Rambling as the Cubs Roster Dwindles

Andy Sonnanstine ain’t in the big league sun no more, real baseball is about two weeks away, the Shark has finally earned his chance and Soriano is still fooling us all.

With that said, let’s get to what Fridays on the CCO are all about.

Ramble on …

  • Most of us have been literally saying it until we are Cubbie-blue in the face, but with Opening Day approaching, it feels so great to have confidence in the rebuilt front office, and for those things that may happen over the next decade.
  • Come on boys; let’s find a new home for Marlon. BJax needs to cut down on the K’s, but I think he is ready. And what I think, plain and simple, is all that matters.
  • A while back I said that if I had to choose one position player who was a non-roster invitee to make the roster, I picked Amezaga.
  • If McThoyer can unload DeWitt to Philly, I may just be right. ‘Zags has had an impressive spring.
  • Yea, it’s cool, he told me I could call him ‘Zags. He and I are tight like that.
  • I am also a legend in my own mind.
  • Am I the only one being brainwashed by all of these Domino’s commercials during the tourney. I really want to try these “Parmesan Bread Bites” created by the “nobody store owner” in Ohio.
  • Sorry for the tangent, but I just saw the commercial again. Those things look pretty delicious if you ask me.
  • Sorry. FOCUS. Baseball. I would really like to see some of this spring power carry over into the real season.
  • I don’t necessarily miss the Cubs team of yore that could only score from the longball, but I do yearn for, you know, home runs and stuff occasionally.
  • Will Travis Wood even make the Bigs coming out of camp? If Russell is a shoe-in, and another lefty definitely makes it, Scott Maine has to be the choice, right? Am I missing something?
  • Travis Wood needs to go get consistent, everyday help, and that is more likely to happen in Iowa.
  • It appears the Cubs will have four or five righties in the pen, depending on the future of Randy Wells. So that leaves a spot for, at most, one lefty outside of Russell. No way it’s Wood.
  • I have been wrong before. Many times. Just ask any of the girls I have dated.
  • Anyway, the game for this week is: Will Randy Wells be traded before the season starts … Yes or No. I say: Yes. Let’s chat about this below. Give us your thoughts.
  • Less than TWO weeks until REAL baseball begins. It is a great feeling.
  • It feels so good. Just so tasty when you really think about it all.
  • There has been a lot going on in and around the Friendly Confines this winter. I am excited to see the new right field bleacher section, and what the new mysterious, yet temporary-looking structure next to McDonalds is.
  • While we are on the topic, for those who have not been able to visit Wrigley in the past ten years, do what you can do get to a game. You will not recognize Clark St. I have lived on the North Side for 10 years, and the changes are truly amazing. The gentrification is really quite astounding.
  • Congratulations, Joe Mather. You’ve earned it. I really don’t know much about you, but you did what any ballplayer hopes for. You went into Spring Training without much hope, busted your hump and produced. Well done.

So, with all that said, we are so very close to REAL baseball. I hope you all have a wonderful Friday, enjoy the madness if you are indulging, and have fantastic weekends.

And until next weekend …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

Quote of the Day

"Pitching is the cornerstone of most championship teams." – Roger Craig

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  • RynoTiger

    Randy Wells and Ian Stewart to Baltimore for Mark Reynolds and a PTBNL.


    Randy Wells and some IF to the Angels for Mark Trumbo and a PTBNL.

    • Woozchy

      Would that be enough?

      • Ripsnorter1

        If Mark Reynolds makes more than the ML minimum salary, they won’t do the deal. Same with Trumbo.

        And no, that isn’t enough to land Trumbo. Trumbo plays 1B or RF. You can forget about 1B, since Theo/Jed are completely in love with Rizzo. And knowing Jed, they’ll throw in several MiL pitchers to boot and keep Manny Corpas and Andy Sonnastine and De la Cruz. 

        And also, the Cubs are not going to part with Stewart. They’re in love. Besides, who would play 3B. Trumbo has never played 3B in professional ball.

        Remember 2012’s theme:Losing Big on the Cheap.

        Speaking of Trumbo….he doesn’t like to walk. I like his big time power, but 25 BBs with 120 Ks in 539 AB. Let’s see…76.8% contact rate. He won’t ever hit for average until that changes. I checked out his MiL numbers, and they were worse. He’s actually shown a growth in skills in this department. He’s 25, and he’d be a nice addition to the Cubs. But I doubt it ever happening.

