From the Wire … Cubs Avoid Arbitration with Matt Garza

According to a report from Matt Garza’s agent, the Cubs and Matt Garza avoided arbitration on Friday morning by agreeing to a one-year contract worth $9.5 million. The contract also includes performance bonuses but those terms have not been released.

Garza’s arbitration hearing was scheduled for Friday.

Updated 12:33pm CST – According to the Associated Press, Matt Garza can earn additional $150,000 in performance bonuses based on innings: $50,000 for 210 and $100,000 for 220.

Matt Garza submitted a $12.5 million figure for 2012 and the Cubs had countered with $7.95 million, Garza was paid $5.95 million in 2011.

Will update when more information is made available …

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  • jiba11

    ……..and the trade talks heat up!

  • Cory

    Yeah, maybe before the deadline

  • daverj

    That’s a fair deal.  I don’t think the trade talks for Garza heat up until July.

  • Neil

    Updated 12:33pm CST – According to the Associated Press, Matt Garza can earn additional $150,000 in performance bonuses based on innings: $50,000 for 210 and $100,000 for 220.

  • Texcubnut

     I still hope we can lock Garza up for several more years rather than trade him and augment our pitching staff through free agancy next year while developing our minor league system.

    • GaryLeeT

      Garza would have an extension by now, if the Cubs were doing the 2-3 year plan. I think it’s obvious that we fans are going to get the 6-7 year plan. You know, the one that starts out by giving us Stewart at 3rd, Toyota in left, elbow macaroni as a ball park greeter, and some of the highest ticket prices in baseball.

  • Neil

    According to Bruce Levine, the Cubs have added Esmailin Caridad to the list of non-roster invitees to big league camp.

  • David

    I got a great idea. Keep Garza, add a few players who want to win and WIN!!

  • RynoTiger

    I just read on mlbtraderumors that Joe Girardi thinks the Yanks need to need another bat or two and that he would love it if it was in the form of Soriano and Byrd and maybe even Dewitt.  What a coincidence that he picked thoese 3 specifically.  True eye for talent.  Yanks want to win bad.  Let’s help ’em!

    • Cory

      Not sure if that’s helping them, but I’d love to see all three go.

  • Aaron

    Tom U…or Neil….

    I would love either of your takes on what you think the 25-man roster composition will be?


    At this point, all things equal (meaning no unforeseen trades, etc), I think it will be:

    T. Wood

    Carpenter/Dolis (but not both)
    L. Castillo

    C-Soto, Clevenger
    2B-Barney, DeWitt
    3B-Stewart, Baker
    CF-Byrd, Campana
    RF-DeJesus, Johnson

    Why do I feel that way? Team Theo wouldn’t have traded for a guy like Volstad in the Zambrano trade if they weren’t planning on having him on the roster…especially with his salary. Travis Wood is the only wild card though, considering he has a reasonable salary and options left. In that case, he would go to AAA, Wells would remain in the rotation, and we could see Beliveau in the pen. Also, the reason L. Castillo makes the pen is that Team Theo was VERY high on him as a starter, and they want to hide him that way…(or find an obscure injury to hide him).

    As for the rest of the players, the Cubs wouldn’t have tendered DeWitt, Baker, and offered Johnson contracts if they didn’t plan on keeping them, so they’re guaranteed spots.

    They also had a stated goal of “being more left-handed”, ensuring that DeWitt, Clevenger, and Campana are virtual locks to make the roster.

    As for options remaining for “bubble players”, you have DeWitt (there are others like him on the roster that need to clear optional assignment waivers, but I’m including him because I bet he’d pass through, especially if he has a lackluster spring), Clevenger, Campana, Barney, Volstad, T. Wood, Weathers, Sappelt, Gaub, Dolis, Carpenter, Maine, Russell (he’s almost assured a spot given his stats out of the pen, but with a bad spring…who knows?).

    Mateo is on the bubble too, but he’s out of options, so either the Cubs will try to trade him, or he makes the team with Carpenter/Dolis being optioned, then brought back if Mateo fails. 

    ….Anyway, that’s just my take. I’m wondering what you guys think. 

    This is why I was so upset that they tendered Baker and DeWitt, and resigned Johnson. Why wouldn’t they non-tender the former two, and protect M. Gonzalez and Flaherty instead? Furthermore, why would they sign Johnson with Sappelt in the mix? 

    I can understand veteran “leadership” when you’re rebuilding, because you want to set a good example for the young players, but they already had Byrd, Wood, Dempster, Garza, and DeJesus to set that example…plus, you could make the case for LaHair as well even though he’s a technically a “young guy”

    • paulcatanese

      Makes the most sense to me Aaron, as I can’t figure anything out that these guys are doing.

    • Neil

      Aaron, sorry for the delay in the response …

      I agree with your starting rotation (Garza, Dempster,
      Maholm, Volstad and Wood), that is if Garza is not dealt. I think Castillo will be offered back to the Phillies, I just do not see him sticking. Carpenter should beat out Dolis. I like Dolis, but he needs more time in the minors. As
      for the rest of the pen, I think Beliveau has a very good shot. Epstein spoke highly of him at the convention and during introductions they made sure to point out how well he did against lefties last season.

      So, two weeks before pitchers and catchers report … the 12 pitchers I see breaking camp with the team are: Garza, Dempster, Volstad, Travis Wood, Maholm, Marmol, Kerry Wood, Russell, Wells, Carpenter, Samardzija and Beliveau.

      As for the position players, again with two weeks before
      camp I would think Soto and Jaramillo behind the plate, Barney, Castro, Stewart, LaHair, Soriano, Byrd, Johnson, DeJesus, Baker, Campana and DeWitt. The only change from your list is Jaramillo.

      I think Welington Castillo and Steve Clevenger will be sent
      out to make sure they play every day.

      The Cubs have a lot of Marcos Mateos on the roster and in
      the system that would be better options. He could still start camp with the team but I would be surprised if he is around on April 1.

      I know you were upset about Baker and DeWitt. DeWitt has a little value and could be dealt, although I have not heard/read anything about him in a while. Jeff Baker is the Cubs’ backup first baseman right now, he’s not going anywhere.

      As for Reed Johnson, have you looked at it another way? Like you, I have heard/read all winter they are trying to move Marlon Byrd. Could signing Johnson have been an insurance policy for if/when Byrd was moved? Johnson and Campana could hold down the position until Brett Jackson is ready.

      It is still two weeks before camp begins and two months before Opening Day … a lot can change quickly.

      • Aaron

        no worries Neil, thanks for responding. I agree with everything you said except the Johnson thing…I just don’t see it. Given Byrd’s re-dedication to improving his game/body, it makes it even more unlikely they’ll look to trade him.

        I just believe there are several redundant/worthless players on the roster clogging it up. Here’s hoping the Cubs can deal a bulk of them before the season or prior to the deadline