Report: Jorge Soler Granted Free Agency

According to a report from Ken Rosenthal, Jorge Soler has been granted free agency by Major League Baseball and is now eligible to sign with any big league club.

The Cubs were linked heavily to the 20-year old Cuban outfielder in January and several reports had him already agreeing to a deal with the Chicago Cubs. Those reports were inaccurate but many feel the Cubs are still the favorite to sign him. Expect the Cubs to be involved in the bidding for Jorge Soler.

Updated 12:03pm CDT with additional information from Baseball America on Jorge Soler’s free agency.

Updated 12:32pm CDT – According to Kevin Goldstein, Jorge Soler’s agent, Barry Praver, has requested that offers for his client be submitted by Thursday, June 7.

According to Ken Rosenthal, Jorge Soler had been waiting to be cleared by the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control.

Expect the Cubs to be one of the heavy bidders on Jorge Soler. The new international signing cap does not begin until July 2. Teams can bid/pay as much as they would like on Jorge Soler until then.

Stay Tuned … will update when additional information becomes available.

Update 10:56am CDT – Jon Heyman confirmed Rosenthal’s report that Jorge Soler has been granted free agency by Major League Baseball.

Update 12:03pm CDT According to a report from Ben Badler, Jorge Soler has been declared a free agent by Major League Baseball but teams cannot officially enter into agreement with him.

According to Baseball America, Soler’s agent, Bart Hernandez, still must produce an unblocking license from the OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) or two permanent residency documents from a new country before any deal can be consummated.

This delay appears to be nothing but a formality. As Badler reported, MLB typically does not send out a memo declaring a Cuban player a free agent unless full clearance is not far away.

Baseball America is reporting that many teams believe Jorge Soler already has a deal in place, which would make the announcement pretty much a moot point. But if a deal is already in place it would be in violation of MLB rules and U.S. Federal Law.

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  • cubtex

    Sign him

  • Anonymous47701

    Let’s go Get Him!!

  • paulcatanese

    After bashing Cespedes many times (which I appeared to be very wrong), I would say take the chance and sign him, better odds than going after borderline free agents or inexpensive players that have not panned out. (not all, but most).

    • Dorasaga

      Cespedes would be a high-risk player. He has proven he barely walks and swing at everything. His productivity will not last in the Major for long. He might be exciting to watch but won’t fit with the new Cubs team. The team already got too many free swingers left by the Hendry era.

  • Tom U

    The Cubs connections with Elieser Bonne, Rubi Silva, Yaniel Cabezas, and Yasiel Baleguert can give them an edge. 

    Don’t discount the presence of Barbaro Garbey, one of the first post-Castro Cubans to sign with MLB, who is the hitting coach for the Peoria Chiefs.

    • Aaron

      Don’t forget Concepcion….I believe both he and Soler (or was it Cespedes?) are good friends.

      • Tom U

        Thanks for that, Aaron!

      • Neil

        Aaron, great memory as always. Concepcion and Soler were reported to be very close.

  • Neil

    I would recommend reading the update posted at 12:03pm

  • Neil

    From Kevin Goldstein: Source indicates that Jorge Soler’s
    agent, Barry Praver, has requested that offers for his client be
    submitted by Thursday, June 7

  • John_CC

    Go big Theo. 

    • cubtex


  • Tom U

    There is something afoot within the organization. At 3:30 PM CDT, three of the four affiliates have yet to list a starter for tonight. The fourth Daytona, lists Eduardo Figueroa, a long reliever/spot starter.

    • Aaron

      I don’t know what it could possibly be. If there’s a trade on the horizon, it certainly isn’t going to involve Cubs prospects…unless to expand the overall deal. It most likely would involve a veteran like Dempster, etc.

      But it is indeed curious

      • Tom U

        The thing I was thinking was, depending one the contracts, veterans such as Esmailin Caridad, Manny Corpas, Mike MacDougal, Scott Maine, and Ryan Roland-Smith might have been given their walking papers after June 1. Replacements would need to come from somewhere.

        • Dorasaga

          I had some expectation for Esmailin Caridad when he was signed off from Hiroshima Carp, Japan. That was a ballclub that knew their foreign players, signed very good players such as Rod Allen (1989-’91), Alfonso Soriano (from their Academy in Dominica, then played ’97 for the Carp), and Colby Lewis (’08-’09, now with the Texas Rangers as their #2 and a strikeout machine).

          Of course, Caridad never put it together after his latest injuries. I remember watching him in Spring Training then in Wrigley; a lot of movement, but lacked control. He eventually lost his spot in the DL.

  • DWalker

     Considering by all rights the Cubs are likely the front runner on this (motive, money and desperation), It almost feels like a must do for them. However, If they do sign him anywhere around the 4 year 27M rumor from earlier, whats the chance Selig goes after the team, and possibly brings the feds along? Selig isn’t exactly known for his love of the Cubs and that rumor has a lot of legs.  Would that + a must do attitude and no place to spend the money in the future possibly kick him from the mid to upper 20’s to the low to mid 30’s for a cubs offer?

  • mutantbeast

    With the lack of impact players in the system-Soler is almost a necessity to upgrade our long-term prospects-and even at 5-6m/yr likely would be less expensive than a top draft pick.