        • Steve Rock-Vegas

          Neil, any chance you have a program that can automatically delete any post with “Losing Big on the Cheap” written in it?  If I have to read that rediculous comment one more time I may not be able to read any more post again for fear of having to get angry every morning and ruin my morning coffee session.  Please do us all this favor…..pretty please :)

          • paulcatanese

            Steve, where is it written that all that post must be blind cheerleaders for the Cubs and cannot bring opinions that may not be appealing to all?
            Been a fan long enough to have earned the right to dis-agree with policy or agree.
             Either way, I cannot find fault with any post on here as long as it’s proper, no bad launguage or name calling.
            I enjoy all and just take them for what they are, opinions.

          • Texcubnut

            Well said, Paul. And like Brian always says, “Stay Classy Cubs Fans.

          • Steve Rock-Vegas

            Paul, there’s nothing wrong with having an opinion, that’s what makes it fun to debate and banter about a team we all love.  However, when you continue to state a comment like Ripsnort does with Losing Big on the Cheap, based on four months of activity by the new front office, and it’s an ignorant comment.  Say it once, ok your angry, say it twice, ok, your dissapointed, say it repeatedly over and over for four months since they set up shop and you’ve lost all credibility.  My opinion, and this is my final post on it, is that everyone who is continually negative on the new front office is WAY off base evaluating what they’ve done to date.  How can anyone judge what they’ve done so far and view it as Losing Big on the Cheap intentionally as that comment implys.  This is like a draft and trying to evaluate it as fact two days after it’s over is worthless.  Every expert, coach, GM, whatever will tell you to judge a draft three years afterwards and see how they did.  Same concept here applies, we can all say JH ruined the Cubs based on his body of work over the last five years and you’d be accurate with that opionion.  But to base four months of work on this front office as anything other then a work in progress is worthless.  My final point, FOR GOD SAKES GIVE THEM AT LEAST ONE FULL YEAR before you judege them , over even FORM an opinion.

          • GaryLeeT

             Who forces you to read anything? Are you in a program like the one in A Clockwork Orange?
             I just don’t understand those who want to silence other people’s opinions.

        • RynoTiger

          actually Mr. Smarty Pants the Angels just played Trumbo at 3B in a spring training game this week.  That’s why I suggested that trade. 

          • cubs1967

            mature response with the Mr smarty pants comment; how was 6th grade today?…..must be on spring break.

          • Ripsnorter1

            I’d like to have Trumbo, but not at 3B.

            Here is the quote of what Bowden says about Trumbo’s switch to 3B. BTW, Baseball Reference says he has exactly zero innings in his entire minor league career at 3B. Here’s his comment….
            “Trumbo placed second in AL Rookie of the Year voting last year after hitting 28 homers and driving in 85. However, that was as a first baseman, which is an easier position, and he wasn’t even that great over there. Further adding to the adjustment is the fact that Trumbo’s spring training debut was delayed because of a stress fracture in his right foot. 

            Angels skipper Mike Scioscia said he’s hoping to find Trumbo enough at-bats at first base, third base, right field, left field and DH. But there really isn’t any room for him. As it stands, Scioscia has Alberto Callaspo at third, Albert Pujolsat first base, Vernon Wells in left field and Kendrys Morales at DH. 

            I don’t doubt Trumbo’s desire or his work ethic, but I still have serious reservations whether he’ll be able to get good enough defensively to handle third base regularly. I watched him take infield practice and his feet, legs and arms don’t work well there. It still makes sense to try to trade Trumbo for a proven third baseman, but I don’t blame the Angels for trying to play him at third to try to get his power into the game somehow. Indeed, Trumbo’s 25-30 homers would really help their offense, I just have a hard time imagining them winning more games with Trumbo at third instead of Callaspo, who can make the plays as well as give them solid at-bats. 

            The best thing would be to send Trumbo out to the minor leagues for half a season to see if he can play third base, but that’s hard to do with a guy coming off the type of season he had last year. The reality of it is if he does start at third, utilityman Maicer Izturis will have to come in for defense by the sixth inning, thus curtailing Trumbo’s at-bats regardless. The bottom line is there’s simply no room for Trumbo.”

  • Ripsnorter1

    Ramble about this: 

    Former Reds GM Jim Bowden wrote this article on 5 future closers. On the list: Cashner and Sean Marshall.

    I had read before the deal of Marshall that he would be closing. In fact the scouting service I pay for stated that in January. And Cashner was always a strong arm–when healthy. 

