Rambling from the Precipice of Actual Baseball Games

So, its Friday, Kerry Wood tried to take out our best offensive player, bunting is cool again, Jeff Samardzija loves the camera, the squad has moved on down the road to HoHoKam, and Maholm was leveled by the flu in the desert. Interesting times at Cubs camp.

So, let’s get to some rambling and enjoyable conversations for a Friday.

  • Jed said he is working hard to hammer out a long-term extension for Matt Garza. He cited the need to acquire and keep good pitching.
  • So we all know this means Garza will most likely be traded.
  • For those who have read this site for years, you know I have a tendency to develop man-crushes on players. The most notorious was Mark DeRosa. It has been awhile since I have had one, but I think Brett Jackson could be next in line.
  • I love the guy’s attitude.
  • Hey Kimmy DeJesus, how you doin?
  • Wait, Heidi DeRosa … hot … Kim DeJesus … hot …
  • Should I change my name to Brian DeMcCabe?
  • Dale Sveum has managed to make bunting cool, exciting and engaging. Maybe this man can do the unthinkable!
  • Oh, boy, put down the kool-aid. I wanted to go third person there, but realized I am not Carlos Zambrano nor Jimmy from Seinfeld.
  • We are SO close to ACTUAL baseball games, I can taste it. And it tastes damn good.
  • Am I the only one who is extremely antsy to trade Marlon Byrd? He is a great teammate, a consummate pro and appears to be a good guy. But trading him is much more feasible than Soriano.
  • If BJax struggles, there are other guys we can plug in. Campana, Sappelt, etc. Let’s just get him his time, unless he struggles mightily. I don’t want this turning out to be Bobby Hill all over again.
  • I support Welington Castillo as the backup. If Clevenger proves he can hack it during the spring, I am comfortable with releasing Jaramillo. Anyone else agree?
  • Hey, at least the Cubs should be good at bunting this year. Or have an idea of who their top-line bunters are. Fundamentals. Hmm, interesting thought?
  • I cannot wait to write and talk about baseball GAMES.
  • I am putting the over/under of Paul Maholm wins at 9. What you got? Tell me below. I have the over.
  • Everyone is just fawning over Darwin. Sveum is very impressed. People say he looks stronger. All good things.
  • This will be determined in August and September. Another swoon and it is definitely time to move on to someone else. It will be Theriot all over again.
  • During the coaching search Sveum was praised for his organizational skills. Now, the plethora of pundits are saying that he is, indeed, very organized. So at least Theo and Jed were right about that.
  • Let’s hope they were right about Sveum’s, you know, baseball-managing skills.
  • I think Ian Stewart’s batting average in 2012 will be better than Carlos Pena’s from 2011. I know that is not saying all that much, but it would be an improvement.
  • Alfonso Soriano has averaged 26.4 homeruns per year as a Cub. That is higher than I would have guessed. I will put his homerun over/under at 23. What you got? I will go under.
  • And bullet number 23 will be the last in honor of Ryno. You have a job. You have to think that you have a responsibility; you can’t just put in a few hours in cages and rest. You got to get out there on that field and play some friggin games!!

And if anyone can figure out the original movie quote that I changed to fit the Cubs, you win a free pat on the back!!

Let’s get the games underway! The spring brings so much excitement no matter what! I hope you enjoy your respective weekends, and until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

Quote of the Day

"Whatever you think, be sure it is what you think; whatever you want, be sure that is what you want." – T.S. Eliot

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  • John_CC

    I have to push at 9 W for Maholm…while I like him and am excited about the season I’m still edgy.

    I’ll take the over on Soriano and 23.

    Barney looked really good when I watched him last week. Quick, smooth and his arm impressed me when they were turning double play drills.

    I like Marlon too, but won’t cry when he’s moved.

    I really want to like Stewart, I really want him to do well.

    I already really like Sveum.

    O, and DeMcCabe has a really nice ring!

  • Tony_Hall

    More than ready to trade Byrd.

    Castillo for back-up as I feel he is next in line to be the starter. 

    Maholm – Over – I’ll take 11

    Darwin is Theriot.  Same player, we should use him for 3-4 years, then trade him.  His best role is Utility, but until someone better is ready, he’s Castro’s double play partner.

    Soriano – Under   With a full season, I will say 19.  Mainly because, I feel he will get more days off under Sveum and will lose AB’s almost every game, as he will be replaced at the end of games for defense.

