Talkin’ Cubs Live – Cubs vs. Diamondbacks – 04/02/12

Spring Training Game Thirty-Four: Cubs (15-16-2) vs. Diamondbacks (13-17)
Game Time – 3:10pm CDT
Coverage – TV: None – Radio:
Location – Salt River Fields at Talking Stick, Scottsdale

Jay Jackson (1-1, 2.77/1.00) vs. Patrick Corbin (1-0, 0.57/0.89)

The Cubs will spend their last Monday of Spring Training at the Diamondbacks and Rockies new complex in Scottsdale … only two more exhibition games before camp ends and the team leaves for Chicago to prepare for Opening Day.

The Cubs will once again pull up a pitcher from minor league camp for the day to pitch in a big league game. Jay Jackson, who is expected to be in the I-Cubs rotation, makes his second Cactus League start this afternoon while Jeff Samardzija makes his final tune-up in a minor league game at Fitch Park.

Bryan LaHair is expected back in the starting lineup after missing the last two games with a sore back.

Today is the last broadcast of the spring. Beginning with Tuesday’s spring finale against the Brewers, Pat Hughes and Keith Moreland will call all of the Cubs’ games on 720 WGN. Len Kasper and Mick Gillispie have done another excellent job this spring calling the Cactus League games on

With two practice games remaining, the Cubs are 11-5-1 outside of HoHoKam Park this spring and just 4-11-1 at their Spring Training home.

Today’s exhibition game all starts with Jay Jackson

Jay Jackson makes his fifth Cactus League appearance and second start this afternoon. Jackson was a non-roster invitee to big league camp and put together a good spring before being reassigned to minor league camp.

In four games, Jackson allowed five runs, four earned, on 15 hits with two walks and five strikeouts in 13 innings. Jackson was very good against the Mariners on March 19 (no runs on four hits with a walk and a strikeout in four innings) and allowed three runs on seven hits with a walk and two strikeouts to the Diamondbacks over four innings on March 26.

Patrick Corbin is scheduled to start Arizona’s final game at Salt River Fields this afternoon. The Diamondbacks have a pair of games against the Brewers at Chase Field on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Corbin has put together a good spring for Kirk Gibson. In five games, two starts, the southpaw has allowed one run on seven hits with seven walks and 15 strikeouts in 15 2/3 innings.

Wade Miley and David Hernandez are also scheduled to pitch for the D-Backs this afternoon.

News and Notes
Matt Garza pitched in a minor league game Sunday afternoon. Garza surrendered two hits over four innings on 51 pitches. Garza did not walk a batter, struck out six and finished getting his work in for the day in the bullpen.

Kerry Wood is expected to pitch on Monday afternoon against the Diamondbacks. Wood has faced only one batter in each of his last two outings. Wood is expected to get in the equivalency of an inning of work.

The Cubs have considered sending Travis Wood to Double-A Tennessee to begin the season. Wood needs to work on his command issues and the Cubs thought about starting him in a lower level than they originally planned. Jason McLeod told the Tribune that Travis Wood will likely begin the season with the I-Cubs due to his experience with Mike Mason, Iowa’s pitching coach.

Bobby Scales was released by the Cubs and signed a minor league contract with the New York Mets.

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Quote of the Day

"Failure seldom stops you. What stops you is the fear of failure." – W.J. Slim

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  • Neil

    Today’s lineup:

    Barney – 2B
    Johnson – RF
    Castro – SS
    Soriano – LF
    Baker – 1B
    Soto – C
    Byrd – CF
    Mather – 3B
    J.Jackson – P

  • paulcatanese

    Good again Neil.
    If memory serves me correctly, did the Cubs have a similar record last year, by that I mean more successful on the road than at home?

