Hope springs eternal as a new leaf is turned over while waiting for the fresh new day as the dew on the grass is beginning to dry and we are waiting for those two beautiful and gorgeous words that are music to our ears … “PLAY BALL.”

That is a lot of sap to process, but who doesn’t get sentimental when speaking of Opening Day.

Children have Christmas, the Irish have St. Patrick’s Day, and we have Opening Day. It is a magical feeling to see the bunting adorn the brick walls at Wrigley as the rosters are announced. No matter how bad the predictions are or how awful the pundits think the team will be, on Opening Day, everyone is still in it and everyone has a chance.

Baseball fans have an extra hop in their step and their smiles are a little wider on this day. Ditching work never felt so good, or so right. 24 degrees is still really cold, but just not as cold as 24 degrees normally is. It is all just part of the aura of Opening Day.

If you thought Wrigleyville was crazy after a Saturday game in June, you should see it today. Chicago’s finest look the other way as the glint in their eye makes their jealousy so clear and obvious.

Anything can happen on Opening Day. This is true of the other 161 games as well, but for some reason, it is just different the first time around. Baseball is back. Things make sense again. The world is sunnier. Life is just better because of it. Baseball is awesome.

We sit here and discuss the Cubs on a daily basis. Whether anyone wants to admit it is his or her choice, but this team is a passion for us. Just about every Cubs fan knows this is going to be a long season when it comes to wins and losses, but for one magical day during three glorious hours that reality is lost in a magical production of pomp and circumstance, and, of course, baseball. We have a chance to dream, to think, to hope and to wonder. Children certainly have the best imaginations, but Cubs fans are a close second.

Walking through the gates at Wrigley is an experience, some classify it as holy or spiritual or moving. It is all of these things at once every time it happens, but again, on Opening Day it is even more than that.

Peter Pan never wanted to grow up. It’s too bad he wasn’t a Cubs fan because walking into Wrigley on that chilly day in April for that first game can make anyone a kid again.

Cheers to baseball, to the Cubs, to you, and to Opening Day!

Go Cubs!! Here is to proving everyone wrong come September!

As I said, we have wonderful imaginations.

Happy Opening Day, CCO!

And until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

Quote of the Day

"People who write about Spring Training not being necessary have never tried to throw a baseball." – Sandy Koufax