Rambling with Some Strong Baseball Nausea

This is bad. It is rough. It is almost too much to take. Calling the Cubs atrocious might just be an insult to the word.

The Cubs are 4-19 in their past 23 games, and things are not going to get better any time soon. We are into June, and at a staggering 19 games under .500, there is no hope for this team. As fans we will still watch and debate the topics of the day, but the product on the field is so very hard to stomach.

So, with all that positivity flowing, let’s go rambling down the road …

  • It will be years before we know if Almora was the correct choice Monday night. But I am pretty confident Theo and Jed spoke with him about his signability.
  • His comment about being focused on college was probably written by Scotty B himself. It was so obviously staged, it wasn’t even funny. You don’t get picked 6th overall and go to college. It just doesn’t happen.
  • The ability to think on your feet is a quality many successful people have. I admit there was a part of me rooting for the Cubs to take Appel when he fell to sixth. Picking Almora tells me the Cubs brass is totally sold on him, and didn’t waver when Appel became available.
  • I love when White Sox fans that also happen to be members of the media rip on the Cubs organization. So straight up and unbiased. No issue there.
  • Castro is just so darn frustrating. I know this is extremely repetitive, but he needs to sit on the bench. Sveum coming out and saying something is a step in the right direction, but he needs to be punished
  • Yes, even adults need to be punished for acting like children.
  • James Russell with a 2.16 ERA in June … I must admit this is surprising me. James Russell may actually be a legitimate major-league reliever after all.
  • What do you know, I was actually wrong for once. Probably won’t happen again for a few years so enjoy it.
  • You know about this thing with Garza and whether the Cubs should trade him …
  • Yea, they should TOTALLY TRADE him.
  • I would like to know what Shawn Camp’s secret is. I have been to at least ten games this year, and he just get shelled. Guys just mash the ball off of him. But with a 2.37 ERA, he must be lucky, because it can’t be talent. Or can it?
  • Seriously, the ball just gets ripped after coming out of his hand.
  • And while I am it … trade Dempster as well. Just pile up players. Nothing is happening on the North Side for a few years.
  • Ryan Dempster is a consummate teammate, and from my view, appears to be a solid human being. I would love to see him have a chance at winning this year.
  • Even after his slump, LaHair is hitting .310 with a .390 OBP and is on pace to hit close to 30 homers.
  • Yes, I am searching high and low to find some silver linings.
  • And I am going very high and very low.
  • Shockingly, Sori is looking at another season of close to 30 homers and 90 RBIs … who wants a DH. Someone wants a DH. Someone can be convinced. Someone will be desperate. Someone has to be desperate, right?
  • Heck, the Cubs unloaded Fukudome last year … anything is possible.
  • DeJesus’ OBP is over 100 points higher than his batting average. This means his batting average is definitely too low, but his ability to get on is a great trait for a leadoff hitter. Moving forward, he is not a bad option to keep the leadoff spot warm for a few years.

I could go on and on about silver linings and depressing stats, but you have heard enough from me. It’s your turn. Dish it out. Tell me what you think. Tell me I am wrong. Tell me you agree. Just tell … and while you are at it …

I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my number, so call me maybe.

I am sorry, I had to do that. That friggin’ song has been in my head since I purchased my coffee at Dunkin Donuts at 8:30 Thursday morning. I had to type it out. I had no choice. I can’t stop the madness.

And, after that, and until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

Quote of the Day

"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." – E.E. Cummings

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  • Carter_joel

    To me, the cubs brass is brilliant. They are creating an irrelevant team, causing the media to look past them, the fans to move on and quit stressing, and how else to change a culture of losing than to be completely forgotten and then be rediscovered. 2016 world series champs.

    • Ripsnorter1

      This is a friendly post…..let’s go to school for a moment.

      Let’s consider your reasoning concerning Team Theo.

      You say:
      #1… that the Cubs are creating an irrelevant team (by losing so much).

      #2 That losing so much is going to change a culture of losing so much.

      Therefore: This is a brilliant strategy.

