From the Wire … Kerry Wood to Announce Retirement

According to a report from Bruce Levine, Kerry Wood will announce his retirement from baseball on Friday morning.

Reports are still coming in. Will update but it appears Kerry Wood will call it a career.

Updated 9:16am CDT – Other outlets are confirming Levine’s report that Kerry Wood will retire. Levine is not sure if Wood will suit up for this afternoon’s game then make the announcement after the game.

Updated 9:56am CDT – According to the Tribune, Kerry Wood would like to pitch in one more game. Wood will be active Friday afternoon and will be available out of the pen. Wood is expected to retire following the end of the next game he pitches in.

Stay Tuned …

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  • Tony_Hall

    Tough decision for Woody, but an admirable one.

  • Aaron

    WOW….now what? Who replaces him? MacDougal? I have a sick feeling that Theo and company pushed him to do so….but that’s just my gut feeling

    • BosephHeyden

       It had to be done.  When the two options are “Pitcher who has not thrown strikes that I will not care to boo” and “Pitcher who has not thrown strike that I don’t want to boo”, I’ll take the first option 10 times out of 10.

    • cubtex

      I think Kerry is a very proud man and he has decided to do this on his own.

      • Aaron

         I hope you’re right…I’ve been reading the tweets, and it looks like he wants one more appearance. In an otherwise lost season, and given Volstad’s horrible performance, what I’d like to see happen is Wood get one last start in his career in Volstad’s spot, then ride off in the sunset.

        He’d have nothing to lose, and wouldn’t have to worry about throwing his arm out…he could give it all he had, and I bet you’d see a special performance, but alas, he might not even get an appearance before he retires

        • John_CC

           That would be pretty cool, Aaron. 

          But I think he is pretty much guaranteed to get into the game today if that is his wish. And I am going to be watching to see it. 

        • cubtex

          That would be very very cool! Kind of like that Kevin Costner movie where he was a pitcher for the Tigers(forgot the name) I would love to see him start one last time and call it a career!

          • cubtex

            I just remember the name….”For Love of the Game”

            Give Kerry one last start against the White Sox. How special would that be?

    • J Daniel

      If this was someone else with these stats, other than Kerry, we would all be jumping for joy!

  • Steven Tamara Petty

    God Bless KERRY WOOD!!!!!!!  I will miss you!!  One of my ALL TIME FAVORITES as a CUBBY!!!!!!!!!!  You will be missed. 

  • Steven Tamara Petty

    So, if Kerry does retire, what happens to the money owed?  Can we put that towards something of value?

  • Steven Tamara Petty

    Travis Wood.  A Wood for a Wood!!!

  • Axsenior

    Good luck Woody!!!  Hopefully the Cubs will offer him a job within the organization.

  • Palatine Steve

    Class act through and through.  I’ll never forget watching the 20k game in my dorm room at SIU.

  • Matt Weaver

    Just sad.

    I don’t have anything more detailed or productive to say on the matter.

    Thanks for memories, Kerry. I’ll remember him most for the 2003 NLCS home run – I thought he had sent us to the World Series.

    • Agustinrexach

      Me too!

  • BosephHeyden

    It really sucks that it ends like this.  Wood clearly wasn’t the same pitcher this year even as he was last year.  But I guess the silver lining is that things could have gotten worse and those bandwagon jumpers and rich yuppies that just jump on trends that frequent Wrigley could have started booing a man that by no means deserved to be booed.

    Here’s hoping the Cubs do well by him in the future.

  • Brp921

    Kerry Wood is a class guy. He was as good as there was prior to his injury.

    • cubtex

      No pun intended with that “prior” reference :)

  • Chadaudio

    Man.  I’m shocked.  I actually disagreed with everyone on here that said he needed to retire.  He actually hadn’t pitched that much yet.  I thought he would at least give it until early July.  

    Maybe he’s a lot more hurt then the Cubs have lead us to believe?

  • ldsteam

    Kerry, thanks for the memories.  Enjoy your retirement.  Maybe they will keep him on at some assistant coaching capacity?

  • Neil

    According to the Tribune, Kerry Wood one like to pitch in one more game. Wood will be active Friday afternoon and will be available out of the pen. Wood is expected to retire following the end of the next game he pitches in.

  • Neil

    Kerry Wood is warming up with the relievers and is on today’s lineup card

  • Redlarczykg

    Kerry Wood !  A great guy and class act.  Others would keep the money and run.   I hope he finds a place in the Cubs Organization.  There are a couple of guys in the minors to be given a chance now.  Batista and Rroderick currently in AA.  Just look at their stats.  Nows the time to invest on the Cubs future and go through their growing pains in the ML.

    • Aaron

       Call it a hunch, but I think it’ll be Maine (who can return given injury and retirement I believe prior to the 10 days—I think it is that you have to be in the minors after optioning), Beliveau, or Cabrera to replace him. Batista (who just got moved down to AA) or Rhoderick would then move up to AAA, and be next in line for a call-up.

