Talkin’ Cubs Live – Cubs vs. Dodgers – 03/30/12

Spring Training Game Thirty-One: Cubs (14-15-1) vs. Dodgers (SS) (12-11)
Game Time – 3:05pm CDT
Coverage – TV: None – Radio:
Location – HoHoKam Park, Mesa

Ryan Dempster (1-1, 3.68/1.43) vs. Fernando Nieve (0-0, 3.24/0.96)

Ryan Dempster makes his final start of the spring this afternoon against a Dodgers’ slit squad team. Dempster will look to rebound from his horrible outing in minor league camp five days ago.

The Cubs will face a rejuvenated Dodgers team this afternoon. Even with it being just a Spring Training game there is a ton of buzz around the team since it was announced that Magic Johnson and Stan Kasten’s group won the bid and will pay more than $2 billion dollars for the Dodgers. The other half of Don Mattingley’s roster will host the Brewers in Glendale this afternoon.

On the final Friday in the Cactus League, today’s exhibition game begins with Ryan Dempster

Ryan Dempster has put together a decent spring in the Cactus League, it’s his last start in a minor league game that caused an uproar. Dempster has allowed six runs on 16 hits with five walks and eight strikeouts over 14 2/3 innings. Dempster must limit his walks when the games actually count. Since joining the Cubs’ rotation in 2008, when Dempster keeps his strikeout to walk ratio at a 3:1 clip he is successful.

Ryan Dempster makes his fifth and final start in the Cactus League this afternoon.

Rafael Dolis, Lendy Castillo, Frankie De La Cruz and Manny Corpas are also scheduled to pitch today.

Fernando Nieve has appeared in five Cactus League games for Don Mattingly and this afternoon will be the first time he started a game. Nieve has allowed three runs on eight hits without a walk to go along with six strikeouts over 8 1/3 innings.

News and Notes
The Cubs released Jason Jaramillo last Sunday and according to multiple reports he signed a minor league contract with the Brewers. The veteran catcher could begin the season at the Double-A level.

According to a report from the Sun-Times, the Cubs looked into re-acquiring Tom Gorzelanny from the Nationals.

The Cubs are looking for a left-handed reliever to add to James Russell … and teams have inquired about Marlon Byrd. Stay tuned, there is a reason Tony Campana was not optioned to Triple-A Iowa after Joe Mather was told he will make the Opening Day roster.

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Quote of the Day

"Pitching is the cornerstone of most championship teams." – Roger Craig

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  • Neil

    Today’s lineup … And the Opening Day lineup:

    DeJesus – RF
    Barney – 2B
    Castro – SS
    LaHair – 1B
    Soriano – LF
    Stewart – 3B
    Byrd – CF
    Soto – C
    Dempster – P

    • Craig y

      I hope this means the end of byrd. I love the way he plays the game and I love his hustle, but it is time to move onto campana and BJAX

    • Tony_Hall

      Barney is about the only 2 hole hitter, with Castro batting 3rd.  

      I bet this lineup is not used again by sometime in June (at the latest).

      • Chadaudio

        Yeah, pretty crappy lineup.  Oh well.

      • cubs1967

        what happens in june?
        nothing………..the trade deadline is july 31st.

        face it-bjzx-rizzo-castillo-all the real MLB talent is buried till August IF jed makes any trades ,

        • Tony_Hall

          The first trades are usually in June, and the non-waiver trade deadline is July 31st.  I expect trades to happen in June, July and August (Soriano).
           BJAX will be able to come up in June, and be past the Super 2 status, so Byrd will be traded.

          Soto will be hopefully traded, and Castillo and Clevenger can battle for playing time.

          By the end of June, Rizzo will be on his way, but it could be the beginning of July.

          So as with everything else, you are negative about the month of June even…

    • wrigleylover

      Dempster will not be pitching against Ethier and Kemp so he should do ok

  • paulcatanese

    Neil,I am staying tuned to find out what happens with Campana.
    Would he be used in a trade for Gorzo?
    As I have said before, this team will be either very good or very bad
    nothing in between, they will not just tread water.
    I do not see DeJesus or Stewart producing any startling numbers with the bat, and I know what the rest can do.
    Could be a long year, on the other hand I have seen many of them,and its not the end of the world.