      Perhaps you could profit from a class in logic. :)

  • Ripsnorter1

    According to Keith Law, former Toronto Blue Jay exec, Al Almora is the best Cubs prospect in the system, even over Anthony Rizzo.

    I like the player. I hope he signs. 

    • Aaron

      Again, as I’ve been saying, this actually might be more unlikely to happen (signing Almora) than most people even think right now :

      1) He’s advised by Boras. Need I say more? Well, probably…

      2) He doesn’t even seem to want to play for the Cubs given his comments

      3) He has a strong commitment fo Miami, and happens to already live in Florida, plus, he seems to be a strong family type of guy, so that will obviously factor in. Mesa, Boise, or Peoria are a long way from home

      4) Both he and Boras have backed the Cubs into a corner, and the new rules actually help them more than it helps the Cubs. For instance, teams CANNOT take that money (in this case $3.25 million slotted) and apply it to the rest of their draft. This is why Selig is an idiot….it gives the teams almost no leverage, other than the threat that they’ll just take the compensatory selection, and have 2 picks in the top 10 next year (in all likelihood for the Cubs with how awful they are)

      5) I’ve already gone over this before, but approximately $7 million versus $3.25 million. That is the number Boras and Almora likely have in mind because he’s a very confident kid, and believes he’s a #1 talent overall. The Cubs actually did themselves no favors in negotiations by suggesting even if they had the #1 overall pick, they’d select him. 

      • Cheryl

        Aaron, I think you’re right. There was an article where Boras totally ripped the new CBA He may be hoping that it goes away in two years and when Almora comes out again after going to college he will be able to get more money for him amd for himself. I now am very doubtful that Almora will sign.

        • Aaron

           I just don’t see it happening….not with 3 of the top 6 picks already signing, including the #1 overall pick for $2 million plus less than slot.

          I think every Cubs fan and beat writer out there needs to realize the numbers I mentioned in #5 in the above post.

          $3.25 million vs $7+million (which is the adjusted inflation level likely in 3 years). Plus, he’d likely be about the same level in the system. High school picks usually start at Mesa or Boise in the first year, then remain in EXST the following year, and either get assigned back to Mesa/Boise for more seasoning, or they get moved to Peoria. Then, year 3, they’re moved to Daytona.

          College draftees usually start in Peoria or Daytona, and sometimes, depending on how they do, they’ll even be moved up to AA in the same season. So, by attending college, he more than doubles his bonus, PLUS, he starts out at a level closer to the big leagues….hmmmmmm…..for a confident kid, what do you think he’s going to choose.

          Maybe for some less confident kids, they’d be worried about injury, but not this guy.

          Obviously, you never want to wish ill on anyone (except Koyie Hill to come down with a bad hamstring injury that ends his career….lol….just kidding….totally kidding), but in this case with Almora, if he ends up going to Miami, holding out for more money, you almost wish he either completely bombs as a college player, or gets injured right before the draft next time. And I say that, because he’d be screwing over an entire franchise by holding out. Look how long it took the Phillies to overcome the JD Drew thing. It set back their rebuilding several years.

          I cannot stress this enough…..The Cubs do NOT get to re-invest that $3.25 million in their other picks, which I believe is an absolute travesty. I think they could’ve easily accomplished their goal of cleaning up the draft while also giving teams the ability to re-invest #1 picks that were NOT signed. I think they feared that if they allowed that, then teams would just low-ball their #1 picks, and use the savings on their other players, thus increasing the likelihood you’d see more shenanigans with first rounders being selected not based on merit, but low-balling to receive additional monies to go overslot later on. So I somewhat understand the reasoning, but what MLB has done is totally give Bor-ass the upper hand here in negotiations…CLEARLY

          • DWalker

             I am curious as to what the response organizational response would be if Boras really did manage to convince the majority of his early round picks not to sign. At that point next year, what club could realistically pick one of his clients early on unless they have a super high leverage situation? Would having Boras as an agent simply be hanging out a sign saying don’t pick me on a much grander scale then Appel?

