Rambling While Theo Still Hasn’t Made a Pick

Fresh off a 3-game sweep of the Pacific Coast League Padres, the Cubs head out to San Francisco to start a weekend series with the Giants, and all anyone wants to talk about is the impending trade of the best position player on the Cubs.

Before Cubdom debates the merits of one Starlin Castro, I would be shocked if he were traded, and I think many feel the same way I do. However, I am hardly right, so who knows what will happen. But as the draft approaches and the Cubs go for four in a row, let get down to some rambling …

  • To address a comment from last week regarding my recent penchant for making sweeping statements of opinion and claiming I’m right, it has been meant to be tongue-in-cheek, pointing out the tendencies of some while posting. An opinion is just that, a personal thought.
  • If we were baseball geniuses, then one of us would have helped the Cubs win the World Series by now, right?
  • Or wrong, who knows. It’s just an opinion.
  • The spell-check in Microsoft Word for “Cubdom” changes it to “Condom.” Should I be protecting my future children from Cubdom? Cubdom needs a Condom?
  • This is downright eye opening. Some things are just not a coincidence.
  • Steve Clevenger could be a revelation. He just hits. And then hits some more. Even with all that rust, he got more, well, hits. He was the afterthought for so many when speaking about minor league catchers.
  • Clevenger has almost three times more hits than Castillo in one less at bat. Let the man play!
  • DeJesus has attempted four steals and been caught four times. However, with a .288 average and .379 OBP, he has been a successful leadoff hitter.
  • This was said, noted or posted by someone else on some platform, but it is worth noting: Theo Epstein has been called a failure by some after six months and has yet to draft a single player.
  • Now, people can cast aspersions, but it takes more than two months to judge a trade. It is simply unfathomable that someone can confidently make a statement like that.
  • To know and understand baseball is to know and understand that it takes quite a long time for an accurate judgment to be made or a portrayal to be written.
  • However, in keeping with the theme, a person is entitled to his or her opinion.
  • I am so tempted to say “But he or she is wrong!” However, that would not be right.
  • Campana has 18 stolen bases and has only been caught twice. One year in the minors he stole over 30, but was caught 18 times. Either he really improved with his leads and jumps, or the AA catchers of 2009 were friggin’ amazing.
  • Soriano has six more RBI than LaHair.
  • Ian Stewart is only 27. It would be great if he could fix the hole in his swing. His defensive effort is a refreshing smack in the face on a daily basis. Haven’t seen that in YEARS.
  • There are exceptions to every rule, but I am rather satisfied with Chris Bosio. Dempster looks reborn, and NO ONE, not even a true homer Domer like myself, can say they expected this out of Samardzija.
  • And as I am typing this, my MLB Trade Rumors App (rather solid if you don’t have it) pops up and says, “Cubs are not moving Castro, Epstein confirms.”
  • So there you have, there is still a chance Castro gets traded.
  • And as everyone predicted in Spring Training, “Cubs closer Casey Coleman.” Now isn’t that some beautiful alliteration.
  • I don’t remember if Hendry and company brought potential draft picks to Wrigley to work them out, but I don’t think they did. I like the idea because it is one thing to go watch a player in his environment. It is entirely different to make him audition at Wrigley Field.
  • Monday night could be a big night for the Chicago Cubs franchise. A lot has been put on the new regime. Monday night, they get to work for real. And it will be the unofficial beginning of what could be a beautiful friendship.
  • Or it could be the opposite.
  • No one really knows, he or she just thinks.

Here’s to an enjoyable, or, at least, watchable weekend in San Francisco, and until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

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