  • Neil

    Campana has been optioned to Triple-A Iowa

    • paulcatanese

      Just saw that Neil, I wish him the best and hope he can work his way back, his speed was exciting to watch.

  • Neil

    From Gordon Edes – In wake of Chris Carpenter injury, Larry Lucchino says Ben Cherington exploring comp issue with Cubs. Damaged goods? “we assume everybody acted in good faith”

  • Neil

    Frankie De La Cruz is now in minor league camp. Nothing official from the Cubs. Since he was out of options he would have to have been waived, passed through and accepted the assignment to minor league camp.

    • cubtex

      I guess Milwaukee didn’t care about losing him the first time :)

  • Texcubnut

    The best 225 days of the year is less than a week away!!!!! No matter what you think of Cubs chances this year, baseball is here and that is all you can ask for.

  • cubtex

    All the proof you need to know that Theo is the one calling the shots with the roster decisions happened a couple of days ago when Sveum went on the radio and told Jim Bowden his starting rotation and then he backpedaled the very next day. Hmmmm. I wonder if a certain someone gave him a phone call right after that radio show?

    • RynoTiger

      and what’s strange about that?  I’m an Assistant Director in my large department.  If I speak to something that I shouldn’t have because final discussions hadn’t taken place yet with my supervisor, you can bet I will get a call to talk about it and may be told to go back and clarify what I said.  That’s what happens in management.

      • cubtex

        Of course you discuss those decisions with the gm before finalizing the roster but don’t you think he thought he could name it if he did it on satellite radio??? I like Sveum. Unfortunately, he has no control on the cards that he is dealt. He is being told this is what it will be.

    • paulcatanese

      Didn’t we all go over this last year with Q and JH? We all forget, now we have an “exciting” lineup to start the year:):)
      It seems to be dejavu all over again.:)

  • Ripsnorter1

    Tom Gorzelanny coming back?

    Just send the junk they gave us for him in the first place back to them.

    It was a DUMB trade to begin with.

    • cubtex

      I know you love Gorzo…but I will say this again. If Gorzo is so good….why does no one want him?

      • Ripsnorter1

        Let me say it again this year…I’ve said it many times last year. Maybe you can understand my point of view.

        Last Spring, Jim Hendry was ‘supposed’ to be trying to win the division. He dealt away Gorzo, the Cubs’ only backup starter–all their starting pitching depth for a pennant race–for a handful of garbage–prospects that had zero chance of making it to MLB.  ANY GM ought to be able to see that you need 7 starters to get through a season. But Jim Qlueless was going to go it with just 5 starters. And one of the Cubs starters was totally inexperienced: Andrew Cashner. He had never pitched more than 100 innings in a year in professional baseball. Hendry was asking him to pitch 200. 

        Now Gorzo was a proven ML starter. He is not the best starter in MLB, but he was better than Doug Davis and Jeff Russell and Casey Coleman and Chi Chi Lopez. He was capable of winning 10 games. And he was on your team already–if you had an injury or a failure, he was already with you and would not cost you anything to acquire him. And he was cheap, making only $2.75 million. 

        So why in the world would you deal away your 6th starter for NOTHING?

        You would only do it for one of two reasons:
        1. You are Qlueless about how to win in MLB, or
        2. You are acknowledging that the season is completely lost, a few days before opening day.

        • cubtex

          The reason was no doubt money motivated. Why do you think they had to be creative with Pena and Kerry Wood last year?
          It is the same reason why Mike Aviles is starting at SS for the Red Sox this year.

          • Ripsnorter1

            Cubs’ fans should have been smart enough to recognize the season was over just a few days before Opening Day.

  • Ripsnorter1

    Dempster doesn’t bring a lot to the table anymore.

    • cubs1967

      but he’s the best we have………cuz he is starting opening day.

      theo says so.

      (garza 3.32 era/dempster 4.80 era………but the hell with facts, theo says so)!

      • RynoTiger

        that’s only if you’re assuming it’s a written rule that a team is required to start their best starter on opening day…and I’m confident there is no written rule nor unwritten rule that states that. so you’re saying “theo says so” just to overly dramatic again.