    One last plea. Selig, put the DL in the NL now before the season starts.
    Think about it Bud, the Cubs would have the best DH in either league with Soriono, highly paid, but then they have to pay him anyway.
    In that role he would probably be elected to Mayor of Chicago. The Cubs would be knocking on the door.
    Alphonso would have the best gig around, just sit in the shade of the dugout for 20-30 minutes and then do what he likes the most, swing the bat. Cool nights, they could give him a faux fur jacket (blue) to keep warm between at bats.
    I cannot believe that other clubs in the AL do not realize this and have not grabbed him up, he is a born DH.
    The only extra thing would be to allow a pinch runner for him if he only gets a single. The guy would be great.
    Don’t know why someone hasn’t thought of it before:):)

    • Aaron

      For the purity of the game…i cannot agree with you…DH doesn’t belong in the game at all…even in little league we all had to hit

      though i agree that Soriano belongs in the AL as a DH

      • paulcatanese

        Aaron,I agree, the post was done toungue in cheek, and meant to be humerous. Just can’t get serious about this bunch yet.

      • MikeT_2008

        Couldn’t agree with you more, a ball player needs to be able to do both aspects of the game. It just isn’t baseball if you only use a glove in 10 games or less per year

      • John_CC

         I will be more than upset when the NL goes the route of the junior circuit. 

        I understand the FA argument and all that, but I don’t really care.  The playing field is level during the regular season and it hasn’t proven to be all that lop-sided when it comes to the Series.

  • cubs1967

    So we traded Marshall for a double AA pitcher…..geez… it get any worse!

    • gocubs

       cubs1967, you really seem to have a tough time seeing beyond whats just set in front of you.  You are being very short sighted.

      Cubs received their top 2B prospect in Torreyes, a top 4th OF prospect in Sappelt, and a 25 yr old LHP who is under team control for 5 yrs, costs very little, still has a TON of upside.  That was a huge haul for a relief pitcher in the last yr of his contract.  Yeah sure Marshal is a very good reliever, but the Cubs MAXIMIZED his value.

      Epstein’s team is maximizing the value of all of their assets to help the Cubs be very good for a long time.  This is not Tribune any more cubs 1967, these guys are brilliant at drafting, developing, maximizing assets, building a team that can have sustained success. 

      Please cubs 1967, try to have a more open mind about what is going on here.  They are building an organization…not trying to sacrifice everything to win this year.  Its really not that hard to understand.      

      • cubs1967

        uh…….the 2nd baseman has 1 year of  low A  ball; so he’s still a suspect. see karl pagel, ryan harvey, mark pawelek, grant johnson, earl cunningham, felix pie, etc for A ball cubs suspects that did not do squat in the majors OR reach the majors.

        sappelt is a top 4th OF prospect……..i did not know if you are a 4th OF you are a prospect…….sounds like a benchwarmer to me if he cannot start…….and he isn’t even on the roster so right now he’s the 6th or 7th or 8th OF on the team (cappena-bjax); not 4th.

        yeah…..5 yrs of bombs away wood……with his 20 plus ST ERA…….who is not on the MLB roster either….

        FYI……marshall had the 3rd highest WAR at 2.8 of any RP in baseball last year……….

        3 crappy minor league prospects is NOT maximizing value……’s called a crappy trade.

        go have some more team theo cubbly blue kool-aid and repeat to yourself……..104 yrs and counting……this is not embarassing……..this is not embarassing……..

        • gocubs

           I feel sorry for those who cant get on board with this group and see what they are doing. 

          Its pretty easy to see that they are turning short term assets into long term assets, maximizing value of what assets they have, and building a foundation for sustained success.  It doesnt happen over night.  This is the genesis.  Just the very beginning.  The planting of the seeds that will eventually turn into a winning organization.  No one expects every move to work, or every single thing they do to be perfect, but its a continual process that in time will produce an organization that can develop its own players, pay for future success – not past, and make smart key additions while continually maximizing value of all their assets. 