    • cubs1967

      Sori under 26, by June rizzo will be up and lahair will be in LF.

      garza had a 2.95 FIP and won 10 last year; then maholm has NO chance; bad up the middle defense with bryd-castro-barney, horrid pen, and he does not have garza’s stuff nor garza’s ability to miss bats.
      in fact only garza and demp i see over 10.  maybe t wood if he pitches like 2010, but not if he is 2011 shawn estes version.
      maybe smarz as he has the 3rd best stuff on staff if he starts and can miss bats.

      • Scott

        One thing that hurt Garza last year was that he gave up 17 unearned runs and had a fielding percentage of 0.788.  He may have pitched well, but he sabotaged himself a lot.  Plus, the pen blew many wins for Garza.  It would have been possible for Garza to have 15 wins easily or as many as 18 if he fields like he did in 2010 (5 unearned runs and a 0.958 fielding percentage) and had the 2010 Marmol instead of the 2011 Marmol.

        I wouldn’t say that Maholm has NO chance.  This is a guy that had won 8 twice, 9 twice and 10 once with the Pirates from 2006-2010 (who averaged 64-98 in that period).  I think the over/under of 9 wins for Maholm is just about right, assuming good health.  I might take the under, but just under, but I wouldn’t be shocked if he reached 9 or 10 wins.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3JKQGSH67PHSCQL7OCOLRJHIGY TomO

    I’ve always liked Maholm, thus I’m inclined to take the OVER.

    Soriano?  UNDER.  He’s struggled to perform to the expectations of his contract and he’s struggled to stay healthy. I think he’ll struggle with the media and fans crying for more of Jackson, Sappelt, Campana, and/or LaHair (if Rizzo and he are both doing well).
    The only way I see him going over 23 homes is if he’s traded and he really takes to his new environment.

    Barney’s been a favorite ever since I saw him play in Peoria. He was an easy guy to root for then, and from everything I’m reading now, just as likeable of a ballplayer.

  • Ripsnorter1

    Maholm: under.

    He made some progress in 2011, but the Cubs have no offense and no defense, and he’s a ground ball pitcher that gives up a lot of ground balls that go up the middle. What was a double play last year may well be a single in 2012.  

    But if the Cubs could get….

    Garza: 13 wins
    Maholm: 10 wins
    Wells:  10 wins
    Dempster: 12 wins
    Wood/Volstad/every other starter….10 wins,

    In that fairy tale world, the Cubs win 81 games.

  • Ripsnorter1


    He hit 10 taters in April 2011, and 7 in August. He hit just 9 the rest of the year…..
    I see a decline in his power. UNDER.

    Sveum doesn’t believe in platoons, but that is exactly what should happen with Soriano. Platoon him because he can still hit the LHP.

  • Aaron

    Garza=traded. While I believe he is indeed the type of player they want to build around, I also believe that their comments are more posturing than anything else

    Maholm=under 9 wins. He’s a mostly groundball pitcher, and as was accurately pointed out on here yesterday by Rip, I believe, his defense up the middle with the Pirates was far superior to what the Cubs have. Cedeno, Walker, and McCutchen vs Castro, Barney, and Byrd.

    Byrd=traded (after season starts). Great hustle, and probably a great teammate, but he’s 34 years old, and for 2 straight seasons (albeit last year had the eye injury), he’s been declining.

    BJax=called up only after Byrd is traded. I believe Jackson is a tremendous prospect, and should start the season in MLB. But perhaps the most curious move of all was signing DeJesus in the first place. What happens if he continues to decline as he has the past few years? Lake has a cannon arm that would play well in RF, and he has an explosive offensive game. These guys should be starting in the field by the end of the year:
    2B-Cardenas….possibly Barney, but only if he can maintain his high average start from last year through the whole season
    3B-Vitters…just don’t believe Stewart is the guy

    Castillo=starter in Iowa, while Clevenger is back-up. I believe they like his versatility and left-handedness (Sveum said “handedness” matters,  which leads you to believe it’s Jaramillo vs Clevenger) Castillo will not and should NOT be brought up until/if Soto is traded. If

    Stewart=under Pena’s average (he’s declined consistently the past couple of years…maybe this is where Rudy proves his worth? Who knows?)