    • John_CC

      Ryan Madson is the Reds closer. I don’t see Marshall as dominant closer, maybe he could be, maybe not.

      Most people saw Cashner as a possible closer…someday.

      What is your point? …never mind, I actually know your point and would rather not hear it again.

      • cubs1967

        that team theo is not so smart after all I think is the point; that neither of those guys needed to be traded.
        we have the 1b of the future in vogelbach; how often do guys that throw 102 come along like cashner.

        i know it sucks for some of us to actually question the cocky new front office; but someone has to; it’s gone on far too long for cubs fans like you to just accept the losing.

        in theo’s words: cubs fans should expect a winner.
        in jed’s works; this team will be highly competitive this year.
        time to prove it boys!

        and just for Steve in vegas:

        2012: baseball is better (translation losing BIG on the cheap)((translation: cubs fans are too stupid to realize we made the team worse)).

        104 yrs and counting………

        • cubs1967

          and why did they trade for a 3b with wrist issues??…….maybe he passed the physical, but come on…….if I hear that get talked about during the year or he misses time becuz of it.
          after seeing B.A. Wood (bombs away) this ST; i think we can understand why jed’s padres were a last place team in 2011.

          • http://theboardridersuite.wordpress.com/ Theboardrider

            Stewart has looked good to me.  If he keeps it up that deal will look very Cub-sided…

          • Ryjo723

            Its hard to tell if youre trolling or are just a really biased, angry cubs fan. Either way, the Stewart trade makes a lot of sense: the Cubs needed a guy to play third, the Rox were shopping Stewart, and the Cubs didnt have to give up much to get him. Best case scenario, it ends up as a classic change of scenery trade and Stewart becomes a good MLB 3B. Worst case, the Cubs gave up a player with power but an inability to get on base at an adequate clip for a one-year stopgap at third. Next year we can re- evaluate the FA market as wrll as our own minor leaguers.

            The trade for Stewart was a smart gamble

        • BrutalTruth

          actually I’m going to question your cocky know it all comments.

          paper doesn’t always equal reality.  We’ll see after the season happens how “worse” the team was.

          • cubs1967

            learn to read; I said the front office is cocky.
            when they bring back baker-dewitt-rod lopez–and sign 30 plus yr olds like mather-and sign 31 yr old pitchers like maholm coming off an injury and 32 yr old OF like dejesus coming off his worst year in 5 yrs; those are JH type moves and then have the audacity to say ” this team should be highly competitive” like jed did??…….

            come on!!

            how naive are you?

        • John_CC

          You are an expert on cocky, I will give you that, so if you demand to continue to label the front office as the eastcoast cocky boys, I will take your word for it. 

          Vogelback just came out of HS and he is “The Future” 1B. Wow.  I’m sure you were cracking wise about his weight not 3 months ago.  No practical person would already judge the Cashner – Rizzo trade. Neither have proven anything in the majors.  Cashner’s shoulder is big concern.

          Having a “conversation” with you is like talking to my coffee table.You and cubtex, et al can say all you want about how important different opinions are but these “opinions” do nothing to further a dialogue or encourage healthy, spirited, sporting debate. You simply spew hatred and scorn, it’s ugly and in my opinion it has no place in civil discourse. 

          Finally, while I am not offended by anonymous, immature name calling, still I do not appreciate being called “stupid”, and I’m sure the other contributors – infrequent or everyday – will not except it either.  For that, this is the very last time I ever respond to your obnoxious, immature
          and mostly misguided ranting.  I hope everyone else that feels the same way can just ignore you too, until you go away.

          • brent carmona

            Amen brother.

          • cubs1967

            Thanks for reading

          • cubs1967

            Need a tissue?
            Learn to read.
            I said the front office thinks cubs fans are stupid saying the team should be highly competitive!…. Not you.
            Grow up!

        • Steve Rock-Vegas

          I’ll be sure to cut and paste your posts back to you at the end of the year so you can evaluate all your observations before year even started. That will be reading well worth my time during my morning coffee. 

        • Ryjo723

          Vogelbach is an excellent prospect, but hes years away…and if his weight hours back up again, his future may be as a DH. The trade for Rizzo is a clear win for the Cubs.

          As far as players that can hit triple digits, we have Dolis who has shown he can dial it up to over 100mph. They also have a couple other potential closers in the system. Of course, a closer doesnt matter if the team can’t take leads into the ninth inning–which was clearly an issue for the team while Marshall and Cashner were suiting up.

