Rambling About a New Realization

Well, well, well. This team ain’t so awful. In fact, they are not half-bad. Heck, they are even somewhat mediocre and, while we’re at it, they can be downright entertaining.

After a grotesque and gut-wrenching 3-11 start, the Cubs have won 10 of 17 and head to Milwaukee to face a surprisingly struggling Brew Crew. So, with the impending series in Milwaukee, I just have this to say …


  • Sorry about that. The idea struck me, and I just couldn’t tell myself no.
  • So, Paul Maholm not to shabby as of late. Four in a row.
  • The Cubs have two pitchers who have four wins. Last year, Dempster and Garza tied for the lead in wins with 10. T-E-N! Let that swirl around your head a little.
  • I am very much enjoying the attention Bryan LaHair is getting, especially from the national media. People from all walks of life root for the underdog. And it is great to see him succeeding.
  • It is May 11th, and James Russell has a sub 1.00 ERA. That is just great stuff.
  • Personally, I’d like to see a little more of Bowden. Hey, we got him for Byrd, so what do we have to lose.
  • To be honest, I almost said we got Bowden for “nothing.” While that may be accurate from a production standpoint, it is not fair to Marlon Byrd because of the type of person and professional he is. I will always wish him the best.
  • Not that you care about my feelings on Byrd, but just wanted to share.
  • It’s 8:41 pm on Thursday evening as I type this. I had a long day at work, and then had to hit Sports Clips for a solid haircut and quality shampooing. I am hungry and need to eat. I know you are reading this on Friday morning. I ask this from everyone for future knowledge … what should I have ordered to eat? And I am not talking about pizza.
  • When you are looking for some quality food from a delivery standpoint, what is your go-to? I have one that I will keep to myself, but I have worn it out lately, and need some new ideas. I don’t need restaurants, but I am looking for certain dishes. Thank you in advance for your solid suggestions.
  • And, well, now we return to, you know … baseball.
  • Rafael Dolis has looked pretty solid in the closer’s role. I like it.
  • I read some chatter on here about Marmol returning to the rotation. I just don’t know if he can go out there and remain calm, cool and collected for 6 innings at a time. These days he can barely do it for four minutes.
  • Simply put, he doesn’t have the control to be a starter.
  • Tony Campana has hit the ball HARD as of late. This is very, well, unlike Campana. I wonder if the Rudy has anything to do with this. He normally slaps at it or drops it down, and he has just ripped the ball multiple times this week.
  • Your weekly Soriano update: 25 hits. 20 singles. 5 doubles.
  • Over/under on Sori’s first dinger … I will set it at May 21st. I will go under. How about you?
  • There has been a lot of discussion around DeJesus as the leadoff hitter … his OBP is .371. That is pretty darn solid.
  • Speaking of DeJesus, I would just like to say … “Hi, Kim. What’s going on?”
  • As the Cubs roll into Milwaukee, I am feeling better about this team that seemed humanly impossible three weeks ago. It should be fun to watch the development and maturation as the season progresses.

Let’s get some good chatter going today. First pitch is scheduled for 7:10 tonight in the Good Land. And speaking of good, a good weekend for the Cubs will give us all that fun feeling we hope for as fans.

Until next time … Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

Quote of the Day

"When you play, play hard; when you work, don’t play at all." – Theodore Roosevelt