    Soriano=under 26 home runs and traded (after season starts…but the one caveat being only if Rizzo and LaHair are tearing it up)

    • Anthony

      After looking at 2011 DeJesus BR numbers, thought the Oakland park factor would have a huge affect, but looks like it didn’t, i.e foul outs.

      Not a prototypical RF on both sides of the ball, one thing stood out.

      He struggled against junk pitchers and power pitchers, and feasted on average stuff. What that might mean?

      He is cheating on velocity, slow bat at an advanced baseball age, getting fooled by soft-tossers as a result.

      If Junior Lake is in RF at Wrigley in 2012, then about 1000 scouts are wrong.

      • Ripsnorter1

        That’s an easy $10 million player, don’t you think?

        Could had Funko for $500k

        • cubs1967

          like i said from day one; dejesus was not worth 10M; no more than 3M tops.
          theo just can’t hit FA very well.

      • Aaron

         I saw the advanced stats on DeJesus as well…not a good thing.

        As for Lake, it’s true that scouts would be wrong (ie.-they thought 3B originally), but he still profiles better as an OF. It is easier to learn the OF as a CF, but with Jackson, Campana, and Szczur all in the mix for CF either now or in the near future, it just isn’t going to happen.

        The problem with Lake is his defense is so bad (granted Jeter’s was too..so was Robin Yount) coming up, that it’s really difficult to envision him at SS or 2B, and given Vitters coming on at 3B, it’d be tough for him to slide in, especially since Vitters makes such solid contact and rarely K’s, unlike Lake.  He also doesn’t profile well at 1B, especially with Rizzo being the future there, and Vogelbach not too far behind with his tremendous pitch selection and power….

        Where do you put Lake, who actually has speed to succeed in the OF? RF is the best spot for him in my opinion. Ponder this depth for a second:
        C-Soto, Castillo, Clevenger, Gibbs, Rosario, Lopez, Malave
        1B-LaHair, Rizzo, Ridling, Bour, Jones, Hoilman, Vogelbach, Shoulders
        2B-Barney, Cardenas, Watkins, Torreyes, Amaya, DeVoss
        SS-Castro, Lake, Alcantara, Hernandez, Baez, Lockhart, Penalver
        3B-Stewart, M. Smith, Vitters, Candelario
        OF-Soriano, Byrd, DeJesus, Sappelt, Campana, Johnson, B Jackson, Wright, Ha, Easterling, Szczur, Klafczynski, DeVoss, Schlecht, Chen, Dunston Jr., Golden, Jeffrey Baez.

        As you can probably see, the Cubs are severely lacking in power prospects at 3B and in the OF. Yet, they’re absolutely stacked up the middle with SS, 2B, and CF prospects. That’s why I feel that Lake will eventually end up in RF. I’d be sad to see him traded, as I think he is potentially a much younger (and even more effective and versatile) player than Soriano. I love his bat potential and cannon arm, and believe it plays out well in the OF.

        Now, there is one wrench that could be thrown into all of this….power guys like LaHair and Ridling…and possibly even Hoilman could be moved to LF. In that case, they’d probably trade Lake…or they might trade Vitters, then move Lake to 3B. Whomever has the more power between the two of them this year will likely win out for the future.

        All that depth I listed above is PRECISELY why I do NOT want veterans signed anymore as stopgaps like Johnson, DeJesus, etc., and I want to trade veterans like Soriano, Byrd, and Soto to get the rebuilding even further underway.

        Think on this for a minute….let’s assume that Soto does his “every other year is a good year” thing, and has a resurgent season. Wouldn’t the Cubs be in prime position to demand a top arm for him in the rotation? Soriano and Byrd could probably fetch Casey Weathers type of arms….high risk, but high ceiling.

        The only young players currently on the 40-man I wouldn’t trade would be:
        W. Castillo
        B. Jackson

        You can see that pitching is a HUGE issue for this team moving forward, so nearly every trade made from now until the end of the year should be made with that in mind. Soft tossers like T. Wood, Maholm, Volstad, etc. just aren’t going to cut it anymore. They need guys that can throw it past hitters with control.

        • daverj

          I agree with you that Lake may be the eventually answer in RF.  I like him too.  That said, I’d be shocked if he was called up this season before the September roster expansions (and even that is a long shot).