          • Cjccpa30

            There has been quite a bit of rambling on the signing pool. Maybe we should all take a step back and say that this is a quality athlete that MAY be an elite ballplayer. The reality is this. Almora has been graded as an elite PROSPECT, not a sure superstar. In my opinion, he would be a fool to turn down the slot and risk a career ending injury. Even if he tur

            ns it down, I believe that we would get an additional pick in 2013, which will carry a designated slot, which means that we would have more to spend in the 2013 draft. I just don’t agree with everyone geting all worked up over this, especially over a PROSoPECT.

          • DWalker

             I beleive they would get #7 in the next draft (one slot above the original slot is the rule). That was why the Pirates were willing in part to gamble on Appel being signable, they stated worst case they would have #9 next year.

          • Tno13

             Several aspects of this make no sense to me.
            1 If draft picks are slotted for the most part, why hire and pay a hotshot agent who at best can get you another 4%.
            2. The same system will be in place the next time he is eligible.
            3. He will give up 3-4 million dollars over the next 3 years that he will be lucky to recoup when he comes out next.
            I think the kid is being duped.

          • Tony_Hall

            Almora is not getting duped, he will sign, don’t buy into all that you read.

          • Tno13

             Duped in that he has to play the college card and put on a show for an agent whose fee is more than the increase he can get over the slot. I agree he will sign.

    • cubs1967

      the kid has yet to sign a contract; i love how every draft; the new kid is always the best prospect……….meanwhile 5 yrs later we are still waiting for josh vitters to make his MLB debut.

      • Tony_Hall

        The top prospect doesn’t mean the next to reach the majors.  Most high school players need over 5 years to reach the majors.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3JKQGSH67PHSCQL7OCOLRJHIGY TomO

    I totally agree with your thoughts on Shawn Camp.  Anyone who has seen as many organizations as he has and was claimed off waivers can’t be that good, can he?  Then I saw him pitch, and it only confirmed my original thoughts.  I truly thought he would have a 5.00+ ERA and be purely mop-up material.

    • DWalker

       I have to it goes back again to the shift defense. they know he is going to make contact with bats, but they also have a pretty good idea where each player naturally put hits, and probably to some degree have it narrowed down to where they are likely to hit pitches like his in particular. That has been something to come out of this year that has impressed, and is why there are so many 1 run games.

    • cubs1967

      joe borowski was the star closer in 2003…….it happens to shorten a phrase….so anyone can have a good year or in camp’s position; a few good months.

  • Christian2334

    Aaron, I completely agree with you and at the same time I don’t want to agree with you either! Haha. My feeling is that Scott boras is going to make it extremely difficult for us to sign almora because everything is always about money with him and not just the love of the game. But I also have to agree with Brian. When you are picked 6th in the draft, you don’t just say, ‘im gonna go to school.’. There is a lot of money on the table and you are risking so many things deciding to not sign. You are risking potential injury, bad stats, attitude change, influence on your teammates, and the list goes on. The sad thing about almora is the video clips MLB.com had on the website, with him talking about how hard he works and prepares, his grandparents dying while in south America for the pan America tourny, and just overall showing how good of a young man ge is. But now this just turns all of that great stuff upside-down and almost negates all of it. Almost to the point where I really wouldn’t be upset if he doesn’t sign bc of the things he’s said or boras told him to say.

    In the end I’m hopeful and I believe the kid will sign. Call it arrogance or what have you, but i think he’ll be playing in blue, cubbie blue.

  • John_CC

    Come on Brian, it’s only June 8, there is an extra wildcard to play for. They’re only a couple three solid moves away, then if they play like they are capable and string together some wins and go on a couple streaks, they are right back in the thick of it!

    • SuzyS

       :) :) :) I like to dream also!!!

      • John_CC

        all they need is a 3Bman say Miggy Cabrera, a CF like maybe CarGo or Kemp or Hamilton, a staff Ace and a stud closer!!

