Rambling About Actual Baseball Games That Don’t Count

And I will say, it is much better than rambling about talk and preparation for the actual games that don’t count. What a rush it is to turn on the radio and hear the best seven words in the world,

“Chicago Cubs baseball is on the air.”

Just drink it in; it always goes down smooth.

The games are underway, the battles have begun and the team is, even if just a little, starting to take shape.

So let’s get rambling …

  • Okay, this bunt contest thing was a cool idea. I am happy the players got into it, but let’s just get the friggin thing over with already.
  • I hope Jeff Samardzija and Chris Volstad go back and forth like this all spring. Both very impressive. Both relatively young. Could be great options.
  • I am an ND guy, but I am really rooting for Shark to step up and become the pitcher we all hoped, and some us thought, he could. Controlling that cutter is huge, but mid-90’s consistency on the fastball was music to my ears.
  • Yes, it was only three innings. I know, but I can dream.
  • Oh, EA Sports, it was a decent effort depicting a World Series Celebration for the Cubs in your commercial. Now throw that on steroids, double down on the HGH and multiply all that times 10. And then it will be accurate.
  • Oh, Alfonso, just wait until they start throwing you curveballs. However, I will enjoy hearing about the bombs and how you look young and in great shape.
  • Hope definitely springs eternal especially in Arizona, home of my favorite town, Carefree.
  • I loved seeing Sveum’s comments regarding BJax. He plays every day, either in the Show or Triple A. Refreshing!
  • I just want everyone to know I am trying very hard not to make sweeping generalizations about the 2012 season based on five games. I ask that we all follow this rule.
  • Am I am the only who will never really be convinced about James Russell?
  • If Shark and Volstad keep it up, I find it hard to believe Randy Wells breaks camp with this team, and even with this organization.
  • I make this promise: I will not worry about Carlos Marmol until April 5th. Then we can discuss his performance.
  • Who is your surprise bullpen pitcher of the upcoming season? Mine is John Gaub? I know, no a good choice. But they need a second lefty.
  • And the weekly over/under on a pitcher’s win total continues … over/under on Ryan Dempster. I will set it at 11. And I will go under. Your thoughts?
  • And for the position players, over/under on Castro’s batting average. I am setting in at .306, and I will go over.
  • I like the idea of Starlin batting 3rd, but I hope that does diminish his base-stealing ability. He jumped from 10 in ’10 to 22 last year. Even given a full year in 2010, that is almost doubling it, on average. That is a weapon on which the Cubs need to capitalize.
  • It will be interesting to see if Campana gets a real shot. I am real curious to see what this “regime” things about him. His opportunity in camp will say it all.
  • McThoyer really talked up Beilveau as a guy they liked. Again, not going to judge on three games, but let’s say, I expect an improvement.
  • Haven’t heard a word about DeJesus. But again, three games, and I must remind myself of that.
  • And finally, let’s give Travis Wood some time. In no way am I saying he will be great, but so much time left.

That’s all for now. I eagerly await your thoughts on the over/unders and all other thoughts Cubs!

For now, we can dream on witnessing the EA commercial become reality.

And until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

Quote of the Day

"Build up your weaknesses until they become your strong points." – Knute Rockne