Clevenger to the DL … Cubs to Recall Welington Castillo

According to multiple reports late Friday night, the Cubs are expected to recall catcher Welington Castillo from Triple-A Iowa and place Steve Clevenger on the 15-day DL prior to Saturday night’s game.

According to a report from the Tribune, Steve Clevenger felt “some tightness in his side” during Friday’s batting practice at Citizens Bank. Clevenger’s injury is not thought to be serious but the Cubs do not want to take a chance.

Welington Castillo has hit the ball rather well in 16 games so far this season for the I-Cubs. Castillo’s line: .320/.435/.520/.955 with four doubles, two home runs and eight walks. Castillo has also shown improvement defensively.

The I-Cubs were rained out Friday and are in the middle of a series with the Nashville Sounds (Milwaukee Brewers) at Principal Park (Des Moines).

Steve Clevenger has hit .500/.522/.727/.1.249 in limited time (10 games) with five double, a walk and two RBI. Clevenger has also played first. The injury to Clevenger comes at a bad time for the Cubs. Clevenger was doing well as the back-up to Geovany Soto (.135/.224/.250/.474 with a double, a triple and a home run) and Welington Castillo needs to play every day possible … not sit on a bench with the big league club and just observe.

The roster move has not been announced but is expected to be made official prior to first pitch of Saturday night’s game (6:05 CDT).

Stay Tuned …

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  • Ripsnorter1

    This could be the end of Soto. 

    All Sveum has to do is start Castillo for a week, and if he hits at all, Soto is traded to KC or some other organization.

    Last fall, Castillo sat on the bench and watched Koyie Hill and Soto play under Quade’s regime. I hope we do not get a replay of that management style.

    • cubtex

      Yea. Theo will pay all his salary and get a DFA’d player back. Sounds about right.

      • John_CC

         Honestly now, are you truly upset that Marlon Byrd is not the Cubs starting CF?  Do you honestly care that Ricketts gave Epstein the OK, and that Epstein took it and they are paying $5M to be rid of Byrd? 

        Please just answer those questions, because that is what this is about. It is NOT about the POSSIIBLE trades that COULD have happened over the winter based on Byrd’s POTENTIAL value etc. and how dumb Epstein and Hoyer are for not trading Byrd  – for in all likelihood a player about the same level as Bowden – back in the early spring.

    • paulcatanese

      I don’t think so Rip, based on his starting of Campana (that would never happen under Quade) this year, I think Sveum will give Castillo an honest chance to perform.
      It was a solid move to play Campana until Jackson can come up, and I think he will play Castillo to find out where Soto figures in. Of course it depends on how both perform, but at least they will get the opportunity to sink or swim. So far, I have been impressed with Sveum and his backing of what he believes in.

      • Dorasaga

         That’s a lot of praise from a veteran pitcher from Germany on a young manager.

  • Ripsnorter1

    If only the Cubs could play vs. Halladay everyday! 5-1 record translates into a 135 win season.

    Angels are desperate for bullpen help. Dempster could be their closer. They also released Bobby Abreu (eating his $9 million contract). Kendry Morales can no longer run the bases at all. They need a leadoff hitter (.195 OBP from the leadoff spot). 

    This team is ready to make a deal if they have anything you want. 

    • Jim_Tinley_Park

      Then they go in get shut out by Doug Davis types.

  • Ripsnorter1

    Marlon Byrd, BoSox career, is now outslugging Albert Pujols .318 to .313.

    • Tony_Hall

      Any other updates on the Red Sox??  

      5 game winning streak going….Maybe Marlon is their good luck charm!

      • paulcatanese

        Yes Tony, Byrd does have an infectous smile:)

  • Chadaudio

    Well that’s bad news. Are we sure it wasn’t Soto who got injured? Because that would work out a lot better :)

    Unfortunately, this is an injury promotion, so he probably isn’t ever going to start.startling

    • Tony_Hall

      Don’t be so sure.  They sent Castillo to Iowa, because they wanted him to play everyday.  As Rip said, this could be the end of Soto either way.

