Dodgers Considered Favorite for Dempster … Several Teams Remain Interested in Garza

The next month leading up to the non-waiver trade deadline figures to be anything but boring for the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs are one of the few sellers that have pieces that can help contenders and the indication is, Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer are looking for young, controllable players with big upside.

Ryan Dempster and Matt Garza appear to be high on the wish list of several teams. Garza has drawn interest from several teams while the Dodgers are seen as the favorite to land Dempster once he returns from the DL … if Dempster waives his no-trade rights a deal to the Dodgers would re-unite him with Ted Lilly.

Matt Garza
According to a report from Jayson Stark, the Cubs are not going to give Matt Garza away and they are looking for an “Ubaldo Jimenez deal“. According to Stark, that means it is going to take two young, controllable players with big upside.

The Orioles are “in the thick” of the Garza discussions but both Dylan Bundy and Manny Machado are not available in any deal for any player.

Jayson Stark thinks Matt Garza will be traded in the next month.

According to Ken Rosenthal, the Blue Jays are maintaining contact with the Cubs about Matt Garza. Alex Anthopoulos “prefers to trade for players who are under control for more than one season.”

A report last Sunday indicated at least six teams are interested in Matt Garza … the Braves, Tigers, Cardinals, Red Sox, Blue Jays and Royals.

Ryan Dempster
According to a report from Jon Heyman, the Cubs are willing to pay part of Ryan Dempster’s remaining salary depending on the prospect return. The Cubs goal is to add top prospects to a weak farm system.

According to Heyman, Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer are not worried about the money they would have to send along with Ryan Dempster if it means a better return in the form of players.

The Dodgers are seen as the favorite to land Dempster according to Jon Heyman. The two teams have not talked since before Dempster went on the disabled list. Dempster is expected to throw off a mound early in the coming week but is not expected to return from the DL until after the All-Star break.

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  • Brp921

    A question for anyone. What kind of prospect would Dempster command from the Dodgers? Would the Cubs be able to get Allen Webster, or maybe Chris Reed, or would we be looking at more of a middle of the road prospect?

    • Zonk

      The Cubs can probably expect a organization top-5 prospect in return for Dempster, particularly if the Cubs pick up most of the salary tab.
      One hold-up is that the Cubs would rather have talent than salary relief, and the Dodgers would rather give more salary relief. We are willing to pick-up Dempster’s salary, but want more talent in return.

    • Theohoyer

      Theo wants good prospects to build the depleted farm system. If the Dodgers arent willing to give up a top talent I think Theo will look for other suitors. Although the Dodgers appear to be favorites I could see other teams getting involved. Demp should net a top talent and Garza will get the Cubs at least two. Otherwise they stay Cubs.

  • Brp921

    Same question about Garza. Could he command a teams top prospect? The Bluejays have the top catching prospect in baseball. He is projected as a top flight everyday catcher.

    • Neil

      Travis d’Arnaud suffered a torn PCL in his knee last Monday while sliding into second base. He is out for at least 6-8 weeks.

      I’m curious as to how much the Jays would be willing to pay for Garza considering where they are in the standings … even with the second wild card.

  • Jason Penrod

    Neil, has Tigers’ 3B prospect Nick Castellanos’ name came up in any trade discussion? The Cubs could use talent at 3B, and the Tigers’ won’t be able to use him any time soon with Cabrera and Fielder locked up… Seems like a perfect fit for both teams. Tigers could send Jacob Turner, and Nick Castellanos to the Cubs for Garza. Fair trade, and helps both teams.

    • Neil

      Those were two of the players in the discussions for Garza in the off-season. I have not heard from reliable sources that those two players have been discussed recently as part of a package for Garza.

  • Zonk

    The Tribune today speculated that teams may be interested in Maholm now, given his performance yesterday and low salary.
    I personally think the Cubs will hold onto him. We are potentially trading Garza and Dempster, and although this year is lost, we do need SOMEBODY to start games for us without completely embarrassing the organization. Who is going to do that?
    Right now, Travis Wood has likely pitched himself into the rotation for the entire season. Maholm will continue. After that, you have Shark, who may need some time off, then it’s pick 2-3 of these: Volstad, Coleman, Rusin, Lopez, Wells… Ugh. If there’s an injury, gets even more ugly.

    • BosephHeyden

      See, therein lies a problem: Garza and Dempster are both obviously guys that are going to be sought after on the trade market by contenders because of either potential (Garza) or performance (Demp), but Paul Maholm was signed for this. Both Maholm and DeJesus (and I would assume Stewart…I would HOPE Stewart) were obtained because they were guys who didn’t blow anyone away last year (Stewart just had a bad year), but have histories of showing they can perform at a high level (again, if Stewart got back to his original form, he’s an easy power bat at third for a contender).

      But like you said: we need someone in our rotation. Right now, we’re basically on a glorified four man rotation, and losing Dempster and Garza makes most games a bullpen day. If we can get a young arm back for either Dempster or Garza (more than likely it would be Garza), then we could consider trading Maholm. But as it is, this team has played itself into a no-win situation as far as trading more than two pitchers.

  • CubsMVP

    Trade, Trade, Trade…..that will be the main subject matter in July for the Cubs…………Dodgers new ownership wants to keep their prospects, and willing to take on final year salary for the pennant drive… don’t believe those local Cubs reports of where Dempster might head to…….if Theo s willing to pay most of Dempster’s salary to the Dodgers, he is not accepting non major league prospects in return……..Braves, Rays, Royals have better prospects to offer……… for that Tigers rumor, Tigers have said their third base prospect is off the table…….too many teams are offering junk now…….last several days of July will see more action…….by then, Dodgers could be sellers themselves….1-9 in last ten games………AL teams looking for a DH might press for Soriano……relievers are falling down left and right…..Marmol might be looking good to someone.

  • Andrew

    Dempster could win Cy Young if he had run support