A Letter from the CCO

Our goal at ChicagoCubsOnline is to provide the best source possible for news, information and the kind of day-to-day coverage that Cubs fans have come to expect and enjoy. Since our inception in 2005, we have grown every year, and that is all due to you, the avid reader and contributor.

In today’s electronic world, sports blogs have exploded and make up a great cross-section of the information super-highway. Sports fans are innumerable, so landing a good portion of committed fans is an honor for us. Our readers and posters grow every year, and for that we are greatly thankful and indebted to you.

Also, one thing we value above all else is freedom of thought. This is one of the wonderful things about sports. It’s a great debate. Different individuals can see one occurrence, one signing, or one decision in so many ways. We will always encourage everyone to share his or her thoughts and feelings.

However, in the past few years, many sports blogs have taken a turn towards the cynical. Many have become havens for the negative. This trend has become known as “hating” and those participating as “haters.” Making sweeping generalizations and continually posting vitriolic drivel is not good for conversation, nor does it add to the dialogue. Blanket statements like “he sucks, he will always suck, this sucks, that sucks, everyone sucks” serve no purpose and don’t prove a point.

Furthermore, stating the exact same misplaced hatred day in and day out is useless, and in the end, greatly hurts the site as well as those who read it and those who comment.

While the CCO was able to avoid this for a long time, this is no longer the situation. Unfortunately, this behavior is hurting the site, and we can no longer allow it at ChicagoCubsOnline.

We want everyone to continue to post and we welcome all of the varying opinions that have been one of the strong suits of the CCO for nearly seven years. But the ability to maintain a good forum for those opinions starts with respect. That respect should not only encompass the give-and-take with fellow posters, but with the subject matter. The blanket “hating” and personal attacks, just because someone does not share the same opinion, must stop.

One of the beliefs of the CCO since the inception was, and still is, to never attempt to censor the comments or block a reader from commenting just because he or she did not share the same views as the site. With that said, the negativity and personal attacks have gotten to the point where it will no longer be tolerated.

If someone continues to participate in these actions, he or she will be permanently blocked from commenting.

Please know that in no way does this mean we want to stop the dialogue, whether it is pro, con, positive, negative, good or bad. We want all of that to continue on for years. However, there is a decided difference between thoughtful, reflective posts and sweeping statements of hate as well as personal attacks.

The CCO also asks for your help in these so called “pirate” attacks, in which someone deliberately posts an inappropriate comment, just for their own pure enjoyment. When these types of posts occur, please refrain from commenting, but flag the comment by clicking on the flag icon that appears when your cursor is placed over the “time stamp”, “Like”, or “reply” icons that appear at the bottom of each post. By flagging the post, you are alerting the site administrator, who can remove the post.

When this website started, it was done to do what it still does, but to do so with the utmost integrity. That standard cannot be compromised.

Thank you for your patronage. We thoroughly enjoy our role and look forward to doing it on a daily basis, and hopefully, at some point, that daily basis will include notes on the Cubs recent World Series Championship!

Yours in Wrigley,

The Staff of the CCO

Quote of the Day

"Never let the fear of striking out get in your way of playing the game." – Babe Ruth

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  • woody34

    Very nicely done.  The one thing for the people this is directed at need to remember is we are all here for the same reason – we are Chicago Cubs fans!!!  When it does finally happen the people hating on others are going to be the same people we are all dancing in the streets next to in celebration.  I may have on my blue goggles on, but we are all here for the same reason. Wait til Next year!  We bleed Cubby Blue and we may be deluded – but we believe we will see the iconic ’85 Bears team again in this city.  It’s who we are and who the person on the other end of CCO reading the greatest blog online is as well. 

  • fryegye

    I am an avid reader of CCO and a lifelong Cubs fan. I appreciate the coverage and conversation, as well as the professionalism, of the staff. Neil, you are a must read for me every day. 

    In terms of comments, let’s all support CCO by remembering that being right about something does not guarantee acting right. Rude behavior is not covered by the anonymity of the internet. The attitude often displayed is that civil discourse is for wimps. The truth is the opposite. Wimps whine and hate. They are one tool players, and need to be sent down. Flagging posts and blocking offenders should keep this one of the best sports sites on the web. 

    There is no MLB player,manager or front office personnel that sucks as much as an idiot spewing hatred in a comments section. 

    It saddens me when some of the most intelligent and well researched commenters on this site are constantly attacked. As a community, we are much better than this. 

    I want us to talk Cubs baseball. I pledge to do what I can to support that goal. Thanks again, Neil, for a truly great site.

  • Tony Spumoni

    Well said.

