From the Wire … Cubs Trade Ryan Dempster to the Rangers

The Cubs traded Ryan Dempster to the Texas Rangers on Tuesday for two minor leaguers. Dempster reportedly was holding out for a deal to the Dodgers but agreed to waive his 10-5 rights in order to be traded to the Rangers. Dempster said the deal with the Rangers was completed five minutes before the deadline. Dempster and Geovany Soto are expected to report to Texas on Wednesday. Dempster said he received a very good scouting report on the organization from Greg Maddux.

The Cubs acquired two minor leaguers in the deal, RHP Kyle Hendricks and infielder Christian Villanueva. Hendricks and Villanueva were playing for the Rangers High-A affiliate in the Carolina League.

Baseball America ranked Christian Villanueva as the 100th best prospect in baseball prior to this season. Villanueva is mainly a third baseman but has played second as well. Villanueva is 5-foot-11, 160 pounds, hits and throws right-handed. The 21-year old (June 19, 1991) hit .285/.356/.421/.777 in 100 games this season with 19 doubles, one triple and 10 home runs.

Christian Villanueva’s Page on Baseball-Reference

Right-hander Kyle Hendricks was taken in the eighth round of the 2011 draft. The 22-year old (December 7, 1989) put together solid numbers this season in High-A ball. Hendricks is a strike thrower (112 strikeouts and 15 walks in 130 2/3 innings). Hendricks was 5-8 in 20 starts with a 2.82 ERA and a 1.06 WHIP with 123 hits allowed.

Kyle Hendricks’ Page on Baseball-Reference

The Cubs 40-man roster now stands at 39 players.

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  • Trevor Petersma

    So is Garza for sure going to be traded in off season or do you think they might extend his contract? If they can’t get a decent return, I don’t mind seeing him extended for the right price.

    • DWalker

      no such thing as a sure thing in baseball, but I did some thinking on this and I think its more likely they extend him now. They have a lot of salary room to begin with, they desperately need good pitching, he’s young and he has good stuff even if he is not currently a true ace. I would not be a bit surprised if we eventually hear that while he was shopped, the price was just too high for any other team to really make a serious run at him. Couple that with his current arm issue and while there may have been talk, I would not be surprised at all to find out it was mostly window shopping.

      • triple

        I think it speaks volumes about how JH completely overpaid for Garza 2 off-seasons ago. We could have Archer pitching this game instead of Coleman. And having Hak-Ju Lee would’ve been a great trading piece to get a better top 3rd basemen or catching prospect.

  • jknoes

    For Dempster’s sake – hopefully 5 years from now Cub’s fans won’t be saying “If only Dempster had accepted the trade for R. Delgado ….”

    • J Daniel

      Should say for our sake because he really doesn’t care. Maybe we will be saying thank goodness it didn’t work out. Sometimes the best trades are the ones that didn’t get made.

      • J Daniel

        Great job as usual with all of the updates! Thanks.

      • jknoes

        Agreed … in the end Dempster didn’t seem to care what was best for the Cubs, but only for himself. Will be interesting to see who he signs with in the offseason. A few weeks ago I wouldn’t have minded seeing him come back next year, but not anymore.

  • J Daniel

    Thank goodness this saga is over and there was a good resolution for the Cubs! Unlike so many before that never got done (Brian Roberts, Peavy, . . .) they were able to get it done and were not held hostage.

  • Zonk

    Finally found a good scouting report on Hendricks:
    Clif Notes: Does not have any plus pitches, but throws many pitches for strikes, and mixes well

    • cubtex

      yep. I saw that and knew that. not a ton of upside.

    • Dorasaga

      Are we talking Joe Nathan? You’ll never know, but a pitcher doesn’t just throw, mind you. I like those who mix and play their game ahead of a hitter.

  • Gary J

    Top 100 overall prospect and a guy with a 7+ K/BB ratio? Decent return for a 2 month rental player. And that’s a team that needed the pitching – I’ll be rooting for Rangers down the stretch.

  • BosephHeyden

    Just something else to throw out there: Fontenot got a World Series ring in 2010 (so did DeRosa), Theriot got a World Series ring in 2011, and, right now, the Rangers are one of the favorites in the American League, so there’s a very good possibility both Ryan Dempster and Geovany Soto will get World Series rings this year (barring a complete collapse by the Rangers). If that holds true, I wonder which other current Cub will get a ring before the Cubs get to contention?

  • daverj

    I wonder if Dempster wishes he had accepted the deal with the Braves. Pitching in the NL with the Braves would have likely resulted in better numbers than with in the AL with the Rangers … and thus, likely a more lucrative contract offer in the offseason.

    I suspect Dempster felt pressure at the end to permit deals to teams other than the Dodgers when it became more clear that the Cubs and the Dodgers were not seeing eye to eye. If Dempster stayed in Chicago, I imagine it would not have been a comfortable situation for him each time he took the mound.

    • cubtex

      Jim Callis mentioned that the Delgado return was better for the Cubs as well. Too bad deal that fell through.

      • paulcatanese

        Cubtex: Not really,Dempster followed you to Texas,
        now you can see him all the time:)
        On the other hand, he’s with the big boys and
        Nolan will be watching him. He will now have to pitch.

        • cubtex

          Lol. It will be a fun race in the AL West.

    • scott

      I am thinking Greg talked him into it.

      • cubtex

        or Geo

  • mutantbeast

    Goodbye, Dumpster. You were once respected very much by this fan base. And you kicked everyone in the teeth. Heres to hoping Villanueva/Hendricks becoming solid players, and your ERA in that bandbox in Arlington go thru the roof.

    • Brian

      What does Dempster owe the fan base? This is his job? Sure, I wish he excepted it, but he “owe” the fan base a thing.

      • mutantbeast

        He owes it to be honest with them. Dont say ATL is my my OK list then dont do it. The fans pay his salary. He ought to respect that. Im not a huge fan of Mark Cuban, but at least he as an owner does not spit on the fans who pay the bills.

  • DWalker

    Theo and Jed did good for a 2 month rental. I can’t complain about their efforts.
    So, odds we see one last trade through waivers with Soriano?