From the Wire … Ryan Dempster Placed on 15-Day Disabled List

According to multiple reports, the Cubs placed Ryan Dempster on the 15-day DL with right lat tightness. The Cubs and Ryan Dempster are saying the injury is not serious and is for precautionary reasons.

The Cubs also activated Geovany Soto from the 15-day DL and optioned Welington Castillo to Triple-A Iowa. Scott Maine was recalled from Triple-A Iowa to fill Dempster’s spot on the active roster.

Randy Wells will get the start Wednesday night against the White Sox … And the Cubs lineup for Monday is interesting to say the least. David DeJesus is starting in center with Bryan LaHair in right and Steve Clevenger at first base.

Let the speculation begin …

Will update if additional information is made available.

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  • cubtex

    So do you think he will not be traded until he comes off the DL now?

    • paulcatanese

      Well all Sveum did was slide everyone in the outfield to the left, and put LaHair in right. Smells to me like someone is getting used to the outfield and someone is getting ready to make a trip.

      • Aaron

        Yes….this Saturday is the big day i believe…..curious move to DL Demp though….with a lot of guys not named Russell or Camp getting used a lot in the pen it’s not like the rest have been overworked. They could’ve just gone with Wells and skipped a start for Demp.

    • BosephHeyden

       Since Dempster is as close to the hottest name on the trade block as you can get, I have to imagine this is them dealing with a minor issue to ensure that whatever team Dempster does go to gets a healthy Dempster and doesn’t raise a fuss like the Red Sox did.  Also, it doesn’t hurt that Dempster won’t make his scheduled start Wednesday (at least, it won’t hurt Dempster’s value…we’re definitely not winning a game started by 2012 Randy Wells).

      This is smart.  It gives them more time to negotiate and ensure they get top value for Demp, especially if they’ll eat his contract in the process.

      • CubsForever

        I have been saying this will happen…our trade chips hitting the DL before the trade deadline…….first Stewart, then Dempster….Garza will be next….Marmol will be saying his arm hurts him….. lets face it, our Cubbies love the bar scene and don’t want to leave here……… is not about winning,it is all about having a party after the game…….expect much less in return now for Dempster if he gets traded…….104 years and counting……..Players come to Chicago to get drunk, not to win.

        • Aaron

          I cannot disagree with you. It’s no secret about the bar scene and the fact the Cubs had such complacent management in the past just added to the dysfunction

        • Scott

          That’s just ridiculous.

        • BrutalTruth

          Ryan Dempster is too much of a gentleman to slap you across the face with a white I will sir!

          Terrible comment and rationalization.  With that line of thinking, not that it can be called thinking, every MLB player is a drunk bastard since MLB teams are in big cities and we know big cities have lots of bars (so do some small cities). 

          If there was a “human delete” button, I would push it for you sir!

          Back to the dark depths of meaningless drivel and thoughtless outcomes you go!

          • CubsForever

            Woman slap… punch……but we all know where you come from……….and I saw your little rant on me several days ago…….as I read your comment about you and your “friends” incidents, I had to get my violin out and play it……there are far more women who get beat up by their men and end up in the ER  than Gays “bitch” slapping each other over flowers, other guys or what the color of a room should be…….the brutal truth is that violence on women far out numbers Gay violence……but the media rather tell about Gay violence than violence on women ………………….truth hurts, but there are Cubs players who don’t want to leave the night life here….and we hear all these so called injuries that pop up at trade time on Cubs players whose names we hear in trade rumors…….also, to show you rather delete a human off of  this earth for their views  tells me that you are one very dangerous sick creature….get help asap…..before one of your “friends” pisses you off over wall paper decor you have n your apartment.

          • BrutalTruth

            resorting to stereotypes…oh I love it so much…gosh i’ve never dealt with that before on or off the field.   

            truth hurts…some fans make group assumptions on players when a small few have done something.

            it’s called comedy shtick.  just like you result to stereotypes to reply to me, I use comedy to respond to posts that are baseless and absurd. 

          • Scott McMeekan

            You are such an idiot.  I can’t believe that Neil actually puts up with the gay slurs you use on a consistent basis.  You are an ignorant pissant who doesn’t deserve to have a voice in this forum.  Crawl back under the rock you came from and save us from your ridiculous drivel.

          • Neil

            Scott, without going into detail. I have been addressing this issue.

    • paulcatanese

      Yes, not until he comes off the DL, and on top of that he will have to pitch again to show he is all right. (at least that’s what
      I would do,or want if I were looking to add him to my team)
      If not, it could blow some value of his and his $$ amount
      could go down.