  • Scott McMeekan

    Neil, I certainly can sympathize with you for having to post this when it should just be second nature for all of us.  As someone who has seen (and felt) this type of stuff first hand, I applaud you for taking a stand on it.  

    Classy.  That, among other things, is what has always set the CCO apart.  

    TIp of the cap to you, and say hi to Abby as well.  :)

  • xaxinho

    I feel sad with those negative comments. It doesnt do anything good for us and for the Cubs. Sometimes i only read the CCO through RSS to avoid these comments. Thanks for the letter, Neil. Go Cubs, the year is near.

  • Tony_Hall

    Respect is all anyone can ask of here.  We don’t always agree, and agreeing to disagree is something we have to do in life and the CCO everyday.  But the personal name calling and personal attacks serve no purpose and I am glad you are setting the record straight, as there are a lot of new people posting all the time.  Also, the extreme negative views, and hatred of anything done by the Cubs has gotten old.  

    The CCO is the best Cubs site!  Let’s keep it that way, and respect the site and Neil’s wishes.

  • Henry

    Neil, Your timing was perfect.  Well Said!

    • drodd

      This is the best most complete Cubs blog

  • Palatine Steve

    Thank you.  I have been a follower on this site since almost the beginning, but haven’t commented in years.  The negativity and pointless bickering of certain individuals was getting way out of hand. This is, hands down, the best Cubs website out there.  Thanks to the CCO crew for all of your efforts.

    Go Cubbies!

  • lance

    well put with class

  • Gramps

    Thanks for saying what had to be said. I have been here for quite a while and in my mind this site is the best way of following what is going on in Cubs world. Keep up the good work. One of the first things I remember seeing on this site was the phrase “Stay Classy Cubs Fans!” Let’s hope everybody follows this phrase.

  • Jeff in Az

    Thanks Neil. The negativity has definetly detracted from my enjoyment of this site over the past six months. I hope this letter encourages all of us to look a little closer as to why we post here.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Swoophorse-Piotrowski/1480706253 David Swoophorse Piotrowski

    Neil, I agree with you. Negative breeds negative. Now if only I could get rid of this negative thought 90 loss season. I hope I’m wrong!

  • Strent

    Well put & words to live by!

  • paulcatanese

    Good post Neil, it should serve well in deleting the un-classless.

  • Cubs 31

    Being one of the older Cub fans (since the mid 1950s) and now a Fort Myers resident, I commend you on the best sports blog on the internet.  Your comments are well-deserved.  Best I can say is Amen. 

  • Brp921

    Neil, I appreciate this site for the informative commentary from the writers and knowledgeable comments from the readers. I too have been concerned and bothered recently from some of the comments I have been reading. They have been degrading to your site. I can appreciate you not wanting to censor contributors comments but completely agree that it is time. Thank you for making this decision, it will really add to the enjoyment I have found in reading and occasionally commenting on this site. 

  • John_CC

    Well said, Neil et al.

    I’ll be the first to apologize if I have contributed to any of the low-base conversations.

    You run a class act and I appreciate it. Thank you.

    Stay Classy folks!!

  • J Daniel

    Thanks, Neil.  I actually tried to post yesterday but it did not allow for some reason.  I was posting that although this is a great site it was getting harder to read due to the “nonsense insults” that have been posted recently.  

    We can all agree to disagree but the insults should stop.

  • SuzyS

    Neil…well said….a big-time THANKYOU.

  • Gary J

    Bravo Neil for taking such a stand.  I have been a regular reader for several years and was a fairly frequent commenter once upon a time, but I have gotten to the point where I had stopped reading the comments section altogether due to precisely what you’re addressing.  The coverage has never flagged and continues to be absolutely first rate, but the sense of community had suffered.  I’m all for respectful debate – I have no illusions about my Cubbie kool aid consumption LOL – but there’s a point…. well… simply wanted to pass along a hearty bravo to you for attempting to reign in things a bit. 

  • MarioC


    Daily reader, and I comment maybe once a year. I used to read most of the comments after the article, but I began feeling uncomfortable and stopped. I appreciate you pointing out the elephant in the room.

    I bring this up if for anything to give you a laugh. I teach Math at a Catholic high school around New Orleans. One of the “joys” of teaching is being required to chaperone dances.

    I actually thought of you and the site during our Valentine’s day dance a few weeks ago. One of the requirements of chaperoning is to remind our students to “leave room for the holy spirit”, but I thought that sounded hokey. So I felt “hey kids…let’s keep it classy” was a better way to accomplish this purpose.


    • http://chicagocubsonline.com/ Neil

      Very cool, great to hear from you and thank you!

  • http://chicagocubsonline.com/ Neil

    I really appreciate all of the comments and understanding