals, then you’d have to like the Cubs chances of landing even better prospects.

    I guess we’ll see what happens. We’re only about 3 weeks from the deadline, so it’s about to get really interesting. With so many teams in contention right now with the additional Wild Card team, you would assume that significant trades would happen before the deadline

    • Mike Simala

      Nicolino, Syndergaard and Minor are the prizes to be had there. Minor has been moved up to quickly IMO because many thought he could end up being a better pitcher then Strasburg coming off of team USA play. With a little recoaching and an outlook like they had with Rizzo I think Minor could get turned around.

      • Aaron

        Mike, I would agree about Nicolino and Syndergaard (also Sanchez), but Minor?….not so sure he’d be considered a “prize”.

        Actually, his arm action is somewhat similar to Chris Rusin, and from what I’ve seen, they both have similar velocities. The main difference is Rusin pitches more to contact, while Minor has more K’s.

        The Cubs’ system now has: Rusin, Raley, Jokisch, fairly close to MLB action with Antigua, Del Valle, Kirk, and Burke as not that far behind. They have Maholm and T. Wood already in the rotation. What they need is a lefty starter in MLB that is closer to a Chris Sale or Kyler Burke type….power lefty than finesse which is what they have otherwise, which would also include Minor (somewhat finesse) as well.

        This team needs power arms all around, whether righty or lefty. Getting Underwood, Lang, and Blackburn goes a long way to solving that problem, but they’re all very young and inexperienced. I would hope that in any trade with Dempster or Garza, or even position players, that they’d land a handful of power arms whether it be starters or relief.

        • Tom U

          Aaron, I would consider Austin Kirk also a power lefty. And if the choose to start him, Michael Heesch could also fit that description.

          • Aaron

            Austin Kirk WAS a power lefty coming out, supposedly hitting 94-96 mph consistently. Then, late last year, and this year he’s been sitting mostly 88-92 mph. From what I understood reading scouting reports, Heesch was only hitting 92-93 mph. Maybe in relief he’s hitting higher…who knows

    • Jim Canavan

      Hi Aaron; (Jim Tinley Park) How do you rate team Theo so far?

      • Aaron

        Offseason FA/trades=bust
        *re-signing Baker and DeWitt, and letting Flaherty and Gonzalez go in the Rule 5 was a HORRIBLE idea. The subsequent moves thereafter, including DFA-ing DeWitt twice, signing and releasing Bianchi , etc. were particularly puzzling, and NOT indicative of a management team that had a solid plan to rebuild. They already knew what they had with Baker AND DeWitt, because both had been given plenty of opportunity and failed. Flaherty will be a big loss, even though he’s only had marginal success in limited opportunity with the O’s. The most puzzling offseason move, however, would have to be the trade of Colvin AND LeMahieu for Stewart who not only was coming off injury, but also a horrible year, but then also getting Weathers, who couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. Then (and this isn’t so much Team Theo’s fault as it is Ricketts and Crane Kenney for not setting parameters for compensation), they let two power arms go for Theo’s compensation in Carpenter and Kurcz. The 2 year commitment to DeJesus was also puzzling, unless they knew for a fact that they could unload Soriano (which still hasn’t happened, and might not ever happen until his deal is done)

        Draft/Int’l FA=good*getting Soler was a huge coup for the Cubs. As for the draft, they got a few guys with upside like Underwood, Blackburn, McNeil, Lang, Prieto, and Saunders, and of course, they got a solid first rounder in Almora, but otherwise, the draft was “meh”…In order to make it an above average draft, they would’ve had to sign at least 3 of: Hickman, Tomscha, Wiseman, Pannone, Bonnell or Fisher. You could make an argument that they did the very best that they could to get those guys signed, but their demands were too much, yet other teams seemed to do a better job managing their bonus pools and getting higher graded players. Saunders and Rademacher appear to be the only guys signed after the 10th round that have a chance to make an impact, and that is NOT a good draft…at least in my opinion. That’s why I was saying they needed to get at least 3 of the guys mentioned above signed, and that is not going to happen now, it appears.

