From the Wire … Cubs Ink Shawn Camp to a Minor League Deal

According to multiple reports, the Cubs signed reliever Shawn Camp to a minor league deal on Sunday after he was released by the Seattle Mariners last week. Camp has reported to HoHoKam Park and is expected to compete for a spot in the Cubs’ bullpen over the last nine days of Spring Training.

The deal the Cubs inked Shawn Camp to is a minor league deal. Camp was not added to the Cubs’ 40-man roster.

Shawn Camp signed a Major League deal with the Mariners in the off-season after spending the last four seasons with the Toronto Blue Jays. The 36-year old right-hander posted a 6-3 record with a 4.21 ERA and a 1.52 WHIP in 67 games for Toronto in 2011. Camp finished 23 of those games.

Shawn Camp’s Page on Baseball-Reference

Shawn Camp played for Dale Sveum in the minors and is excited about having the opportunity to play for him again.

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  • cubtex

    I hope that Camp doesn’t take a roster spot away from Lendy Castillo.

    • Richard Hood

      I think that he makes it easier to make a pitching trade and that is about it.

      • cubtex

        I hope you are right. Maybe Wells??? and Camp would take his spot.

        • Ripsnorter1

          IT would be INSANE to deal Wells and keep Camp. Camp’s WHIP in 2011 exceeded 1.5. He fanned a mere 4.3 batters per 9 IP. Sure, he’s a Ground Ball pitcher. LH hitters hit nearly .400 off of him in 2011. 

          Just think: you could start Volstad, whom LH hitters tatooed for a mere .909 OPS in 2011, and bring in Camp with his near .400 BAA LH hitters!  It would be exciting!  

          Jed KNOWS how to make a great youth movement.

          • Tony_Hall

            It was a minor league deal.  Before blasting the final 25 man roster, maybe we should wait to actually see the 25 man roster first.

          • cubtex

            And at least this minor league…..he wasn’t added to the 40 man :)

          • cubs1967

            it’s not a youth movement……..

            just a crap movement…… far…..on the cheap.

            gonna have to get……..the iowa team for now would get better ratings than the chicago cubs!

          • Tony_Hall

            Can’t wait to start hearing you post about how they are trying to lose big on the cheap in Iowa as well.  And that you can’t believe they have so many failed major leaguers still hanging around Iowa.

  • Aorcappy

    Its a minor league deal. But i’m sure some around here will bash Theo for this ground breaking move.

    • cubs1967

      becuz if JH had done it; you would do cartwheels??

      why we need him??

      it’s a very valid question………..

      but not that it matters; this is a bad-bad team–with dewitt as our #3 hitter.

      • Steve Rock-Vegas

        So you’re assuming Dewitt is our 3 hitter in anything other than a worthless ST game?  What makes you believe that?

        • cubs1967

          should he ever bat 3rd??

          think before you reply.

          • RynoTiger

            “think before you reply”….to quote cubs1967, “the personal attacks are childlike”

          • Tony_Hall

            Someone has to, and some ST games are filled with mostly minor league players, who are also not 3 hole hitters.

      • Tony_Hall

        Because it’s a minor league deal.  All teams sign players like this to minor league deals all the time.  

        You know, not only see Dewitt starting (where would be nice to know), but say he is 3 hole hitter.  

        Can you at least stick to complaining about reality?

        • Aorcappy

          Some people just complain around here to complain. Sad angry bitter people I guess….

          • cubs1967

            the personal attacks are childlike.

            if this had been done by JH………

            the truth hurts.  so does reality.

            had zero to do with anything other than asking why sign him?

            good response though………shows lots of thought.

          • Tony_Hall

            His post was minor compared to what you have called people.  Let’s just stop calling names, as you said, it’s childlike.

      • cubtex

        You are 100% right about that. JH would have been ripped on here like crazy if he made this sign.

        • Tony_Hall

          It’s a minor league deal, it would have probably have been the same people ripping it, as they think every signing is going to play at Clark and Addison on Opening Day.

          Look at all the fuss about Trevor Miller (and many others), yet he never spent 1 day on the 25 man roster.