      • Cheryl

        Unless the potential trade partner requested it.

        • SuzyS

          Cheryl…I thought of that also…it could be that the trade is already in the works and cannot be consumated immediately for whatever reason….with the other team asking the Cubs not to pitch  Demp …any longer.
          It’s funny timing…and Demp says he first hurt it in Milwaukee…which coincides with the beginning of his 3 game winning streak.
          Then again, it might just be…”It is what it is.”

    • CubsForever

      Teams will want to see Dempster pitch at least two games after the DL stint before they trade for him……. if I was a team going after Dempster, i would hold off…..even give less due he might stay with you after the season is over…….Garza is out there…….but hey, he might want to hit the DL to stick around for another season.

  • CubsForever

    Roger Clemens, NOT GUILTY on ALL Counts…….

    Now US Govt., stop wasting time & money on baseball players and go  after the corrupt Wall St. Bankers who screwed Americans out of Billions of dollars.

    oh wait…it is an election year, and they need to support the corrupt politicians running for re-election.

  • Chadaudio

    Man.  I guess that will silence the “Dempster is a trade chip” talk for a while.  You can’t trade a guy when he is on the DL, and no team will make a trade until they see him pitch again… so much for hitting the deadline.

    On a side note, my appreciation for having W. Castillo catch everyday is subsided by the idea of having LaHair play right field at Wrigley… this is going to be real messy.

  • paulcatanese

    This is totally ironic with the Dempster situation. If the Cubs were looking to trade for him under Theo’s reasoning the Cubs would not hesitate in picking him up, based on his past record. But only if they could pick him up on the low end.
    But I would expect that other teams look at it as a little wrinkle and do the same thing, go after Dempster on the low end, therefore he must come back and pitch well to get the most out of his value.

    • CubsForever

      That will be two or three starts……we are looking at a July trade now…if it happens……and could be one or two less buyers…..and two or more sellers.

    • Cheryl

      I read that sometimes in a rare instance you can trade someone on the DL. True or not?

      • Neil

        One name for you … Jake Peavy.

  • paulcatanese

    Cannot understand the lineup today, period.

    • Chadaudio

      This lineup says, “We are terrible at defense anyway – so why even try”

      • RMercer69

        Can somebody post the lineup for me please. Thx

        • Neil

          Rusty, as soon as the roster is posted I make sure to send it out on Twitter. You can always look on the right side of the site for the lineup under the CCO’s Twitter feed before Talkin’ goes up. Lineups usually come out three-four hours prior to game time. Talkin’ launches at least two hours prior to game time.

          • RMercer69

            Oh, cool, thanks Neil!

          • Neil

            You’re welcome

      • bpot92

        made me laugh lol. But its also true

    • cubtex

      The only thought would be that LaHair will be put in RF when they bring up Rizzo, DeJesus will be moved to CF and Soriano will stay in LF. Wow! Talk about a bad defensive outfield :)

      • paulcatanese

        Right, left field may be a little easier for LaHair, because Soriono cannot play right field.
        Not worried about Campana, even on a spare basis he will still lead in stolen bases.
        The thought process is correct, not what I would like to see, but unless LaHair is traded(which I doubt, not enough return) Rizzo would have to play.
        And as long as Sveum is convinced that this is the better hitting outfield, thats what we will see.
        As you say, a poor defensive outfield, but will only last until DeJesus has his legs worn down to his kneecaps, and then there will be a change.
        I look at Campana batting ninth, why don’t they just sit him, he is totally in a negative spot there. Would serve the team better to use him in a pinch running spot where his speed can be utilized, not hit behind mr. slowpoke,the bases will be clogged in front of Campana, so he is of no value.

        • J Daniel

          DeJesus is short term anyways and is not part of the team that will be better.  I believe he is on a two year deal?

        • RMercer69

          I disagree Paul, hitting him 9th gets you the extra LEADOFF hitter when the lineup turns over and i like Dejusus hitting behind him. Also like the fact that Sveum is finally stepping outside the box with his lineup instead of standing pat.

      • J Daniel

        I agree 100% with you but my question would be what do they do with LaHair?  Rizzo should be on his way the first day possible.  In fact, move him now. let him get situated, and roll with him from there.

  • CubsForever

     DeJesus CF

    Castro SS

    LaHair RF

    Soriano DH

    Clevenger 1B

    Barney 2B

    Valbuena 3B

    Soto C

    Campana LF

    This looks like something out of Spring Training!

  • lvbleloser

    or he is not hurt at all and they have already made a deal and are just resting him before he departs to his new team the 15 day dl is a way to give demp time to get his rl stuff in order to move to his new city :O