Rambling While Reflecting on the Walk-offs

The Cubs were down then Mather found some redemption, some ice and some shaving cream. Marmol blew it the next night, but was bailed out and the Cubs walked off again. Matty G and the Shark pitched well, Wrigley was having fun and the Cubs won a series against the defending World Champions. Hey, quite a nice series in a down year.

It’s Friday, let’s have some fun and go rambling …

  • Yes, I know “down year” might be a rather large understatement.
  • I am now taking credit for “Matty G and the Shark.” They will be so much more successful than “Hootie and the Blowfish.” You heard it here first.
  • So, yes, the Hendry regime should have given LaHair a shot. They didn’t. End of story.
  • The current story and focus is on LaHair, and his great start. How can anyone NOT root for the kid?
  • Okay, so at 29 he is no longer a “kid,” but he could be the Rookie of the Year, so let’s decide what “young person moniker” he deserves. Let’s hear it below.
  • Okay, Mr. Volstad, we are getting closer and closer to that point where you really need to pitch, um, well.
  • Heck, I will take average at this point.
  • Somewhere, Randy Wells best be getting ready for his next chance because he is going to one in the rotation.
  • I know this thought is shared by many and has been discussed, but come on Dale, make Clevenger the starter. It is time. There is NOTHING to lose.
  • Soriano has 15 hits and 14 singles. Yep, exactly what you want out of a middle of the order hitter. Let’s go, Sori.
  • LaHair has over half the Cubs home runs. Awesome.
  • Have to give Theo credit for getting something, anything for Byrd.
  • Slowly, but surely McThoyer is turning over this roster. It is going to take some time, but progress is being made.
  • Dempster has a 1.33 ERA through 20+ innings. I will take that without thinking twice.
  • The longer this goes, the more I am excited to see what happens with Garza. As I said last week, every time I get high on Garza, he gets shelled.
  • However, with all the soon-to-be-available pitchers re-upping, Garza will be sought after by many. A windfall could be had. It will be interesting.
  • Sveum played shortstop. Listasch played shortstop. Castro plays shortstop. Someone help him with his defense. It is UGLY.
  • DeJesus’ average may be a bit low, but a .384 OBP is not anything to bat an eye at. That is very good for a leadoff hitter. He deserves some credit for that.
  • James Russell still has a 0.00 ERA. This will become a weekly bullet point from me. Can’t complain about that from your lefty specialist.
  • The Cubs top three starters have 74 strikeouts in 70.3 innings. I am just trying to find as many silver linings as I can, but this is definitely a good thing.
  • Rafael Dolis needs to stop falling backwards when he releases the ball. He just has to.
  • Let’s hear it folks. Let’s hear it all. It’s Friday. The Cubs are off for Philly for the weekend so before the games start, let’s all ramble and throw it all out there.

Have a great weekend, kids. And until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

Quote of the Day

"Every strike brings me closer to the next home run." - Babe Ruth