From the Wire … Cubs Sign International Prospect Frandy De La Rosa

According to reports from Baseball America and, the Cubs have signed 16-year old Dominican switch-hitting shortstop Frandy De La Rosa for $700,000.

According to Baseball America, Frandy De La Rosa (6-foot-1, 180 pounds) does things that scouts like but also has a few question marks. De La Rosa reportedly has a smooth swing from both sides of the plate and can handle the bat equally from the left and right side. He possesses a simple, short swing with quick hands and has shown the ability to barrel ball up. De La Rosa is seen more as a line drive hitter right now and not much of a power threat.

De La Rosa is not quite an average runner according to Baseball America and while he has shown improvement, he does not have the range or arm for shortstop. De La Rosa is seen as a potential offensive-oriented second baseman but where he plays could change as he develops.

Baseball America ranked Frandy De La Rosa as the 19th best international prospect while had him 10th on their list prior to the beginning of the international signing period.

Monday, July 2 is the beginning of the international free agent signing period. Under the new CBA, the international system now operates with money pools and like the First-Year Player Draft there are penalties for teams that exceed the pool. Every team will be able to spend $2.9 million without penalty for the 2012-2013 signing period. Beginning in 2013 (2013-2014 signing period), signing pools will range from approximately $1.7 million to $4.8 million and will be based on each team’s winning percentage in the prior season.

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  • DWalker

    Ok, so what makes this guy stand out for $700K? and where does he slot in as a middle infielder consider all the other guys there?

  • Neil

    Here is a link with video … of De La Rosa

  • sanibelchuck

    This signing of a young Dominican reminds me of the movie “Sugar.” It is a very good movie about a young Dominican who is signed by a major league team. It shows how they make the adjustment to playing baseball in the United States. Part of the film was filmed with the Quad Cities Swing. Has anyone seen this movie? If so, how true to life is it?

    • Tom O.

      Yes, I’ve seen “Sugar” and it’s pretty eye opening. From everything I’ve read on the interne, and we all know how reliable that is, the movie is pretty true to life.

      I’d say it’s must see for anyone interested in international signings and how Theo/Jed are going to try and rebuild the farm system.

      On another note: Remember, nobody is forcing these “kids” to sign contracts.

  • paulcatanese

    Sixteen years old and $700,000.00.
    What are teams doing now, scouting the middle schools?
    I’m sorry guys, thats just plain wrong,his mother probably still
    tucks him in at night.

    • Tony_Hall

      Take a look at the link Neil just posted, they are all 16 or 17 years old.

      • paulcatanese

        Just looked at the link Tony, amazing, just amazing.
        The body types will be the biggest risk (I believe) as
        they are so young and will mature very differently
        Talent wise, they seem to be on the same page as eighteen yr olds here.
        What stands out is the grasp of fundementals that they display, but when realized that all they must have had in their lives is to play baseball, its understandable, not desirable but understandable.
        How many kids here are even allowed to switch hit
        in the programs they are in?
        They have talent no doubt, but 16?

  • Tom U

    It will be interesting to see what happens. Cubs-1 has a promising 19 year-old shortstop in Jenner Emeterio, while C-2 has last year’s bonus baby, Luis Acosta, there.

  • RMercer69

    Neil….heard anything on how many int’l guys either in that top ten or out, that the Cubs are targeting or have a chance to sign?

  • Neil

    Very good at bat by Rizzo