      • Chadaudio

        Hope I’m wrong, but I’d be surprised.

  • Tom U

    Some of the clues as to the nature of this move might be found in the minor leagues.

    Iowa’s primary catcher becomes Blake Lalli, and exactly who his backup is could be telling. The organization has Michael Brenly and Juan Apodaca catching at Double-A. However, they also have Jonathan Mota, an infielder with catching experience. Mota and Apodaca played at Triple-A last year. If the move is temporary, one of them will probably be promoted.

    The system also has a very promising catcher in Rafael Lopez. He’s on Peoria’s DL for an eye infection, but scheduled to come off on Sunday. Daytona could desperately use Lopez’s offense. Daytona  has a system catcher in Chad Noble, who could easily fill Iowa’s roster space and create room for Lopez to be promoted.

    • SomeGuy27

      Tom brings up a really good point.The lower level moves will be the tell as to what the org’s plans are.  If this were a stop-gap, “bring a guy up to sit and watch” issue they would be served just as well purchasing Lalli’s contract as he is a left handed hitting 28 y/o journeyman who can probably give you the quality 3-8 AB’s you would expect.

      If we see a AA-AAA move of Apodoca or Brenly (I think they like Brenly) I think they’re looking at a long term look rather than just filling rosters for a couple of weeks.  If it’s Mota to AAA then its a temporary move.

      This may be the point where they are thinking they know what they have in Clevenger, let’s see Castillo and figure out if we are comfortable moving Soto in the near future.

  • John_CC

    So the Angels released Abreu.  Reports where that they were desperately trying to trade him, and since they are eating his $9M salary by releasing him you’d have to assume that they would have accepted a low level prospect in trade less his pro-rated salary. 

    • Hoosierboy3423

      exactly, and he probably had just as much value if not more then Byrd. We made out great in getting anything for Byrd. GMs are starting to realize the error of their ways in these horrible contracts for old vets, especially when you have prospects knocking at the door like the angels do with Trout. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet. Though Im sure some on here will try to find a way to blame theo or hoyer for the Angels getting no compensation for Abreu.

      • Aaron

        I have to admit, getting ANYTHING for BYrd was a good move. Originally, when I heard it was the 28 yr old lefty coming back in return, I was pissed, because we already had Maine, and he is better….

        I think the difference with the Byrd and Abreu cases was the fact that the Angels were demanding a LOT more in return, not only in terms of the other team taking on part of his salary, but prospects in return. Additionally, the Cubs’ situation was unique, because Bowden was already DFA’d, and the Cubs were taking on all of Byrd’s salary. The Cubs also weren’t as desperate to unload him, with only the light-hitting Campana and the struggling B. Jackson to replace him at the time. Therefore, they could get more in return for him than the Angels could, and since the Angels were backed into a corner with a clearly ready Mike Trout knocking on the door, a scuffling offense, high payroll, AND the fact that Abreu essentially can only be a DH at this point (kind of like Soriano, but with less agility…which is pretty scary), it left them with no choice but to cut him.

        • Hoosierboy3423

          Well there was a deal in place for AJ Burnett in the offseason but he refused the trade to LAA. There was nothing in place to send Byrd anywhere this offseason. Some on here keep saying how Byrd had soo much more value during this offseason but here we see a guy who actually had value in Abreu released with no compensation and even more money being eaten by the team. Just makes me feel even better about the Byrd deal is all.

        • John_CC

           The situations were definitely different, as it stands, the Angels are paying his entire salary ($9M) and received zero in return.  So to say that the Angels were demanding to much in return in players and money doesn’t make sense. 

          • Dorasaga

            The situation BECAME different for one: Byrd was taken, and one less team needed Abreu. Granted, they play different positions, but I doubt any other teams found Abreu any better than Byrd at this time of their respective careers.