      The Cubs will probably find a way to stash Lendy Castillo on the 60-day DL from here on out, so we’ve probably seen the last of him this year.

      After that, Volstad is likely to be optioned with Travis Wood likely coming up.

      Coleman might get a shot, but it’s doubtful, and Michael Bowden is damn near a DFA candidate….again…

      Here are the guys we can basically rule out either in AA or AAA from getting the call:
      Robertson-7.85 ERA
      Corpas-5.56 ERA
      Wells-7.71 ERA (as long man for Cubs or replacement for Volstad)
      De la Cruz-2.86 ERA (normally you’d say, “but he has a great ERA…except for the fact that 15 walks vs just 9 K’s in 28 IP”)
      Jay Jackson-6.00 ERA
      Caridad-4.41 ERA

      That leaves the following guys as possible call-ups for Wood and most likely Volstad:
      Rusin-2.83 ERA
      T. Wood-4.57 ERA
      Beliveau-3.32 ERA
      Lopez-1.93 ERA (please no!!!!!!!!)
      Maine-5.25 ERA (just because he’s already been up)
      Rowland-Smith-3.38 ERA
      Batista-5.87 ERA in AAA/0.00 ERA in AA
      MacDougal-27.00 ERA (only reason I have him listed is back-end of pen experience and fact he was just signed)
      Cabrera-2.55 ERA

      I would prefer to have Rusin, Batista, and Cabrera in the pen with Volstad out, Wood retiring, and getting rid of either Coleman, Camp (is his stuff awful or what…it’s a friggin’ miracle he has the ERA he does with the garbage he throws), or Bowden out. I didn’t list the AA players other than Cabrera (because he’s on the 40-man) due to Epstein’s comments about AAA being a “finishing” spot for them, and so unless there are major injuries, I don’t see any of them being promoted straight from AA.

      With Soto heading to the DL as well, I’m wondering who will replace him on the roster? I guess they could bring Clevenger off the DL, but it’s too early, and they said he needed a rehab assigment. Blake Lalli might get the call in this case, then they’d option him once Clevenger comes back in all likelihood.

      • Bredstik

        I actually think they’ll bring up MacDougal.

  • MikeT_2008

    Wow and just like that all the members from the ’03 team are gone, I still remember his Game 7 HR in the NLCS. Loved how Woody never gave up with all the injuries and fought his way back to be a solid reliever until this season. A great Cubs who seemed never to be dealt a great hand yet nearly always overcame. Hope he stays as a part of the organization going forward and enjoys his retirement.

  • John G

    A class act. He will be missed. I hope he gets to pitch against the Sox and either gets a W or S. That would be the best way to exit.

  • John_CC



    • CubsTalk

       Lets keep it that way!….ha ha ha

  • paulcatanese

    Another tough one for you Neil to report on.
    Wood, a good guy, and happy for him to make that decision. Besides his competitve nature and wanting to do well, he thought of the team and the best interests of the Cubs, as he always had.
    He deserves the respect that he will get from Cub fans,and hope he remains in Chicago.
    I will always have that vision of his debut with the Cubs, one of the most dynamic games ever pitched.
    Good luck to him.

    • carmelo

      Kerry—THANK YOU —  you’ll always be a Cub.

  • Zonk

    I think you guys summed it up, but I’ll echo it:  Wood is class.  He took a below-market deal to come back to the Cubs. and genuinely felt bad about not pitching up to his last big contract.  How many baseball players ever say that?

    Woody willl always be welcome in this town, and the way he is going out is in marked contrast to Sammy Sosa, who was arguably a better player, but burned every bridge on his way out.

    I highly doubt he was forced into it.  I think he’s just too proud to pitch poorly and cash the checks. 

  • Texcubnut

    Best of luck to you Kerry and your family. I have enjoyed your career and following you since your high school days in Arlington, Tx. You are a total class act and proud to call you a fellow Texan. You have been a first class asset to the Cubs organization and a great pitcher for Cubs fans to root for. Thank you for all you’ve done.

  • Zonk

    Lost in the Woody news:  We have a problem at Catcher.  Looks like Soto need surgery and is out 3-4 weeks.  Clevenger isn’t ready.  Barney is emergency catcher today, but we have to find someone by tomorrow.  Blake Lalli?  Juan Apodaca?  Is Koyie Hill available?  We have zero decent options right now.

    • cubtex

      I just saw that and I agree. They will need to call up or pick up another catcher. Well one thing for sure….Wellington Castillo will get a chance to play.

      • John G

        Michael Brenly?

        • Aaron

           No, it’s either Apodaca or Lalli…Again, as I mentioned above, Theo and company have repeatedly stated that AAA is a “finishing” off place, and Brenly is at AA. For that reason, I believe the days of seeing guys brought up straight from AA are over.