        i do like the Cashner trade, even though it didn’t look promising early on, but Rizzo has shortened his swing considerably from what I saw in Spring Training, and the Cubs very well might win that trade. But the fact is, they struck out on just about every other move they made in the offseason, and it was especially glaring with free agency.
        My opinion in the offseason was that the Cubs should’ve gone after guys like Edwin Jackson on one year deals, then trade them near the deadline. The Cubs never seemed to be linked to him, so it doesn’t seem that he just chose to go in a different direction, especially considering he signed with the Nationals, who weren’t even expected to compete on the level they are this year.
        Imagine if the Cubs had Garza, Dempster, Jackson, AND Maholm as trade chips this year…WOW….but I digress.
        If you want me to give them a grade, I would say around a C to C- should be about right. I’m withholding a bit of judgement, as that grade could increase to a B+ if they get rid of a majority of the veterans that don’t factor into the future like Dempster, Marmol, Soto, Soriano, Baker, Johnson, Camp, Maholm, and probably even Garza

        • paulcatanese

          You nailed it.!00% true.

  • Aaron

    The Tigers are interested in Garza, but “a deal is fairly unlikely”…

    The reason that is the case is the fact that the Tigers would be required to part with both Castellanos and Turner, which is precisely why a trade didn’t happen this offseason. Nothing has changed.

    I used to think Garza should require at least 2 Top 10 prospects (including the top prospect) of whatever team they’re dealing with, plus a mid-level prospect, and I was doing so based on what the Cubs had to give up in order to get him. Archer was arguably the top prospect, and Lee was in the Top 10. But the fact is, when Hendry made the trade, I argued (along with others on here) that the Cubs drastically overpaid for him, considering he was a solid 3 at the time, and potentially a solid 2 (which he is now)…yet the Cubs paid a price consistent with an ace-caliber starter.

    It looks like the league doesn’t value him near to the level the Cubs seem to value him (well, at least publicly, perhaps to increase trade value)

    And while I still think he’ll never be more than a 2 starter, I do feel he’s worth at least 1 top prospect, especially with the haul Gio Gonzalez brought, and he wasn’t even considered ace-caliber.

    And I’m a bit torn on the true value the Cubs should receive. If Garza’s reported salary demands weren’t so high, then I’d just say the Cubs should hang onto him if they don’t get a good deal, but with a reported asking price of $15-16 million/year, I would just say the Cubs should get the best possible deal, and if teams aren’t willing to part ways with top 10 prospects for him, well…then so be it…A rebuilding team simply cannot afford to pay a #2-3 starter that much money.

    This year will be very interesting, and will be indicative of things to come for future trade deadlines with acquiring teams no longer able to get draft compensation for acquired players in the last year of their contracts.

    In years past, you could get a couple top prospects for a guy like Dempster, because a team could look at it as being able to acquire a first round pick if they didn’t want to re-sign him, thus replacing one of the guys they parted with.

    Now, I would imagine he could net just one top prospect or two mid-levels…and maybe not even that. The Dempster trade will set the tone for the entire league in terms of setting a price for future years.

    • Jason Penrod

      I would trade Garza to the Braves for Teheran, or to the Tigers straight up for Castenellos. The Cubs need young talent, and I don’t see Garza being a centerpiece for a re-building team. Castenellos’ value has fallen considerably this year, but not enough to warrant Turner also in the deal.

      • Aaron

        Cubs need pitching….Castellanos doesn’t solve that, plus, they already have 2 guys poised to take over at 3B in the very near future in Vitters and Baez.

        As for Teheran, you gotta be kidding me. Straight up for Garza would be highway robbery. Maybe Teheran AND Delgadao/Minor would be a fair deal. It’s also important to note that the Braves almost never trade good prospects, so if they are willing to give up someone, I would run away. About the only time in recent memory they’ve given up good prospects that amounted to anything was the Feliz and Andrus deal.

    • Mike Simala

      This is why I think Garza will more likely land in Toronto. Anthopolous likes the sandwich picks and extra control Garza will provide. Their top pitching prospects, which youve mentioned are in the lower parts of the Farm for the most part, and cannot help or havent helped them, now. Their top prospect is currently down for the count in d’Arnaud. And their Starting pitching is kind of in disarray. I think they are primed to grab Garza and maybe Maholm along with a Junior Lake type prospect who can hit and would prob do so real well up in Toronto. As much as i like what Castellanos and some other Detroit prospects could do for us. I think Toronto is gonna be the team that ultimately pays up for him.

      • Aaron

        Honestly, if the Jays told the Cubs they could pick any two guys from a list including:

        …I would pick Sanchez and Syndergaard, and call it good.