  • Neil

    Ryan Dempster’s final line against #Dodgers (SS): 1R, 4H, 3BB, 3K in 4.2 IP 

  • Bbcor bats

    Watched a couple of the spring games, and Dempster looks good! Go CUBBBBBBBBBBBIIESS!! This is the YEAR!!!!!!

  • Neil

    Manny Corpas’ final line against #Dodgers (SS): 3R, 2H (3B), BB, 0K in 1.2 IP

    • John_CC

       icky bad!

      And Dempster is cooked to. 

    • RickinMSP

      I guess it’s time to day goodbye to Corpas.  I was hoping he would prove to be useful, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.  Maybe after a couple of months on AAA his arm strength and command will be better.  Then again, maybe he’s done.

      • cubtex

        I actually agree. He is the one player Theo picked up who could help and might actually have some trade value. Let him go to AAA and if he pitches well…you might have something.

  • cubtex

    So now Camp and Corpas have both been rocked in their last outings. What to do now? No one has earned any roster spot.

    • Ripsnorter1

      Corpas’; ST ERA is 6.00

      Camps’ ST ERA is somewhere in orbit, way past the space shuttle.

      Don’t forget Volstad, Cubtex.
      14.2 IP
      16 H
      7 ER
      4.29 ERA

      And he’s just getting warmed up for the season. That ERA will be near 5.89 by June.

      Frankie Eugene De La Cruz: 5 IP, 8 ER. Nice pick up, really. What did that cost us? $50,000 or so? Just one ticket…..

      How about Travis Wood? The center piece of the Marshall trade worked 8 IP, gave up 18 H and 17 runs.

      Jed could call up Andy Sonnastine again. Camp’s and Wood’s ERA is higher than Sonnastine’s 14.40, so why not? Sonnastine pitched 5 innings and only gave up 13 hits. Not too bad. That’s why Jed brought him in.

      And that brings me to Kerry Wood, superstar. Bad backs hurt the ERA: 3 IP, 8 H, 4 ER.

      Samardzija worked 20 IP, gave up 10 ER on 19 H.

      Dempster? 19 IP (includes today’s workout) with 20 H and 7 ER. Hey, that’s better than Garza’s line: 16 IP, 18 H, 13 R, 10 ER.

      Wells pitched well. That’s why he’s in the minors.According to ESPN, here’s his ST stats:3 games
      1 start
      7.1 IP
      4 H
      0 R
      0 ER
      0.00 ERA

      And here’s the link for all of them:

      • cubs1967

        how did volstad deserve 2x the IP than wells did…….seems like team theo and swamie……..cooked the books against wells from day one.
        team theo 1st offseason-F….Wood alone cinches this grade.
        team theo 1st ST-F……sending your 2nd best hitter to AAA like bjax cinches this.

        i’m officially not excited that team theo; who after this year will have 3 yrs straight of NO playoffs with a good chance of making it 4 next year; has any idea.

        • cubtex

          I kept telling everyone about Theo :)

        • Tony_Hall

          When were you ever excited about anything with the Cubs.

    • paulcatanese

      Ah, but the roster had been set, back in Janurary on the computer:)

  • Neil

    Cubs lost 6-3 to Dodgers Friday afternoon

    Ryan Dempster: 1R, 4H, 3BB, 3K, 4.2IP; Manny Corpas: 3R, 2H, BB, 1.2IP; Lendy Castillo: 1R, 3H, BB, E, 1.1IP; Ian Stewart: 1-for-4, HR; Alfonso Soriano: 1-for-4, 2B, RBI

  • Ripsnorter1

    Mike Fontenot got released by the SF Giants today.

    What’s really shocking about this is that they also put Freddie “D.L.” Sanchez on the D.L. today.

    • cubtex

      Don’t give Jed any ideas :)

      • Ripsnorter1

        Livan Hernandez hit the unemployment line today. 

        • Neil

          He signed with the Braves.

          • Ripsnorter1

            They can fix him.

      • Ripsnorter1

        DJ LeMahieu was sent down by the Rockies today, despite the fact that the guy who “won” the job was hitting just .150.  Scutaro.

        Meanwhile Colvin is hitting .400. But then, he loves the fastball and hit only .417 OPS off of the slow stuff in 2011.