    • Ryjo723

      So, youre saying you value a one-pitch pitcher with control issues and who’s already had a serious shoulder injury, who MAY develop into a closer one day, to a good defensive 1B with sick power and legit ability to get on base at a high rate?? I’m glad you aren’t running the team if thats the case…

      As far as Marshall goes, I was a fan, but actually fault the team for not trading him at the deadline last year when his value was higher. They at least got Torreyes in the deal.

      The Cubs have a few pitchers with potential to close in the system. While the Marshall trade isnt an optimum return, the trade for Rizzo is a huge win for the Cubs.

      • Ripsnorter1

        You READ INTO what I posted. You extrapolated far beyond what I wrote. 

        If you go back and re-read my post, you’ll see that I simply told you what Jim Bowden, former Reds GM, said, which was, he considers Marshall and Cashner closers of the future. I further stated that other scouts whom I have read agree about Marshall’s ability to close.

        That’s all I wrote.

        • Ryjo723

          I stand by what I said; if my assumption that you would rather have Marshall and Cashner than the players we got in return is wrong orof fends you, sorry. But if thats not what youre saying, why does it matter what happens to them?

          Like I said, sucks to lose Marshall, especially since we probably could have gotten more last year, but at least we got a potential solid 2B in return. And I was thrilled with the trade for Rizzo… hell, we got a damn good pitching prospect in return in Cates…

          To address specifically exactly what you posted, both have closer potential, but I think Marshall is in his ideal role. Since Cashner has control issues, an inconsistent slider, and hurt his shoulder last year, he belongs in the pen. But he still needs to gain consistency yo reach his potential as a strong closer, imo.

          • Ripsnorter1

            Here’s Bowden’s analysis of Cashner…he says he’s a 3 pitch pitcher….

            “While Venters and Robertson are obvious future closer candidates, Cashner is poised to have the breakout season this year that Robertson and Venters have already had. Cashner was a closer at TCU before being selected by the Chicago Cubs in the first round of the 2008 draft. The Padres acquired him this offseason. His fastball this spring has been scraping 100 mph with overpowering late life. His changeup has developed well and said it’s now his second-best pitch. He just has to command them both and he’ll be unhittable. His slider is nasty, too. He still wants to be a starter but the Padres’ plan for him is to set up Huston Street this year. But no one should be surprised if he becomes the team’s closer by August.”

          • Ryjo723

            I know he was a closer for TCU-that was part of the reason I wasnt a huge fan of the team trying to make him a stater last year. The other reason was his lack of secondary stuff. the article youre quoting even refers to his need to gain command of his pitches. Until he can do that and gain consistency of his slider, hes really just a one trick pony-he can throw really hard…Btw, you didn’t clarify your stance on the trade. Imo, both teams dealt from areas of depth to gain something they need, with the Cubs winning the deal. Your thoughts?

            I honestly dont know if you’re just posing the link for clarification or if youre trying to debate…either way, the article backs up the point I’ve been making about Cashner.

  • Redlarczykg

    Randy Wells for a lefty for the bullpen.  At the end of ST there has to be a decent one out there.

  • Roland

    Randy Wells will not be traded before the season starts.  Jed and Theo have stated numerous times about needing starting pitching options.  If Wells is not the 5th starter I think he starts the year in the bull pen.  He could get stretched out if needed later in the year.  I believe Wood starts the year in Iowa and can be called up later if needed.

  • Cloycub13

    Booo to the latest roster cuts, I knew it was coming and is probably neccesary, but cannot wait til Rizzo and B-Jax are back!!!!! Kick the hell out of Iowa boys, make it impossible for them to keep you there long.

    • Ryjo723

      Completely agree. If we had a good chance of competing this year, I think Byrd would be traded to make room for B-Jax, Rizzo would start, and LaHair would be on the bench. Since we aren’t likely going to make much noise this year, I think both get called up in july. Theojed wasnt to keep control longer by limiting service time

  • http://theboardridersuite.wordpress.com/ Theboardrider

    Brian, the parmesan bread bites are amazing!  Grab some ranch and strap in for some quality eating!  

    By the way, I really look forward to reading your post each Friday.  Keep up the good work!

    • Brian


      Sorry for the late reply, but thanks for the compliments and the extra push to try these parmesan bread bites.  Can’t wait.  Also, if you have awesome food and add ranch, you have even awesomer food.