          I also agree that pitching is a huge issue for the organization. I think that will be fixed in free agency next season. Epstein’s plan appears to be to develop the hitting core internally and sign free agents for the pitching core. That is most likely dictated by the free agent market for the next couple years which is expected to have some top pitchers but a dearth of top hitters.

        • Anthony

          RF isn’t that easy, and that’s not news to you, as the demands of the position require not only the best arm, but you get some crazy spin hit in that direction, and, it is the sun field also. Lake, being raw and not much on defense currently, despite his arm, LF at worst, 3B due to familiarity. But, my comment was also based on the hit tool as far as a lack of polish(groove) and some approach issues.

          Not at all questioning athleticism, body type, raw tools on Lake. The 2012 season should tell us many things on both, 1st full seasons for 2011 draftees and progress on returning players. Add in the new regime, and the interest level increases because all these guys get re-evaluated.

          Aaron, there may be some power in some of the names mentioned other than Lake, time will tell.

        • http://theboardridersuite.wordpress.com/ Theboardrider

          I thought that Volstad had some power.  Is he really a soft-tosser?  Or was that just the down year?  Isn’t he like 6’6?

  • T_Leise

    I think they are doing the bunting tournament backwards. The point of the tournament is to work on bunting. But the players who are bad at bunting get knocked out early.

    I think if you win your round you should be out of the tournament and the loser advances. No one would want to be crowned the worst bunter. This would push the bad bunters to get better.

    • paulcatanese

      Thats cool, and makes a lot more sense, good idea.

      • http://theboardridersuite.wordpress.com/ Theboardrider

        Maybe a losers bracket, at least?

    • John_CC

      I know some of you think that is silly, that “team-building” is for
      corporate retreats and the paychecks that ballplayers receive should be
      all the incentive necessary, but that’s not how it always works. 

      I think the tourney actually pushes out the guys who should never bunt anyway i.e. Soriano, LaHair, Soto etc. while it forces the players who are decent bunters to practice even more on it and want to be the BEST bunter on the team.  I think it works out well. It’s a team building exercise as well as a skill practice.

  • Cloycub13

    Maybe it’s just me, but I am rooting for the 2nd team today, line up of Jackson, Sczur, Baker, Rizzo, Johnson Vitters Lake Brenly and Campana.

    So excited for games to start, I think Maholm will surprise, I think Volstadt will be the bigger surprise.

    Stewart is ready for a comeback (Comeback player of the year maybe if Posey doesn’t dominate).

    Soriano, who cares, we are stuck with him, why not root for him to be over.

    Anyway, Go Cubs Go. By the way, I found out recently that come September I will be welcoming the newest Cub fan into the world, hopefully he/she will get to see the start of something really cool and never have to live with what I have as a Cub fan for so many years. A week away from the first televised ST game, woooo hoooooo!

    • roguesqr09


    • John_CC

       Right on Cloy…I’ll toast the kool aid to spring hopes and your coming child. Congrats. My daughter was born summer of ’08 and I hoped that she was the lady luck we needed…so close…

  • Cloycub13

    One other thing, add the Nationals to the mix with the Indians as teams hunting for CF help… come to the TheoJed store, we have a closeout on CFers, hustling, lactose intolerant, great clubhouse member, runs like an antelope, muy tai freak and blogger on sale for the right price.

  • gocubs

    Todays Intrasquad lineups:

    Team A, for which Travis Wood will start:

    1. Alfonso Soriano, LF

    2. Ian Stewart, 3B

    3. Starlin Castro, SS

    4. Bryan LaHair, 1B

    5. Marlon Byrd, CF

    6. David DeJesus, RF

    7. Blake Lalli, C

    8. Darwin Barney, 2B

    9. Blake DeWitt, DH

    Team B, for which Randy Wells will start:

    1. Brett Jackson, CF

    2. Matt Szczur, RF

    3. Jeff Baker, 2B

    4. Anthony Rizzo, 1B

    5. Reed Johnson, LF

    6. Josh Vitters, 3B

    7. Junior Lake, SS

    8. Michael Brenly, C

    9. Tony Campana, DH
    I actually could see how Theo and his team may think about hitting Soriano leadoff at times this year.  That is clearly where he has had the most success in his career and maybe where they think they can maximize his value to the team.  Soriano loves the fastball and this is where he sees the most of them.  Id still hit him 6th, but I dont think leadoff against certain pitchers is a bad idea at all.  

