Rambling With Visions of Opening Day Dancing in My Head

It’s Friday, cuts have been made, dreams have been shattered, veterans have been shocked and all signs point to the Shark.

Opening Day is less than a week away, the roster has taken shape and it’s time to play some meaningful baseball games, for a few months, at least.

So, let’s get to some rambling …

  • I have to imagine that if Mr. Wells gets back to Chicago, his alleged nightlife habits might be quite different.
  • Nothing can be taken for granted, especially in baseball.
  • I expected Castillo to get the job. My take away is that McThoyer wants Welington playing every day and not pining away as they see his as the starter next year.
  • When you compare the stats of these two from this spring, it is somewhat amazing how similar Clevenger and Castillo are. Both have 12 hits in 37 at-bats with two homeruns, only a difference of one RBI. Castillo has four more strikeouts, but his OBP is 34 points higher. Just crazy similarities over the course of an entire spring.
  • Either way, congrats to Clevenger, just proving once again, hard work and good performance can make your dreams come true. Cool stuff if you ask me.
  • I, for one, am rather surprised Scott Maine got sent down. James Russell will be the only lefty in the pen.
  • And for that matter, Maholm is the only left in the rotation. So whether it is 11 or 12 pitchers on the staff, there will only be two lefties.
  • However, I have been told/heard that the McTH is searching for a lefty and Byrd is bait. Shall be interesting to see how that plays out in the next six days.
  • If they don’t trade Byrd by Opening Day, they should hold on to him until the trading deadline because they are sure to get more for him at that point. So, maybe they should just wait until then anyway.
  • Soriano is hitting .341 with six long balls and 15 RBI. I know I mention this every week, but it is too funny. When he steps to the plate against Strasburg on April 5th, we can only hope the youngster tries to “announce his presence with authority!”
  • I am out in California visiting family and playing golf. A few days ago, our caddy realized I was from Chicago, and asked if I was a Cubs fan. I responded of course and he told me that his great grandfather was Johnny Evers. The caddy had the same last name. Pretty random, but rather cool.
  • This week’s prediction game: How long will it take Sveum to have his first “media outburst?” I will set the over/under at June 9th, and I will take the over. Let’s hear your thoughts below.
  • Andy Sonnanstine has a 14+ ERA and doesn’t accept his assignment to Triple A … HA!
  • Back to Marlon, if he is traded, I still think Sappelt comes up before BJax. Whether or not it is an “arb years” thing, no matter what, I don’t see he or Rizzo coming up before late June.
  • Manny Corpas still hanging on for a spot. Not sure how long it will last, but the non-roster invitee pitcher I picked to make the team is still there. We shall see.
  • Yes, the previous bullet was all about subtly or not so subtly giving myself a pat on the back. Lay off me, I’m starving … for a pat on the back.
  • I am sorry, but I have a big penchant for including comedy quotes no matter how far I have to reach.
  • Back to Wells, my guess is that McTH prefers him to be the first rotation option if anyone goes down, even over Lopez. I think they sent him down so he will not have to be “stretched out” when the Cubs have that need.
  • That’s only my opinion, but that is where my head is at on the matter. Again, I am wrong rather often.
  • Guys and gals from far and wide, the Opener is six days away. No matter what the outlook or prognosis, it’s hard not to get giddy for it, just like a kid on Christmas morning.
  • Cheers to all my fellow Cubs fans!!

Enjoy your respective weekends, and as always, but also in honor of Ron Burgundy’s recent announcement regarding the making of “Anchorman 2” …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

Quote of the Day

"When you play, play hard; when you work, don’t play at all." – Theodore Roosevelt