The Theo Epstein Compensation Issue Might Not Be Over

The Boston Herald reported Thursday night that the Red Sox are “puzzled by the timing of the injury and subsequent surgery on the right elbow of reliever Chris Carpenter” the main piece Boston received as compensation for letting Theo Epstein out of the final year of his contract.

According to the Herald’s sources, the Red Sox do not consider the talks to be officially over and they are weighing their options about what to do next.

The long, drawn-out talks between the Cubs and Red Sox over compensation for Theo Epstein appeared to be over Thursday when the Cubs announced they had received 19-year old first baseman Jair Bogaerts as the player to be named later from Boston. The Cubs sent their part of the player swap, Aaron Kurcz, to the Red Sox on March 15.

Ben Cherington and Theo Epstein have declined to comment on the situation.

Chris Carpenter had surgery to remove bone chips in his right elbow Thursday and he said the surgery, performed by Dr. James Andrews, went great.

Chris Carpenter passed the Cubs entrance physical and his medicals passed the Red Sox’s medical review. Carpenter also passed Boston’s entrance physical as well according to the Boston Herald.

The Herald reported it is unclear when Chris Carpenter will be able to throw again and if he will be able to pitch this season.

Stay Tuned …

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  • Josh Man

    Seems to me, unless there is someway te Cubs knew of this injury before agreeing to send Carp as compensation, there isn’t anything the Red Sox can do. As Ranger’s manager Ron Washington often says, “That the way baseball go.”

    • Theboardrider

      Lol! Great quote…

  • RynoTiger

    well if it’s true he passed the Red Sox meical review and the entrance physical, then the BoSox can go swim in the harbor

  • Rsposato

    It’s over he passed all the physicals.

  • gary3411

    Yea there’s no way they get anything more, I wonder if they really did know about it though 😉

  • gary3411

    Now I wish we played the BlowSox every year

  • John_CC

    Yeah this is Red Sox garbage. Tough luck.  Look at the Reds, they will get absolutely nothing from Madsen, rather they’ll pay for his TJ surgery then he’s done. 

  • paulcatanese

    I believe the compensation part is over, both teams had the opportunity to check Carpenter’s health.
    It’s unfortunate that it happened, but no-ones fault.
    I do suspect though that the rift or hard feelings will expand between the Red Sox and the Cubs.

  • cubs1967

    need a tissue Larry??

    Rays are having fuld and upton on the DL to start season……….let’s see is marlon byrd available…….YESSSSSSSSSSSS……and who cares what we get…….give tampa 4.5M and be done with it……..ohhhhh Jed………can you make a trade that helps the Cubs……throw-in Saffelt too……..who cares……

    they need a catcher too……..trying to get suzuki from a’s……geez is soto available……….so castillo and bjax can play now for the spots they earned.

    soto/bryd/5M for wade davis.  Done.

    not so hard is it Jed………

    • BrutalTruth

      no not hard at all if the Rays want to do it…oh wait..that’s right…the other team has to be willing and wanting to make the trade…gosh darn it…those little details get in the way some times…

      • cubs1967

        Cuz Fuld
        is better? Or soto is better?
        Ur point?

        • Freezerburn Griddlecakes

           His point is that Jed Hoyer isn’t playing MLB 2k12.

          • OttawaBob


          • RynoTiger

            Exactly!  Sometimes I think we get too caught up in our fantasy baseball on fan blogs and think the organizational leadership are stupid and incompetent because they didn’t do this trade or that trade because it’s so easy to do in our imagination when the only person who has to say yes is our fictional representation of the other club..and of course they agree to the trade all the time. 

            Imagination vs. Reality….ahhh…

          • Dorasaga

            Fantasy baseball is tougher than that. This is coming from a 5-year Commissioner.

      • Theboardrider

        Lol Ryno!  1967, I like the Suzuki idea, but if Castillo is ready…why a trade for a catcher?

        • Ripsnorter1

          He is saying the Rays need the catcher.

          • cryinmybluecoolaid

            No, they are fine at cathcer, they have the GREAT Robinson Chirinos.  

        • WidespreadhisPanic

          Why trade soto at all??

  • Theox0031

    tell larry lucchino was goes around comes around.

  • Rational Logic

    Hey Boston, 

    Thanks for Nomar and his groin. Here’s a busted elbow.


    • paulcatanese

      Cool, I totally forgot about that one.

  • John G

    So let me ask all of you “negative nellies” who are constantly complaining about Theo’s value to the Cubs, “is he worth an unproven pitcher with a busted elbow?”. Maybe he’s not so dumb after all? Or maybe he just got lucky? If that’s the case then, if I was Theo, I’d run right out and buy a Mega-Millions ticket right now.

    • junior

      Bone spur, not bone chips. Busted elbow ? What a joke of a comment. His last pitch against the Twins before his xrays was 99 mph. Between the Boston papers and the people who will believe anything they hear on here, complete joke. If he ever pitches again??? Wow. What BS.

  • RICK