    • WidespreadHisPanic

      I would love to play this matchup on XBox lol

  • Thebearsays

     Maholm – 12 wins
    Soriano – 25 HR
    Stewart – change-of-scenery helps, even if he doesn’t agree it is a factor…I see him rebounding this year.
    Castillo – backup C

    I also see Samardzija making the rotation and putting up some good numbers.

  • http://chicagocubsonline.com/ Neil

    Sveum beat Dempster in the bunt tourney

    • gocubs

       Ha.  Thats pretty cool. Can Sveum pinch bunt in games?  I think this will just be another thing these guys respect Sveum for.     

    • Ripsnorter1

      Sveum trying to keep his own $2,000.

  • http://chicagocubsonline.com/ Neil

    Maholm, Baker, Sveum and DeJesus advanced to sweet 16 in bunt tourney

  • http://chicagocubsonline.com/ Neil

    Brett Jackson homers on 1-1 pitch leading off the intrasquad game against Travis Wood

    • Ripsnorter1

      Do you congratulate Jackson, or condemn Wood? 

      • http://chicagocubsonline.com/ Neil

         Neither, it was an intrasquad game.

  • http://chicagocubsonline.com/ Neil

    Szczur tagged up and scored from second base on R. Johnson’s fly ball to the wall in RF.

  • http://chicagocubsonline.com/ Neil

    Randy Wells goes 1-2-3 against the starters. The Blue Team leads it 2-0 after one inning.

  • Ripsnorter1

    Those crazy Pirates acquire AJ Burnett. Then he beans himself in the eye with a fouled bunt. Now he’s out 2-3 months. 

    All this for a mere $13.5 million dollars!

    • Cory

      Ha, that sounds like Cubbie luck.

  • http://chicagocubsonline.com/ Neil

    Szczur hit a slam off Travis Wood. Wood getting hit around so hard they just stopped the half inning after Baker was hit by pitch and Rizzo singled.

    • Aaron

      Looks like I was right about Wood….still feel burned over that one considering Adams netted Wieland and Erlin …two guys now considered top arms and top prospects for the Padres. We gave up arguably the best left river in the game for a crappy lefty that was a one year wonder and a 5th OF. Torrents better be the second coming of Pedroia is what I say…

      On the plus side….Szczur and Jackson….wow

      • carmelo

        “Looks like I was right about Wood”—didn’t you say you pitched at the college level, give pitching lessons, etc.  One 3 inning performance, the first of the spring, and an old pitcher like you gives up on the guy already.  Come on—-make that statement in the middle of the season, not before spring training games start. 

      • Guest43896

        U were not right about wood just like you were not right about Adam Dunn. Give the guy a chance. One intrasquad game and already comments like this? Tough crowd.

      • cubtex

        It’s March 2nd Aaron. No breaking stuff….he is probably going about 70%. Let’s not read too much into this yet. Remember how everyone was all over Garza in the spring on this site? Wood is no Garza…but let’s give the kid a break.

        • Aaron

          I was one of those guys that was all over Garza last year. I was more upset because I felt it was a good move, but at the WRONG time. It would be the equivalent of the Cubs signing Fielder this year, or some other high priced FA….right guy…but wrong time.

          I understand that it’s early in the spring, but it’s still early for the hitters as well. Plus, do you remember the scouting report on Wood when we got him? Change, cutter, fastball…NO breaking pitches. So….while most pitchers aren’t busting out the breaking pitches right now…with T. Wood, it’s WYSIWYG, and if he’s not locating, he’s getting absolutely hammered. If you look at his minor league numbers, they’re really not that pretty, and you can’t help but compare him to Randy Wells…hell, even Volstad. All 3 of them are essentially identical pitchers. All throw about 92 mph tops, and only Wells has a decent breaking pitch.

          Power pitchers are more prone to struggles in Spring Training, because they often times have above average breaking pitches that they haven’t worked in yet.

          But if you watch the finesse pitchers, and they struggle in Spring Training, the chances that they will have a miserable season are fairly high…with one caveat, and that being unforeseen injuries (ie.-Wells had a great Spring Training last year, but got injured his first start and never really recovered)

      • WidespreadHisPanic

        Last I checked my calendar says March 2. I didn’t know spring training was over … sheesh.

