Cubs Not Seriously in Mix for Cespedes, Focused on Soler?

According to a report from Joe Frisaro, “the Marlins position as frontrunner for Yoenis Cespedes appears to be getting stronger … and the buzz in the industry is Chicago is focused on 19-year old Cuban sensation Jorge Soler.”

The report from Frisaro was the second one on Sunday that indicated the Cubs have turned their attention to Jorge Soler. Kevin Goldstein reported earlier in the day that the Cubs “are making a very, very big play for Jorge Soler.”

Jorge Soler has not established residency in the Dominican Republic, which is the first step in being able to sign a contract with a team.

Two sources have indicated to Frisaro that the “Cubs are believed to be willing to spend” $27.5 million on Jorge Soler, but the number of years is unknown at this point.

Rumors have suggested all off-season that the Cubs were focused on signing Gerardo Concepcion, Yoenis Cespedes and Jorge Soler. The Cubs have reportedly signed Concepcion to a deal that could be worth as much as $8 million … with $7 million being guaranteed.

Reports since Thursday have suggested that the Marlins are focused on Yoenis Cespedes and have discussed a contract with the 26-year old outfielder in the $30 to $35 million range.

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  • Michael133420032000

    Nooo!!! I want both, are u buying the Cubs “aren’t” seriously in the mix for Cespedes? Please tell me those rumors are false!!!

    • BosephHeyden

       Cespedes has already made his intentions known for what team he wants to go to, and that team (the Marlins) has already made their intentions known that they want him, too:  both for his potential (which is all he has right now, since he STILL can’t hit breaking pitches) and the potential he has to bring in Miami’s vast Cuban market as a new, more long-term fanbase that the Marlins have really never had.

      • Tony_Hall

        So much for what the press was saying about the Marlins.

  • gary3411

    Let’s do it!

  • daverj

    I’m calling bs … I think the Cubs are still in on Cespedes, but are downplaying their interest.  If the Marlins offer is really in the 30-35 million range, then the Cubs will make an attempt to bring Cespedes to Chicago.

  • Ripsnorter1

    Good to hear that the Cubs are not seriously pursuing Cespedes. I am thinking he may become a $60 million dollar bust. He’s an unproven, unknown quantity, that at least showed rust against the breaking stuff and off-speed pitches. Throw in the fact that he’s 26–right on the cusp of being at his peak performance age of 27–and you’ve got the receipt for another FA disaster. And he’s not ML ready anyway.


    • Tony_Hall

      Have you seen the reports, now the numbers are $30-$35M.

      The $60M number was all hype to make $30M seem like a deal.  Yet we all jump all over this hype on players.

      • Gramps

        Gramps does not jump!!!! lol

  • Tony_Hall

    I think if you look back over the off-season, you can see that Soler and Concepcion were going to be who “fit” into what the Cubs new regime would be looking to add, not Cespedes.

    With that said, I believe they are still trying to add all 3, and will be in on Cespedes, with a price range they are willing to go to, but not above.  Soler though is the priority.

  • TomO

    What I don’t understand is why all of the sudden we’re hearing reports of the Theo and Jed’s interest and dis-interest in players.  I thought they were going to play everything close to the vest?

    • Steve Rock_Vegas

      TomO, I don’t really think anyone has said they’ve heard any of these reports from Jed or Theo directly, I think it’s all still just unnamed sources from what I’ve read.  Until someone quotes them directly I think you’ll continue to hear the “sources” term used, unless of course they intentionally leak out info to distract or smoke screen any interest.  I think they’re staying true to form as we’ve seen so far.

    • GaryLeeT

      They can play it as close to the vest as they want, but once a player’s agent, or team’s GM is contacted, then it’s secrecy is kind out of their hands.

    • John_CC

       Twitter, baby!  Some has to “say” something or else…what’s the point of Twitter. 

      Rumors, man…it’s hotstove season, rumors are just rumors. Why do they have be coming from or not coming from Theo and/or Jed? Who said they were?  Another tweeter? 

      I find it rather amusing (and also a sad commentary) how frothed up so many fans become over tweets that Cespedes will demand over $60M…or the Epstein compensation will be “substantial”…or or or…

      That wasn’t rhetorical.  What is the point of Twitter?

  • Brp921

    I hope these reports are correct. Soler is the way to go.

  • Neil

    According to Buster Olney: Sources: Oakland has agreed to terms with Yoenis Cespedes, 4 years, $36 million. Tim Brown is reporting that Cespedes has received the unblocking license.

  • Neil

    Cespedes has signed a 4-year, $36 million contract with the Oakland A’s. Multiple outlets are reporting.

    • gary3411

       wow. well now that’s over.

    • Ripsnorter1

      I never thought Billy Beane was all that smart. He’s more proof that he isn’t.