        If the Cubs had to include more players to get more, I would try to get them to take on Marmol, Maholm, Soto, or Soriano in the same trade. They really need help at starting pitcher, and catching due to injury and performance.

        As I’ve said, if they offered Garza, Maholm, and someone like Soto or Soriano, they should be able to ask for: Syndergaard/Sanchez, McGuire, D’Arnaud, and one of Nicolino/Hutchison/Marisnick.

        If it’s just Garza, you’re looking at just 2 of the Jays prospects, but if you expand it, you’re looking at a LOT more possibilities. That’s why the Cubs need to look at deals like the one proposed on this site by Cubs_____(insert whatever name he’s using) that had them sending Garza and Barney to Detroit for Turner, Castellanos, and Smyly….

        The most active teams in trade rumors for Dempster and Garza appear to be the Dodgers, Braves, Jays, Tigers, Yankees, and Red Sox, and while teams like the Indians, White Sox, and Cardinals have also been mentioned, they seem to be on the fringes of discussions.

        I already mentioned guys on the Tigers, Jays, and Braves that you’d look to go after, but other teams don’t appear to offer much. With the Red Sox, you could see maybe Barnes, Workman, and Jackie Bradley under consideration, though the latter is EXTREMELY unlikely given their dearth of OF talent in their system…though they might actually consider moving Brentz, also an OF.

        The Yankees, you’d have to consider Montgomery, Williams, Sanchez….guys like Betances and Banuelos have fallen off a cliff, and are more on par with Trey McNutt or Jay Jackson than they are with true top prospects.

        While others may disagree, I am NOT a fan of the Dodgers system. There’s no way I would accept Ely in a trade. Perhaps Eovaldi, Gould, and some others might interest me, but that’s about it.

  • Mike Simala

    Ok so this is a repost from a thread the other day, Kinda was near the end of the nite, but since Rumors are whats on tap for today, this is how id like to see a Dempster deal work out.
    Ok so after Demps game today, Im just going to go ahead and assume he doesnt come back to Chicago after the ASG. Keep in mind this is all just my personal look at a possible deal. No reports from anyone or sources.
    Demp will be traded to the LAD, Brian Lahair, Paul Maholm and either Jeff Baker or Reed Johnson will join him. Cubs will receive John Ely, Nathan Eovaldi, Garrett Gould, Tim Federowicz and Jerry Sands in return.
    This may or may not seem like alot but, it appears that Sands and Ely have fallen out of favor with the Dodgers as they have had pretty good seasons in AAA and not been called up. Especially with the injuries in the OF. Sands isnt much of an average hitter, but the kid has some power and a decent OBP and is still only 24. Ely has had an amazing K to walk rate this year in AAA but never really dominated at any level though he has improved this season and is a little older at 26 years of age. Federowicz is a 24 year old 300 hitting catcher with a little pop, mostly doubles but could turn those into HRs. Gould is a high upside 20 year old 6’4 right handed pitcher whos is struggling a little in high A ball this year after being fairly dominant in Low A last year. He has maintained a high K/9 though even with his struggles. Eovaldi is a guy with talent who aside from 2 games this year has pitched damn good and his 1-5 record does not reflect it, He has lacked run support as is evident that in 6 of his 8 starts he has given up 3 or less runs and in 5 of those it has been 2 or less runs. Eovaldi is still just 22 years old.
    Now this is all just my personal idea of something id like to see get done with the team i believe will be the one that makes the biggest push for Dempster. Not to mention the need at 1b, where Lahair could fit perfectly after being spurned by Carlos Lee. The dodgers in the past have never had much of a problem trading off their minor league prospects, so i dont think this is unrealistic. It is however, best case scenario in my eyes. Something similar would be nice though.
    I state again, i did not hear this on a radio show or read it in an obscure article that was actually someones personal blog and had no actual credibility to it. Just me throwin something up on a wall and seein if it sticks.

    Comments, Critique and whatever else are more then welcome.

  • EqDoc

    I know there are a lot of rumors out there but I have a bad feeling that there aren’t going to be any blockbust trades for the Cubs. I just don’t think that any of the teams are going to give up what the Cubs are asking for. I thingk only Dempster will go and for only some so-so talent. I hope I am wrong…

  • calicub

    with the restructuring of interleague play next season, i really hope they bring the DH to the NL park and pitcher batting to the AL.

