Is Garza Garnering a lot of Attention?

According to a report from the Boston Globe, six teams have been in consistent contact over the past few weeks with Theo Epstein about the availability of Matt Garza. Nick Cafardo reported the six teams could include the Braves, Tigers, Cardinals, Red Sox, Blue Jays and Royals … and there could be more.

The Cubs reportedly listened to offers for Garza throughout the off-season but were not offered a suitable package for the 28-year old right-hander that will not hit free agency until after the 2013 season. Reports have suggested that the Cubs were, and still could be, interested in signing Matt Garza to a long term contract. The two sides did not reach an agreement prior to the season and many think the Cubs will move Garza in the right deal.

Matt Garza put together one of his better starts since April in Sunday’s loss to the Diamondbacks. Garza made only two mistakes in seven innings, his longest outing since April 29, and retired 16 in a row at one point (three runs on five hits with a walk and seven strikeouts in seven innings).

Matt Garza is 1-3 in his last five starts with a 3.77 ERA and a 0.96 WHIP. Garza has struck out 30 batters while walking only four (26 hits) over his last 31 innings. In 84 1/3 innings this season, Garza has issued only 23 walks with 79 strikeouts.

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  • Texcubnut

    I believe we should listen to all offers but I must say I would be leary of dealing Garza within the division. Especially to the Cardinals. I don’t believe the Sox would be able to put together a package worthy of Garza. Also, I would be leary of dealing with Atlanta simply and inexplicably because they seem to come out on top of every deal they do. ( a Midas touch)
    That leaves K.C., Toronto and Detroit. All three could offer interesting packages for Garza. I like the Blue Jays prospects as much or more than the other two but in the end, Detroit might be the more desparate and ultimately, we might get the best return from them.
    So, if there is anything Theo and Jed should realize is that if we are truly rebuilding for the long term, than as the Stones’ say, ‘time is on my side’. Make sure we get the BEST possible return for Matt Garza.

  • Aaron

    I would be absolutely shocked if the Cubs traded Garza at this point. If it were going to happen, I thought it’d happen either in the offseason, or at the trade deadline this year. But with his low 4’s ERA thus far, he’s NOT increasing his trade value, and thus, I believe the Cubs will likely hang onto him until the offseason when they’ll look to move him.

    Dempster is likely gone, and I also believe we’re seeing the last few weeks of guys like Baker, Johnson, DeJesus, Soto, and Marmol. They’re all players you could see being on a team that has a decent shot of competing (well, even that isn’t a given…as most winning teams wouldn’t want them), but they certainly don’t fit on a team on track to lose 100+ games.

    DeJesus, in particular, has proven his uselessness. After starting the year fairly well with a .370+OBP, his OBP is now in the ordinary .350’s range with his average falling precipitously. I just can’t see a light-hitting RF remaining on the roster. It makes ZERO sense.

    I don’t think the Cubs will outright cut Soriano, as I feel that’s about the only way he leaves this year, so it’s likely he stays.

    And while lefties are always in demand…with an ERA over 5, I find it hard to believe the Cubs could trade Maholm at all.

    You just have to wonder if the Cubs are going to be able to get value for any of their veterans….which makes you wonder if they’re not at least seriously considering trading previous “untouchables” like Castro and Samardzija.

    On the plus side of things, I’m encouraged with the play of several guys in Boise and Mesa right now.

  • spear

    I believe they got waxed by the Rangers in the Texeria trade.

  • John_CC

    I really agree about not trading to the Cardinals. I really hope that Epstein has grasped the rivalry, but I’m sure he hasn’t, how could he? It would the equivalent of him making a trade with the Yankees in his former life. He must understand that.

  • Jason Penrod

    I would love it if the Braves traded for him, they have loads of talent in the minors. Plus they have a huge need now that Beachy is getting TommyJohn surgery. This is the best route. Get Julio Teheran and Arodys Vizcaino. Then call it a day.

  • Brandon Paoni

    Perez, Andrus, Salty, and Harrison for Tex. they got raped about as bad as Sanduskys ass is about to be in that deal.

  • GaryLeeT

    I would not cut Soriano either. His salary would guarantee that he clears waivers, so he can be traded at any time. Maybe a late season injury on a contending team would cause them to over pay. Of course, I thought the Cubs would not have had this much trouble trading a 30 HR guy with 90 RBIs, but he’s still here.

  • John_CC

    You’re right about DeJesus being a light hitting RF, but what about a light-hitting, reliable CF? As that is where is bound to play out the season (if he sticks around). I imagine it was always part of the plan or at least a serious option … moving him to Center and filling the hole in Right.

  • paulcatanese

    Aaron, agree with you’re post, and to add I also agree with the idea that few teams even want these guys. Top of that list is Marmol, he is regressing every time he goes out there. I cannot even see a team picking him up for a batting practice pitcher, he dosent get it over enough to give the hitters pitches to loosen up with.
    Baker is also falling off the charts, and his value (whatever that is) is dropping.
    As you say, not much return for the guys that are on the block, and definatly think they would consider trading Castro and Samardzia as they may as well keep what they have if they dont.
    Why even bother to trade when they would get nothing for nothing?
    Agree with all of those you listed, just did not go into details.

  • Tony_Hall

    We actually can’t cut Soriano. You can only cut a player based on performance, and he has been clearly a different player since going to a lighter bat, and this player is performing too good to be cut.

    We have to trade him to an AL team, if he is going anywhere.

  • John_CC

    Classy. Andrus is great, Salty was overrated and has never lived up to the hype; plus you would have to take into consideration what the Braves received when they dealt him (I don’t know). Harrison is decent but the Braves are so stacked with young pitchers…he was tradeable.

    Now Teixi, he has been a machine ever since the trade. It’s just that the Braves didn’t keep him.

  • paulcatanese

    Tony, I agree with you’re post on Soriono. He has improved greatly this year, and attribute that to Sveum (who I have dis-agreed with on several things) but Soriono’s performance so far this year is due to the new regime. Don’t know what they whispered in his ear, but whatever it was, it’s working.
    Soriono’s gut wrenching performance this year has been great for me anyway, and for his sake, hope he gets that deal for a DH in the AL.

  • paulcatanese

    Rizzo replaced in the fourth inning,on his way to the Cubs?
    If so, why do they even start him in the game and then rush plane flights, etc. to get him up here in the “nick of time”?
    It’s not a big secret that he is on his way, so why play games?
    Would not be surprised to see him on the bench at Wrigley tonight, and at the least be used in a pinch hitting role or a defensive replacement in the late innings, if the game is close,(not counting on that though)at any rate, I think he will be aboard tonight.

  • Dorasaga

    He was even running the bases well last night. I was impressed, for once.