Rambling While Hanging in the Basement

After staring at a blank computer screen for quite some time trying to find the words to describe this season thus far, I realized that a blank piece of paper sums up the first 13 games better than anything else.

Seriously though, the team is bad. I have just one question. Did any of you think something else was going to happen? We all knew this team was the opposite of good. So those acting surprised or complaining at no end are insinuating they expected different. No one did. We might as well just have fun with it.

So let’s do some rambling …

  • In baseball, when I see 3-10, I think .300 batting average. Unfortunately, that is not the case in the Cubs situation.
  • It seems that every time anyone starts lauding Garza and getting excited, he gets absolutely shelled. Re: Wednesday night.
  • That spinning green fish celebration thing is plain dumb. The friggin’ big apple party at Shea Stadium was so much better. And that one stunk.
  • It is really unfortunate that Byrd got hit in the head like he did last year, but it has totally changed him. And no one can judge him for being affected by it. However, the Cubs need to move on as a team.
  • I would be stunned if any team agreed to bring him aboard as part of a trade.
  • Silver lining 1: The I-Cubs are tearing it up. That is nice. Something to look forward to at least. Right.
  • I swear that whenever he flips on the TV and watched Geo drop a tipped third strike or get called out looking, Jerome Walton kicks back and just snickers.
  • Or he cries, as you know, he was Geo Soto before Geo Soto was Geo Soto.
  • Samardzija had a rough outing yesterday. Guess what … that is going to happen now and again. He is a number-3 starter, not an ace. We will see how he develops. Let’s remain realistic.
  • The Cubs have hit 5 homers in 13 games. That is NOT GOOD.
  • Again, anyone angry or surprised by this season is out of line. Theo and company cannot clean up the mess they inherited in 5 months. Expecting that to happen in naïve and plain dumb. Just plain idiotic.
  • Kind of liking hating Ricketts and calling him cheap.
  • Let me be clear. I am NOT HAPPY. I am not cool with all the losing. However, I knew this was coming and I was properly prepared. I am trying to get excited by the I-Cubs, by Castro, by some of the pitching. However, I am not going to get down because a crappy team that I knew was going to be crappy is, indeed, crappy.
  • Silver lining #2: Castro has 7 swipes and hasn’t been caught yet. I like the Sveum is putting him in motion.
  • During last Saturday’s pregame on Fox, Kevin Millar said, “In a few years, we are going to be talking about Starlin Castro as one of the top 5 players in the game.”
  • So I guess that statement can be considered silver lining #3.
  • As I am typing this, Rizzo just went yard for the 6th time this season. Good stuff.
  • Just trying to stay positive over here. Staying positive does not mean turning a blind eye to the team. I can try to be positive about the future while not enjoying the season.
  • I am very happy that Castro only has 6 strikeouts. Yes, I am very aware that just about every silver lining has to do with Castro.
  • The Cubs bullpen is not good. In fact it is very bad.
  • And for our final silver lining: James Russell’s ERA is: 0.00

Yes, folks, it has been a tough road thus far, and it ain’t getting any better. It is going to be a long season. We might as well look to the future and get in some good, hearty laughs at the present because in few Octobers, the outcome is not going to be a laughing matter.

Until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!!

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