  • John_CC

    Anyone heard any rumors on when the Soler winner will be announced? 

    Junior Lake is really raking in Tennessee lately.  Another big 22 year old kid showing good potential.  I wonder if Tom has feelings on when he’ll be promoted. 

    I’d like to see Junior, Jackson and Soler working across the OF in Iowa.  That would be a big athletic outfield. 

    • Tom U

      John CC, there have been rumblings both ways on Lake. There are some that feel he will be brought up to Iowa as soon as a slot is available. That would mean the major league club doing something with their infielders. Other feel he could benefit from staying the whole season in Tennessee, and learning to be more consistent.

      That seems to be the main issues with Lake. He is a very streaky hitter, whose current average was raised by getting hot in a couple of games. He’s also committed 12 errors in 28 games played. That’s almost an error every other game!

      I may be wrong, but with the emphasis on outfielders in the draft, I think the days of moving a player to the outfield to “salvage” him as a prospect are over. 

  • paulcatanese

    The Mayan’s had a pretty good philosphy with their sporting events.

    The losing team was usually beheaded:)

  • paulcatanese

    MLB owners should just get together like they have in the past to mess with players and just not draft anyone that is represented by Boras.

    • John_CC

       You’d have to get every single owner to agree and commit or it wouldn’t work.  And that would be collusion. And that is illegal.

      • paulcatanese

        I know, John Iknow, it was just a private dream that snuck out to my fingers.:)

    • Cheryl

      Wonder how long it’ll take to abandon this new system? if players declared themselves frr agents prior to the draft they could negotiate with anyone. But that would mean the poorer teams would be even worse off.

  • http://chicagocubsonline.com/ Neil

    Aaron, Brian asked me to post this, he can’t right now.

    Brian said he would like to bet you a Lou Malnati’s deep dish on dry ice that Almora signs with the Cubs

    • Tony_Hall

      Almora will sign with the Cubs.  It would cost him too much money and too much in development to go to college for 3 years and gamble that he stays healthy and gets picked #1 in the future.  

    • Aaron


      • Brian

         Do we have a bet, kind sir?

        • J Daniel

          Got to believe Aaron will take the bet as he is always right

  • wrigleylover

    1) Why trade Garza? We need good pitching and he’s a good pitcher. 2) Camp is lucky. It will even out soon.
    3) If we can trade Dempster for a good hitter then great . We definitely  need more offense.
    4) DeJesus is a good lead off option

  • Anthony

    Just want to say Theo is a jerk and very disrespectful

    • Aaron

      What? Plz explain

    • John_CC

       Well thanks for sharing, Anthony.  Do you feel better to get that off your chest … again?

  • http://chicagocubsonline.com/ Neil

    From Buster Olney: Sources: Next round of bids for Jorge
    Soler are due this weekend, and right now, the most aggressive teams are
    Cubs, Yankees, ATL, and LAD.

    • Tedtop16

      This is going to be interesting. At least two of the teams, the Yankees and the Dodgers are going to have the dough to throw around on this deal. I’m not sure about the Braves. Theo loses some credibility if he doesn’t get this one done. Anyone have an ideas on what the price is going to be for Soler?

      • Cheryl

        Taking into account the sum that was mentioned months ago $27.5 million and the bid to Cespaedes (sp?) I would say $39 million aith s guaranteed spot on the 40 man roster within 3 to 5 years.

  • Tony_Hall

    A look at why teams might want Dempster over Garza in a trade.  And a look at why we may not see Garza traded for a huge return.


    “There’s no question that last year was the best year of Garza’s career, setting personal bests in nearly every meaningful category. The most drastic change was in his home run rate (dropping from 1.23 HR/9 in 2010 to 0.64 HR/9 in 2011), which had always been a problem in prior years. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to have carried over to 2012, as he’s again giving up home runs in bunches, and his performance this season looks an awful lot like his pre-breakout performance of 2009.”


    The Cubs just keep finding ways to lose. The Cubs are just picking up some other teams leftover garbage. It would be great if some other team will pick up our garbage.