          • Neil

            Lalli is being called up

          • Chadaudio

            Does anyone if Lalli is a good defensive catcher?  Is he better then Castillo?

  • John G

    I’m guessing that Sveum will bring him in to get the final out, win or lose. It will be a massive standing “O” at that point.

  • Josh Man

    One of my favorite players of all time. We were in high school at the same time in Texas, and I remember hearing about his legendary stuff even back then. I was ecstatic when my Cubbies drafted him. If the scorer had accurately called that one “base hit” an error (which it was), then the 20 strikeout game would have also been a no hitter.
    The 3 run homer in game 7 of the NLCS reignited my hope after the travesty that was game 6, even though we didn’t pull it out.
    He was the one Yankee I could ever bring myself to root for.
    I can’t even express how sad this news makes me.
    We’ll miss you, Woody. Thanks for everything.

    • John_CC

       Kevin Orie!

    • Bredstik

      I was actually at that game on May 8, 1998. My wife & I were coming from Wisconsin back down to Peoria and decided last minute to go to the game. She was 6 months pregnant with my oldest son at the time. I want to say it was Kerry Wood’s 4th major league start. I convinced her to go to the game by saying that we could end up seeing something special. Who knew?  We could right away that Wood had great stuff that day. I literally said out loud when Orie missed that play at 3B and they didn’t rule it an error, “That better not end up being the only hit he gives up!” Sure enough, it was.

      That didn’t really take anything away from the game though.
      It was without a doubt the most amazing game I’ve ever witnessed. Each inning that went by, the crowd in the park kept getting bigger. The electricity kept getting more and more intense. It was amazing the way it gradually built more and more with each strikeout. When he finally struck out that last hitter (Derek Bell I think?), it was the most electric environment I’ve ever been a part of. I honestly can’t imagine anything topping it.

      That Astros team was very good, too.  They had the Killer B’s of Biggio, Bagwell, Berry, & Bell in the heart of their lineup.  No easy task to strike out 20 of them. I still remember Bell’s interview after the game.  He shook his head and said “Man, that kid’s nasty…”

      Thanks for my all time best baseball memory, Kerry Wood.

  • Aaron

    tweet says Blake Lalli has been called up

    • Zonk

      He’s probably the best guy, and reward for being a long-time “organizational guy”

  • Calicub

    Wow and just think less that a week ago i said he should do the exact thing!!

    Woody is a trooper and a team player and sees his presence as a mere hinderence to the future of this ball club.

    God Bless you Woody thanks for the great years

  • John in Texas

    My favorite K-Wood memory not mentioned yet, striking out the Astro player with a ball that ended up hitting him in the leg.  He tried to run to first and was told he was out.  Circa 2003-04

  • Krikasiii

    Surgery for Soto, torn meniscus.

  • John_CC

    Steve Stone is quoted today saying that no team could have beaten Wood on his infamous day in May 1998.  “Not the 1927 Yankees”

    That’s a helluva quote. 

  • CubsTalk

    Kerry Wood, nice guy, but lets face the facts here….he was not helping this team…….Wood was not a great player, just a good player…..he had one outstanding game in his career….he had a million dollar arm, and a two cent brain….maybe Tom Ricketts promise Wood a position in the front office…… at least Kerry is “man enough” to say he is done, and not collecting a paycheck by playing bad…….Kerry will always be in the hearts of Cubs fans……..I am not shock….I seen it coming…….Len Kasper told the SCORE  the other day he believe Wood would give it a few more weeks before he decides his future……..Wood was just another star Cub player who will never be able to play in a World Series for the Cubs.

  • craig y

    Thank you Kerry for all the memories!

  • John_CC

    Not having watched the 20K game, I’d have to say one of my favorite Wood games was when he beat the Yankees and didn’t let Clemens get W 300 in Wrigley. 

    That and the already mentioned Game 5 of the NLDS vs. the Braves. One of the best nights of my life.

    • Bredstik

      Both good memories! I also remember after Wood hit the HR to put them ahead in game 7 of the NLCS against the Marlins, I must have flown off the couch because the first thing I remember I was across the room.  Would have been great had that put them ahead for good.

      Also saw him pitch here in Peoria on a rehab assignment, which was very cool to see him up close like that.  It was standing room only here to see him.

  • Tonydann1984

    Great ! Out with the dead wood. I have been waiting for this for years. After he pitches today maybe the cubs can put him on the disable list, so Kerry will know that will be his last time on the dl like today will be his last game he blows. So I would like to wish Kerry good luck in life and don’t feel bad for taking all money you could to spend time with your hang nails on the dl.

    • John G

      When my kids were growing up I always told them to “Rise above it”. So I will follow my own advice and not call you a jerk, like I would like to do.

      • Tonydann1984

        THANKS John. Im just not a fan of Kerry Wood . My post is quit bad and negative ! I apologies for being so bold. I have been a cubs fan my hole life and wish Kerry Word and is family the best !