Cubs Still Seen as the Favorite to Sign Jorge Soler … and Other News and Notes

Now that Gerardo Concepcion is signed, sealed and delivered, could Jorge Soler be next in line for a contract from the Cubs?

Jorge Soler is still on the Cubs’ radar and the now 20-year old outfielder (February 25) is still an important piece to the Cubs’ puzzle, that is once he can negotiate and sign with a team. According to a report from WEEI (Boston), the Red Sox are also interested but like most of the baseball industry, the Sox expect that the Cubs are likely to win the bidding war for Jorge Soler.

Jorge Soler has not established residency in the Dominican Republic, which is the first step in the process of him becoming eligible to sign a contract. There is still speculation that once he is eligible, Soler could be in for a rather large payday in the $27 million range.

Kevin Goldstein discussed the Gerardo Concepcion signing, Jorge Soler, and the Cubs’ system on WGN Radio following Monday’s exhibition game with the Reds. Goldstein thinks the Cubs are the “overwhelming favorite” to sign Jorge Soler.

Here’s the update …

According to a report from, Dale Sveum is not worried about Bryan LaHair’s slow start. Bryan LaHair is not where he wants to be at this point of the spring. Sveum mentioned the Cubs could send him down to minor league camp in order to get extra at bats if that’s what LaHair feels he needs. LaHair will receive consistent at bats over the last 10 games of the Cactus League schedule.

During an interview on Talkin’ Baseball (ESPN 1000) Saturday morning, Dave McKay discussed the Cubs’ baserunning plans for Spring Training. McKay explained that the team is being extremely aggressive early so they can gauge where the players skills are in terms of running the bases. That includes going from first to third as well as stealing bases. The coaching staff wants to find out now what the players can and cannot do before the games count.

According to a report from, Jason Jaramillo was able to take part in early drills Monday, including catching bullpens. Jaramillo started hitting Friday after being sidelined with quad issues. Jaramillo said he’s never been so happy to be catching bullpen sessions.

Dusty Baker is not going to offer any tips to Dale Sveum … and Sveum said he is not going to ask Baker for any advice.

Brett Jackson has been very impressive in camp so far this spring. Dale Sveum raved about his eighth inning single Sunday. Jackson will still likely begin the season in the I-Cubs’ outfield … unless the Cubs find a taker for Marlon Byrd.

The Cubs have hit seven batters in nine Spring Training games … and that number could increase. Chris Bosio is stressing the importance of pitching inside this spring.

With Ryan Dempster, Matt Garza and Paul Maholm taking three of the five spots in the starting rotation, that leaves Jeff Samardzija, Chris Volstad, Travis Wood, Randy Wells and Rodrigo Lopez competing for the two open spots.

Jed Hoyer said the Cubs will not have a six-man starting rotation.

Starlin Castro’s defense is still a work in progress according to the Sun-Times.

When asked about Matt Garza’s extension, Jed Hoyer said he’s not going to keep commenting on it.

According to Kevin Goldstein, Jorge Soler would become the top prospect in the Cubs system … if they are able to sign him. Goldstein ranked the Cubs’ system 20th in baseball and he told Brian Noonan and Andrea Darlas (WGN Radio) if they were to sign Soler the system would improve slightly to “middle-of-the-pack”.

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… And last but not least, click here from more photos from Spring Training.

Well, there’s the update … and I’m sticking to it.

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  • J Daniel

    Jorge!  Hope it gets done.  At this point it is critical to keep adding as many young prospects as possible – as we know and have witnessed – only a few will work out.  Maybe, finally, the Cubs will hit the jackpot and have several of them become front line players.

    When was the last time?

    Maddux, Palmero, Carter, Walton, Smith (Walton and Smith) marginal.  The point is they have to have home grown talent that they can keep to form a nucleus and have extra to trade when needed.  Forever they have just traded it all away.

  • Tony_Hall

    This is a great way to look at ST.

    “McKay explained that the team is being extremely aggressive early so they can gauge where the players skills are in terms of running the bases. That includes going from first to third as well as stealing bases. The coaching staff wants to find out now what the players can and cannot do before the games count.”

    You can be sure they are doing the same thing with all the players.  Pitching lefties against righties to see how they do, batting lefties against lefties, and defensively as well.

    Take ST numbers for what they are, organized practice games, that we keep stats.

    3 weeks 1 day to MLB Opening Day…and 3 weeks 2 days until Cubs Opening Day versus Stephen Strasburg!

  • cmschube

    Soler must not like money. I would have been banging on the door to the DR Embassy on the first day!!!

  • Redlarczykg

    Going from first to third on a single and pitching inside!  Foreign concepts to me as a Cub fan for over 50 years!?  I’m in shock!

  • cubtex

    Cubs dropped Casey Weathers off 40 man roster.

    • Neil

      Thanks for posting. Weathers was outrighted to Iowa and removed from the 40-man roster.

      • cubtex

        so he cleared waivers already?

        • Neil


          • Texcubnut

            Not surprised.

  • Anthony

    From AZPh

    A tall RH hitting Latin American OF took BP with the Peoria squad at Fitch Park Field #1 this morning and put on a power display.”with 39 on the roster, some of you may get your 27MM wish?

    • Theboardrider

      Is this true? Soler?

  • Woggins1

    Thoughts regarding Soler:
    Why is it taking him so long to establish residency and become a free agent??? Is there some funny business happening with the Cuban Government??? Does he have a bad agent or counsel??? Is he hurt and trying to get better before he has to show his stuff??? Is his family holding him back??? Is the red tape in the Dominican that bad???…Or did he not pay off the right people???
    We’ve been hearing about Cespedes, Concepcion, and Soler ALL WINTER….Why has he not completed the first step yet?

    Neil or anyone else…any insight???

    • Neil

      Suzy, first I apologize for not answering your question
      earlier. I meant to Sunday and it slipped by mind. Going back to Sunday, by rule the contract Concepcion signed has to be a Major League deal due to length of deal and the amount of contract.

      As for the difference between Cespedes and Soler, each
      player is different and the process is not exact. Some think Cespedes went through the process quickly and was surprised how soon after his residency was announced that he was granted free agency by MLB.  While we think we know exactly what is going on, we do not. Cespedes could have begun the process before Soler.

      Also with Cuban players, there is more than MLB red tape to go through, there are also all of the US Government regulations that must be followed.

      From the way I understand it, I would not read anything into the delay and Soler should be a resident of the Dominican Republic very soon.

      • SuzyS

        Thanks Neil