  • Aaron

    In case anyone was wondering how important pitching is at the deadline this year, consider the following:
    Jays-Litsch, McGowan, Hutchison, Drabek, Santos, and soon-to-be Perez are all on the 60-day DL with Coello, and Morrow on the 15-day. Even so, Morrow (DL), and Laffey (recently added to rotation), are the only starters with ERA’s under 4.36. Plus, their pen just took a huge hit with the lefty Perez having TJ, and Cordero sitting with a 6.00 ERA.
    *Verdict: they need 2 of Dempster, Garza, or Maholm, PLUS, relievers like Maine, Camp, Marmol, etc.

    Tigers-Albuquerque and Schlereth on 60-day. Their pen is fairly solid outside of Valverde’s 4.11 ERA, but their rotation outside of Verlander is dreadful with the following stats:
    Fister-4.75 ERA
    Scherzer-4.72 ERA
    Porcello-4.47 ERA
    Smyly-4.42 ERA
    PLUS, their 2B play has been dreadful.
    *Verdict: they need Dempster or Garza, and Barney

    Yankees-Aardsma, Cabral, Pettitte, Rivera, Meyers, Chamberlain, Feliciano, and Pineda are all on the 60-day DL with Sabathia on the 15-day. Their rotation was great until Pettitte and Sabathia went down. Also, even with the loss of Rivera, their pen has been great, so no help needed there. They could also use help at catcher and bench bats, particularly an OF bench bat.
    *Verdict: they need Dempster or Garza, plus Soto, and someone like Baker or Johnson

    Red Sox-Injuries/ineffectiveness have plagued their rotation all year. Bailey, Carpenter, Hill, and Lackey are all on the 60-day, while Bucholz and Matsuzaka are on the 15-day DL. Not a single starter (even part-timer) has an ERA under 4.41. They could also use a pen arm or two, plus some help in the OF.
    *Verdict: they need Dempster or Garza, someone like Camp, plus DeJesus or Soriano

    Braves-Beachy, Fish, Venters, and Vizcaino (puzzling why he’s not on 60-day considering TJ, but whatever) are all on the 15-day DL. Outside of Hanson, Beachy (on DL), and Hudson, their 4/5 starters have been atrocious. Their pen is solid as usual, but they could also use help on the bench now, especially with Simmons going down, and Hinske and Diaz being huge disappointments.
    *Verdict: they need Dempster, Garza, or Maholm, plus someone like Johnson or Baker for the bench. Perhaps they’d even consider Barney at SS with Simmons out, and Pastornicky struggling

  • Tom U

    With today traditionally being a “no fly zone” for baseball, there is little to report. However, there are still a few things going on that CCO fans will want to know about:

    The boatrider asked recently about Reggie Golden. Golden reported in shape this year, but got off to a slow start. He injured his knee rounding first on a ball he easily would have made second on. He has since had season-ending knee surgery. The 20-year old will have to use this time to first make sure that he keeps himself in top physical condition. He can also show some maturity by working with coaches in the video room to see why it takes him so long to start producing offensively.

    Zach Rosscup is the announced starter for Tennessee when minor league play resumes on Wednesday. It will be Rosscup’s first start since June 14, 2011. What’s more interesting is that with a fairly set rotation for the Smokies, it means that something might be up with the pitching in the organization.

    It appears that the Cubs 1 team in the DSL is starting to make accommodations for recent signee Frandy De La Rosa. C-1 has moved SS Jenner Emeterio, currently batting .358, over to second recently.

    Speaking of the DSL, it looks like OF’s Jeffrey Baez (.305, 18 SB) and Kelvin Encarnacion (.330, 5 HR, 10 SB) and RHP Daury Torres (5-1/1.13/39.2/34 K, 2 BB/0.756) are ready to move up at any time.

    • Aaron

      My understanding with Golden when the injury occurred, was that he’d have to have 2 surgeries. The reason was I guess he had to get stronger in the knee to do the other or something like that. I think I saw it on Peoria’s website a few months ago, but I just looked and couldn’t find the link.

      Thanks for the info on everything….especially the DSL. Interesting about De la Rosa. I don’t know anything about Emeterio, and I’m wondering what is going on with Acosta.

      • Tom U

        Acosta is not doing too well after starting off hot. He’s now batting .198.

  • longtime cub fan

    I’ve wondered about Sveum’s management skills for a while. He doesn’t seem to learn when something isn’t working. The comparison to Quade may be somewhat justified. Players such as Campana an LaHair may be better situated on another team rather than continue under Sveum.