From the Wire … Cubs Recall Adrian Cardenas, Option Travis Wood to Triple-A Iowa

According to multiple reports, the Cubs recalled Adrian Cardenas from Triple-A Iowa. Cardenas will take Blake DeWitt’s spot on the active roster. Blake DeWitt was designated for assignment prior to Sunday’s game to make room on the active roster for Travis Wood.

Despite putting together a quality start, Travis Wood was optioned back to Triple-A Iowa Monday to make room on the active roster for Adrian Cardenas.

Adrian Cardenas put together a good first month of the season. In 26 games at Triple-A Iowa, Cardenas hit .319/.376/.521/.897 with seven doubles, three triples and two home runs. In 109 at bats, Cardenas struck out five times while working 11 walks.

The 24-year old left handed hitting infielder played 17 games at second base, four games at third base and three at shortstop. Cardenas can play left field, but did not this season for Iowa.

Adrian Cardenas’ Page on Baseball-Reference

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  • BosephHeyden

    We already established Volstad has an option.  That start showed Travis Wood is better than Volstad.  Everything the Cubs just did there was stupid (except for calling up Cardenas…but it should have been Volstad down, Cardenas up).  Seriously:  whenever a vast majority of a team’s fanbase in any sport has closed the books on a player, 99 times out of 100 we’re right in doing so.  Chris Volstad is not that 1% difference.

    • Zonk

      Not sure I would put him over Volstad based on one start (Wood hasn’t been great at AAA), but you may be right that he leaps in front of Volstad later on.

      He definitely leapt in front of Randy Wells in terms of the next callup.  Heck, Casey Coleman might be in front of Randy Wells (he had a great outing today).  This is probably Wells’s last year in the Cubs organization.

      • roguesqr09

        I’m not sure we could have called Wells back up either. Since he was just up and then sent back down, doesn’t he have to wait 15 days or something before we can call him backup?

        • Neil

          Close … a player that is optioned must remain in the minors for 10 days unless they are replacing an injured player.

      • Chadaudio

        Totally agree Zonk.  T. Wood still has control problems.  As bad as Volstad is, I’d still take him over  T. Wood.

        I think you may be correct about Wells too.  I think he just sort of gave up this year when he didn’t make the rotation.  He would probably benefit from a fresh start in another organization.

    • Zonk

      BTW, though Volstad has options remaining, in order for him to be optioned to the minors he must clear Optional Assignment Waivers, because he has accrued more than 3 years of ML Service Time (unlike Wood).   Optional Assignment Waivers are revocable, so it’s possible the Cubs put him on waivers, and someone put in a claim, and Cubs pulled him back not wanting to let him go for nothing.

      Given that he is relatively cheap, under club control, and biggest problem is “one bad inning”, someone would pick him up. 

      Thus, Volstad can’t really be sent down.

      Wood can be optioned without clearning waivers. 

      • Zonk

        PPS:  Randy Wells is in the same boat as Volstad, big difference being that Wells makes $2.7 mil, a shade more than Volstand, but kinda sucks. 

        In his case, nobody was interested, not surprisingly, and Randy decided to take the demotion rather than walk away from that paycheck. 

        Yet another reason why Randy Wells is gone from the Cubs after this year, barring a major turnaround on his part

  • John_CC

    Sullivan says that Sorinano is sitting tonight. Finally. Johnson will get the start, I just wish it were Mather … or is it maybe time to give LaHair a start out there and put Mather at 1B?

    Doing so would send a serious message to Soriano – “hey, we’re ready to take a look at LaHair in LF because Rizzo is coming.” Maybe they aren’t ready to send that message yet.

  • cubs1967

    as one of the biggnest, if not biggest non-lovers of the horrid marshall trade; even I would say keep T wood ; i’ve seen enough of volstad; it was great we got a major leaguer for big Z; and i had hope volstad would be a decent arm to eat innings; but with a near 6.50 ERA; he has not earned more starts and becuz t wood needs to prove himself to ever validate the marshall trade; he should start now.  cubs aren’t contenders; so lets see what wood can do. t wood will be on this team next year; i don’t see volstad being back.
    just more of the mind-boggling roster mgmt we’ve seen so far with team theo……..

  • Hoosierboy3423

    Any word on if they plan to start Cardenas over Barney, or if a platoon will happen for one to earn more time then the other?

    • Neil

      No word yet on playing time

      • Hoosierboy3423

        Thanks Neil, what are your thoughts on that topic?

        • Neil

          Sveum said during the pre-game that Cardenas would see time at second and spell Soriano in left from time-to-time.

          I would like to see him get playing time at second. My concern with him, like everyone else, is his defense. I have seen good things defensively, and not-so good things from him in the field.

          Darwin Barney is the better defender but he appears to be a back-up and not a starter. I would like to see them give him a chance to see if he can field and hit enough to be a starter.

  • Chadaudio

    I’m excited to have Cardenas on the roster.  Who knows, this flu could have been one of the better things for the Cubs, because it ended up forcing them to bring Cardenas up.

    That being said, I’m getting really concerned about his scouting on defense.  A lot of people on here say he is a worse glove then Barney.  Which is really unfortunate because Barney isn’t very good at defense at all.  Are we talking DeWitt bad defense at 2B?  I can think of no one worse at 2B defensively then DeWitt (maybe Lenny Harris?).