Rambling from the Precipice of Actual Baseball Games

So, its Friday, Kerry Wood tried to take out our best offensive player, bunting is cool again, Jeff Samardzija loves the camera, the squad has moved on down the road to HoHoKam, and Maholm was leveled by the flu in the desert. Interesting times at Cubs camp.

So, let’s get to some rambling and enjoyable conversations for a Friday.

  • Jed said he is working hard to hammer out a long-term extension for Matt Garza. He cited the need to acquire and keep good pitching.
  • So we all know this means Garza will most likely be traded.
  • For those who have read this site for years, you know I have a tendency to develop man-crushes on players. The most notorious was Mark DeRosa. It has been awhile since I have had one, but I think Brett Jackson could be next in line.
  • I love the guy’s attitude.
  • Hey Kimmy DeJesus, how you doin?
  • Wait, Heidi DeRosa … hot … Kim DeJesus … hot …
  • Should I change my name to Brian DeMcCabe?
  • Dale Sveum has managed to make bunting cool, exciting and engaging. Maybe this man can do the unthinkable!
  • Oh, boy, put down the kool-aid. I wanted to go third person there, but realized I am not Carlos Zambrano nor Jimmy from Seinfeld.
  • We are SO close to ACTUAL baseball games, I can taste it. And it tastes damn good.
  • Am I the only one who is extremely antsy to trade Marlon Byrd? He is a great teammate, a consummate pro and appears to be a good guy. But trading him is much more feasible than Soriano.
  • If BJax struggles, there are other guys we can plug in. Campana, Sappelt, etc. Let’s just get him his time, unless he struggles mightily. I don’t want this turning out to be Bobby Hill all over again.
  • I support Welington Castillo as the backup. If Clevenger proves he can hack it during the spring, I am comfortable with releasing Jaramillo. Anyone else agree?
  • Hey, at least the Cubs should be good at bunting this year. Or have an idea of who their top-line bunters are. Fundamentals. Hmm, interesting thought?
  • I cannot wait to write and talk about baseball GAMES.
  • I am putting the over/under of Paul Maholm wins at 9. What you got? Tell me below. I have the over.
  • Everyone is just fawning over Darwin. Sveum is very impressed. People say he looks stronger. All good things.
  • This will be determined in August and September. Another swoon and it is definitely time to move on to someone else. It will be Theriot all over again.
  • During the coaching search Sveum was praised for his organizational skills. Now, the plethora of pundits are saying that he is, indeed, very organized. So at least Theo and Jed were right about that.
  • Let’s hope they were right about Sveum’s, you know, baseball-managing skills.
  • I think Ian Stewart’s batting average in 2012 will be better than Carlos Pena’s from 2011. I know that is not saying all that much, but it would be an improvement.
  • Alfonso Soriano has averaged 26.4 homeruns per year as a Cub. That is higher than I would have guessed. I will put his homerun over/under at 23. What you got? I will go under.
  • And bullet number 23 will be the last in honor of Ryno. You have a job. You have to think that you have a responsibility; you can’t just put in a few hours in cages and rest. You got to get out there on that field and play some friggin games!!

And if anyone can figure out the original movie quote that I changed to fit the Cubs, you win a free pat on the back!!

Let’s get the games underway! The spring brings so much excitement no matter what! I hope you enjoy your respective weekends, and until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

Quote of the Day

"There are places I remember. All my life though some have changed. Some forever not for better. Some have gone and some remain. All these places have their moments ... " John Lennon/Paul McCartney