          I hope those who cant see this, in time will….or in time will fade away.  This is a new day for the Cubs.  The most exciting time for this organization in many many many years….not because this yrs team is great, but because we are here to witness the building of something special, something extremely well planned and thought out. 

          cubs1967, your negativity and short sightedness is a caricature of the old guard.  please spend some time and learn about what these guys are doing.  No one is asking you to just blindly trust anything…its plain to see these guys know what they are doing and they have the track record of executing great things with great planning, and great ideas. 

          cubs1967, I wish you peace and hope you can come to more positive place.   

      • Steve Rock-Vegas

        Well put gocubs!! Glad to see more people are starting to “get it” and see beyond individual moves and see what’s being build. 

        • cubs1967

          get what………how to build a crappy farm team??

          man are you naive……….but you keep smoking that theo kool-aid; god forbid you trade a in his prime lefty 29  yr old; theo says its OK so it must be…………

          bring on the class A players!!

      • GaryLeeT

        Trading a known quantity for potential, is gambling, not building. Building a team is making wise draft choices, signing those great cogs to the wheel, that might fly under the radar of most GMs, as well as adding a couple of superstars. Any GM can build a Royalesque competitive team that can win 80 games, by trading their good players in the last year of their contract. So, the current Cubs management team has not impressed me with any of their moves.  Maybe, down the road some of them will work out, but I just have not seen any that were obviously shrewd. Until I do, my 45 years as a Cub fan has earned me the right to be as cynical towards this management team, as any, post Dallas Green.

        • paulcatanese

          Well put, as any Cub fan for the length of time that you have been can be as cynical as they want to be.It has been earned.

  • Ripsnorter1

    Rusin has pitched very well this ST. Better than his minor league stats would suggest. And he’s a LHP….

    We need a LHP in the bullpen.

    Rusin was a LH starter in the minors. Last year he gave up more hits than IP in both AA and AAA. 

    Do you think they are sending him down for “more seasoning” because they see him as a starter in MLB?

    • Neil

      If you are asking me the answer is yes. They view Rusin as a starter, not a reliever.

    • Tom U

      I agree with Neil.

      Rusin may not be a top of the order pitcher, but is one that can be in the rotation.

      • Aaron

         The major advantage that Rusin has is the hitch in his delivery. He is not going to “wow” you with anything…secondary pitches or velocity, but he’s a solid lefty, and should take over for Maholm once the Cubs trade him at the deadline (my prediction) to rebuild their farm system.

  • Ripsnorter1

    It has to be a huge disappointment to the Cubs that they would even have to consider sending Travis Wood to AA, after thinking that he would be one of their 5 starters in the bigs. 
    The scouting reports I have read say that he was off of his feed in 2011 after his rookie campaign in 2010. But this ST was disastrous for him. Something with his mechanics….maybe Mason can fix him.

    The way Rusin has pitched, he may pass Travis Wood in the depth chart this year, if he can keep up the good work.

    • John_CC

       “off of his feed” …  What does that mean?

      • Ripsnorter1

        “Off of his feed” = “sick”

        When you care for livestock–think cattle–and they stop eating, they do this because they are sick.The scouting reports on Travis Wood after the 2011 season said that he took a step backwards in 2011, as compared to his work in 2010.

  • Neil

    Corpas 1-2-3 in the 8th with 2 strikeouts

  • Neil

    Cubs beat Diamondbacks 8-3 Monday afternoon

    Jay Jackson: 3R, 5H (2HR), BB, K, 4IP; Kerry Wood: K,1IP (3 up, 3 down on 11 pitches); Manny Corpas: 2K,1IP; Lendy Castillo: 0R, 2H, 0BB, 0K, 1IP; Starlin Castro: 2-for-3, 2 2B, RBI, SF, 2R; Geovany Soto: 1-for-3, HR, 2RBI; Darwin Barney: 2-for-4, 2B, 2R

  • Neil

    From Carrie Muskat: Jeff Samardzija threw 4 shutout innings in Minor League camp. 6 Ks, 61 pitches. Threw another 30 pitches on side. He’ll start 4/8

  • paulcatanese

    And the moral of the story for the Cubs, is stay on the road.