      • Texcubnut

        One thing Aaron is right on the money with is Sean Marshall is the best lefty setup in the game. This is one off season move that will come back to haunt us. I admit that I don’t know how T. Wood will work out or R. Torryes, for that matter. Time will tell. We don’t need the time to figure out Marshall’s worth. We know.

        • Aaron

          That was precisely my point…but Carmelo, as usual comes out of the woodwork to make my comments into a bigger deal than intended.

          The underlying point was the fact that I still believe the Cubs got hosed in that trade, especially considering the Padres haul for an older pitcher in Mike Adams. 

          I still believe trading Marshall was the right thing to do (and I also believe dealing Soto, Byrd, etc. would be prudent too), but it was the haul they received (or lack thereof) that I had the biggest problem with. If the Cubs would’ve netted Wood, Billy Hamilton, AND Torreyes, then I would’ve been fine with that. But facts are facts. Marshall was the top lefty reliever in the league last year, and the ONLY above average player he brought in return was a diminutive low-A 2B. A 5th starter and 5th OF does NOT help this team. In fact, it probably hinders it more than it helps…let me explain…

          All Wood does, as a 5th starter is take up a spot on the 40-man roster that could’ve otherwise been split between the likes of Jay Jackson, Struck, Rusin, or McNutt…all internal candidates that actually have a better chance of being higher than a 4/5 starter than Wood does. I guess my point is that if you’re going to make a trade like that, you better be sure the guys you’re getting in return have the potential to be better than the one you dealt away. In this case, they would’ve been better served to hang onto Marshall than otherwise, and when you factor in the interdivisional aspect of this trade, the fact that they got a 4/5 starter, 5th OF, and high ceiling 2B that is about 3 years away is an absolutely piss poor return in my opinion.

          But I digress…

  • paulcatanese

    Wow, Campana, 3-3, rbi, and 2 runs, take him out and don’t let him play the rest of the year. That was a career day for him.

    • J Calsbeek

       Wow is right. Campana has the MVP wrapped up!

      • paulcatanese

        Campana is my favorite and he had a good day. But,,,
        I realize it’s spring training and the pitchers are no where near ready.
        It would be nice if he could come around,but I won’t hold my breath,and if he improves just a little at a time I will be happy.
        B Jax and Szczur also had a great day, even though the pitchers are not there yet, they still had to hit it.
        I wish I could have seen Szczur score from second, I like that kind of hustle.

        • paulcatanese

           I would say I don’t put much credence in the way the pitchers threw today, as Cubtex posted earlier they are working on things and throw mostly fastballs.
          And I remember last ST, wasn’t Dempster lights out?

  • http://theboardridersuite.wordpress.com/ Theboardrider

    I’m expecting big things from Stewart this year.  I predict 285+ and 16+ bombs.  The guy was a great “buy low,” pickup.   If he reverts to proven, non-injury, form we will be very pleased with him.  

    I didn’t understand why so many were against him…

    • WidespreadHisPanic

      I have always liked the guy. I think he’s due. .270/.275 avg 15-20 bombs I think is fair outlook. Not too shabby for a ‘young guy’ especially on a new club in a big market in front of a hungry fan base.

    • Ripsnorter1

      Stewart played for Colorado in that rarified air…..

      I wonder….how was his home/away splits? 
      2011….156 overall…..221 slugging….243 OBP….
      HOME: .172 BA……259……238 OBP…he played better at home
      AWAY: 141 BA….247 OBP…..188 Slugging….he didn’t hit with much power on the road….

      2010…..256 BA….338 OBP…443 slugging.
      HOME: .266 BA…355 OBP….402 slugging  (Slugged better on the road)
      AWAY: .248 BA….322 OBP….480 slugging

      2009….228 BA…322 OBP….464 slugging
      HOME: .221 BA…347 OBP….477 slugging
      AWAY: .235 BA….297 OBP….451 slugging

      2008….259 BA….349 OBP….455 slugging
      HOME: 287 BA….350 OBP….481 slugging
      AWAY: 234 BA….348 OBP….431 slugging

      Stewart didn’t take all that much advantage of the rarified air at Colorado. Therefore I expect his power stats not to be diminished by coming to Wrigley.

  • Ripsnorter1

    Stewart has played 33 games as a 2B in the ML.

  • Anthony

    I see from the below posts some are already box score crazy